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Entering special characters, including foreign currency symbols, fractions, and emoji, is a cumbersome task on most physical keyboards. Use this hidden Windows 10 option to open an on-screen. For Windows users, whilst you press and hold the Alt key, press the Approximately Equal symbol alt code which is 247 on the numeric keypad, then release the alt key. Note: There are several symbols including the tilde ( ) that are sometimes used to represent the approximately equal to operator.

In the Character code field, type 87, then press Insert. Using the Marlett Windows symbol in other applications. If you're using something other than Word, you can use Windows' native Character Map to copy the icon to the clipboard and then directly into the program you're using. Search for the Character Map in the Start menu's search bar. Also Read: Tips And Tricks To Use On-Screen Keyboard On Windows 10. Windows offers several features which are lesser-known but very useful. Delight yourself with this newly learnt way and use Spanish accents on Windows now. It can be anything from symbols from the keyboard on computer or Windows keyboard shortcuts with a Character map.

Windows Key Symbol Character

As a software consultant and trainer I am regularly creating content to help staff make use of the digital tools that they have available to them.

As we roll out Office 365 to our education staff I have been creating a number of documents supporting the use of Office 365 digital tools and wanted to add the Windows symbol for the Windows key instead of constantly typing out “use the Windows key + D to…….”.

Here’s how you can setup a keyboard shortcut to insert the Window’s Key Symbol into your documents. (If only it was an emoji…. I could use Windows Key + . to insert it here….)

Windows key symbol character code

The Windows Key Symbol is actually a character in the font – HoloLens MDL2 Assets – so to insert that character into your document you need to start by clicking the Insert Symbol icon on the Word Ribbon and select More Symbols

The fonts window will open – change the font to HoloLens MDL2 Assets and click the Windows symbol like shown below

To create a Keyboard Shortcut to use whenever you want to insert the Windows symbol you select click the Shortcut Key Button, thern assign a key combination – in the image below you can see I have selected the ALT key in combination with the W key, so I hold down ALT and tap W and the Windows symbol is inserted into my document.

For me it would be really helpful if the Windows symbol was available as a symbol in the emoji library – that way I could use the key combination – WIN key + . – and insert the Windows symbol in other applications…… like this webpage!

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Note: For a graphical layout of all possible extendedkeyboard characters, open the Windows Character Map. In Windows 8,from the navigation area on the right side of the screen, selectSearch; then in the search field type CharacterMap, and click it to open it. In earlier versions ofWindows, from the Start menu, select Programs, thenAccessories; click the System Tools folder to openthe character map.

Windows Key Symbol Text

Fl studio free download mac. Most text editors and word processors allow you to type specialsymbols that do not appear on the keyboard, including foreign languagecharacters and accents.

To access these, use the numeric keypad on the right side of yourkeyboard. Make sure the NumLock key is on, and then holdthe Alt key. While holding Alt, use thenumeric keypad to type one of the three-digit numbers listed below.When you are done typing, release the Alt key, and theassociated extended character will appear.

Windows Key Symbol Characteristics

Code Character Code Character
129 ü 149 ò
130 é 150 û
131 â 151 ù
132 ä 152 ÿ
133 à 153 Ö
134 å 154 Ü
135 ç 155 ¢
136 ê 156 £
137 ë 157 ¥
138 è 159 ƒ
139 ï 160 á
140 î 161 í
141 ì 162 ó
142 Ä 163 ú
143 Å 164 ñ
144 É 165 Ñ
145 æ 168¿
146 Æ 173¡
147 ô 174 «
148 ö 175 »

Type Windows Key Symbol