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Every time Destiny 2 releases a new expansion, expect the max Power level to increase to a new cap. This has been the case with every new DLC and season (as well as with some limited-time events). This is legacy information and does not apply to how Destiny 2 is currently designed. To simply put it, armor mods were upgrades you could apply to gear to increase your maximum light level. Destiny Armor 2.0 was released alongside the Shadowkeep expansion in 2019, changing the way how armor mods work and effectively making 1.0 armor mods.

Destiny 2 has always gotten a Power level increase with each new expansion, and the same happens for the game’s Seasons. The current maximum Power level that you can reach in Destiny 2 is 1250 with Powerful Gear, and 1260 with Pinnacle Gear.

When Destiny 2 first launched, the maximum Power level at the time was 300. It has grown with every expansion since, maxing out at 950 with Shadowkeep, although 960 was achievable from Pinnacle Gear.


Season of Dawn bumped that up again, bringing the max level to 960, and 970 with Pinnacle Gear. Where it gets a little confusing is the effect of seasonal artifacts such as Season of Dawn’s Lantern of Osiris, or the current Season of the Hunt’s Fang of Xivu Arath. As you level up the Artifact, you also benefit from getting an increase in your Power level. This increase is temporary and only lasts for the duration of the season. When Season of Dawn ends, the increased Power is lost, and you will need to start building it up again next season.

The origin of consciousness pdf. Each season has added to the level cap, formally adding 40-50 maximum Power from Gear, but it jumped up a whole 200 with Beyond Light on November 22, largely due to the size of the expansion.

The seasonal artifacts allow players who may not be able to get their hands on Pinnacle Gear to stay increasing their Power level and even exceed the current cap. How beneficial this remains is up for debate, but it’s something to grind for as the season goes on, and should buy players a bit more comfort in endgame content than they might otherwise have.

All you need to do to keep increasing your Power level is to play the game. As you earn experience and level up, your season artifact will level up with you, giving you the extra Power levels you seek.


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Destiny 2 Beyond Light is all set to kick start on the 10th of November, 2020. It was already known that the new power cap was about to increase with Beyond Light, and now the developers have confirmed the new level caps for soft, hard, and pinnacle caps. There’s also an addition of a new raid that will require power level 1230 to start. In this Destiny 2 Beyond Light power cap guide, we will discuss the new max levels for each cap.


What are The Max Level Caps in Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

Coming straight to the point, the three max power level caps in Destiny 2 Beyond Light are:

  • Soft Cap – 1200 Power
  • Hard Cap – 1250 Power
  • Pinnacle Cap – 1260 Power

One thing that you need to know is that measures like collecting bounties and turning it into vendor tokens to reach the soft level will no longer work. Bungie has put an end to such measures that helps you get to the soft level at ease. Hence, you will have to put in all your hard work this time.

With the end of bounties usage for reaching soft skills, reaching their might seem tough, but it isn’t. You can still easily get to the soft level cap by simply playing the campaign mode and completing all the missions. There are also Crucible matches and Heroic Public events to level up your power level. It only requires Rare (Blue) and Legendary (Purple) gears to hit the soft cap.


What Is The Max Power In Destiny 2

Max power level in d2

Once you are at the soft cap, that’s when things will slowly start to turn challenging. Progressing further from the soft cap to the max hard level cap of 1250 will be much slower. You will need to farm Prime Engrams and participate in Crucible Matches and complete Strikes to level your way up to the hard cap.

Max Level For Destiny 2

After reaching the hard cap, moving beyond the pinnacle cap of 1260 will be the toughest task for you. You will need to complete some pinnacle activities including the upcoming Raids in Beyond Light to get to the max level of pinnacle cap.

Light Cap Destiny 2

That’s the end of our Destiny 2 Beyond Light power cap guide. Now you know the max power level caps for Destiny 2. There’s also a deluxe edition of the game. Ensure reading our preload time and file size guide to be prepared for the game.