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  • adjective Noting a science which aims at the discovery of universals or general laws: opposed to idiographic.
  • adjective Legislative; enacting laws.
  • adjective Pertaining to a nomothete, or to the body of nomothetes.
  • adjective Founded on a system of law or by a lawgiver; nomistic: as, nomothetic religions.
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  • First, there is a critique of the 'nomothetic' quest -- the idea that the social sciences should discover social laws.

  • I believe the distinction by Wilhelm Dilthey between 'nomothetic' (= positing laws) and 'idiographic' (= describing individuals) sciences, is still much more fruitful than other approaches that tend to blur the dividing line.

  • Unlike the “nomothetic” knowledge that natural science seeks, what matters in historical science is not a universal law-like causality, but an understanding of the particular way in which an individual ascribes values to certain events and institutions or takes a position towards the general cultural values of his/her time under a unique, never-to-be-repeated constellation of historical circumstances.

  • The nomothetic approach tries to draw inferences from a more limited exposure to a large number of cases. How to install dmg on mac.

  • It's also worth stating that one of the theoretical approaches associated with ethnographic research is an idiographic, rather than nomothetic, approach to data -- a concern with the particular, rather than the general.

  • They are often ideographic (i.e., customized for the situation at hand) rather than nomothetic (providing the same standard format to all respondents).


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The word 'nomothetic' comes from a Greek word meaning 'relating to legislation'.