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Introduction: Recreating the Worlds Hardest Game on the Arduino

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This project is based off of a computer game that you can find online. Its name is, 'The Worlds Hardest Game.' I was able to re-create it on the Arduino using a four module LED Matrix. In this instructable I teach you how to construct it yourself. Before we get into to too many details I want to give a quick overview of the steps I went through to create this game.

This is the self-proclaimed World's Hardest Game. Don't play it; it's too difficult! Wow this game has to be one of the most challenging but addictive games ever to be made! The aim is simple: all you have to do is guide your red block from one end of the level to the other and collect any yellow circles on the way. This might sound easy, but believe us when we say it isn't!

In the hardest game of the world you need not only skill and logical thinking, you also need a lot of patience to play this game. Guide the little jellyfish through the underwater world and help her collecting all the stars. There are a lot of obstacles and dangerous waiting for you to be completed. Worlds Hardest Game 3 at Cool Math Games: Now there is a whole world of impossibly hard challenges! Travel between levels, finding keys and unlocking passages. If you can even escape the menu, that is. The World's Hardest Game. Biff and Baff: Rolling. Ode To Pixel Days. Maze Game - Game Play 7. Maze Game - Game Play 20. Advils and Anvils.

  1. I gathered all the parts needed.
  2. I connected the parts together.
  3. I wrote a sketch that used the joystick to move the players LED across all the modules.
  4. I designed the first obstacles and added them to the sketch so they emulated the Worlds Hardest Game.
  5. I then added code to detect a collision with the obstacles, which will restart the game.
  6. And then I designed two more levels of obstacles.

World's Hardest Game 3

Step 1: All the Parts

Here is a list of all the parts you need:

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  1. An Arduino UNO and usb connector:
  2. A four module 8x8: LED matrix
  3. A Joystick:
  4. 10 male to female wires:

Step 2: How to Connect the Parts to the Arduino

How to Connect the LED Matrix to the Arduino

  1. GND goes to GND
  2. VCC goes to 5V
  3. DataIn goes to digital pin 12
  4. CLK goes to digital pin 11
  5. CS or LOAD goes to digital pin 10

World Hardest Game 6

How to Connect the joystick

  1. GND goes to GND
  2. 5V goes to 5V
  3. VRx goes to analog pin A0
  4. VRy goes to analog pin A1
  5. SW is not used

The battery connect to the 9v jack to give the Arduino power

Step 3: Flow Chart of the Program

The oval indicates the start of the program.

The first step is to define all the obstacles.

The next two steps indicate setting the variables and turning on all of the modules.

The next step, is to set the LED's to the first level and any other variables.

Next display the level that the player is currently on.

The rhombus indicates reading the Joystick to see what direction it is being pushed.

Then move the player in whatever direction the Joystick was pushed.

Check and see if the player collided with an obstacle.

If the player hit an obstacle, go back to the first level. If not check to see if the player reached the end of the level.

If the player is at the end of the level, set to next level then go back to, 'Display Current Level.'. If they are not at the end, move the obstacles and go back to, 'Read Joystick.'

Step 4: Programming the Joystick

Of course in order to move the little dot that is the player, we need a joystick. and in order to allow the joystick to actually move the player we need to code it in the Arduino IDE. You need to include the LedControl library which you can find by going to the sketch menu>Include Libraries>manage libraries, and search for LedControl. Here is what the code for the joystick looks like.

Now that you have added the joystick let's work on the first obstacle!

Step 5: The First Level

Alright, so now it's time to get into the main part of the program, the obstacles! The obstacles are what really make this the, 'World's Hardest Game.' So if you want to actually play the game then you need to add this to your code:

And that's the first obstacle! If you get bored of this as your first level then you can always change the bytes, just remember you need to have eight different scenes! Let's continue on to the next step, collision detection!

Step 6: Collision Detection

This step is another important part of the game, with out it there would not be much of a challenge! you could just weave your way through the obstacles with out any consequences! that wouldn't be much fun right? so let's make the game more challenging (and a lot more entertaining!) by adding this section of the program:

And there you go! now you can enjoy the game a lot more! Now i'm going to show you how to program the last two levels of the game! your almost done with this instructable, and i'm sure your ready to try it out!

Step 7: The Last Two Levels

Were coming to the end of the instructable, these last two levels are all you need to finish this game. Then you can try it out for yourself! here is the code:

And that's it! you're all set to attempt to complete the Worlds Hardest Game. Also the full Arduino code is attached below.


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