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Reaction: ‘The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty’ Footage Sparks Early Oscar Buzz Posted on Thursday, April 18th, 2013 by Peter Sciretta Last year at CinemaCon, 20th Century Fox previewed very early. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Summary ' The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' is a short story by James Thurber, which explores the fantastical daydreams of the mundane Walter Mitty. As Walter Mitty.

Dave Harper’s laughable attempt at claiming he was a military hero like Alfie Pope, right, was exposed.Source:Supplied

A WANNABE soldier has been exposed as a ‘Walter Mitty’ liar for claiming to have been awarded a top medal — with the worst ever photoshopped picture.

Fantasist Dave Harper was exposed after posting the dodgy snap on his Facebook page after it was copied from an actual hero being given the medal for gallantry.

Fantasist Dave Harper was exposed after claiming he won medal for serving in Northern Ireland in the 1960s.Source:Supplied

Harper put the picture up on his personal page, claiming to have been awarded the Military Cross for serving in Northern Ireland with the Parachute Regiment — even though the picture showed an Afghanistan conflict medal. Our national canthem.

He badly doctored a picture of real Para Lance Corporal Alfie Pope with his hard-earned medal, received from the Prince of Wales in 2012 at Buckingham Palace.

Harper pasted his ginger-moustachioed face over the top — complete with a perfectly level line below his beret — and claimed the picture was taken in October 1969.

Harper was exposed as a faker and a poser by the Walter Mitty Hunters Club, a group of ex-servicemen and women who berate anybody pretending to be former squaddie.

On his internet post, the liar even pointed out that he looked “retarded” in the terribly-manipulated pic — while soaking up praise from gullible pals.

The real McCoy: Lance Corporal Alfie Pope proudly holds his MC outside Buckingham Palace.Source:Getty Images

In broken English, he wrote: “Some old photo’s I found in old envelope. Most of my belongings where destroyed when my Aunts house was burned very badly. I had forgotten about them.

“Bloody horrible photo when I look at it, never used to wear my Beret like that normally, I look retarded.”

But the terrible edit managed to fool one of Harper’s friends.

James Harmer wrote: “You have gone up even further in my estimation.”

The picture was dated 26 October, 1969 — when it is thought there were no medals awarded, and also those sort of snaps would have not been in printed in colour.

Walter Mitty Hunters Club member Mark Breen said: “That is hilarious — beret shaped with a spirit level.”

The terrible photoshopped pic did fool Harper’s pals.Source:Supplied

Fellow Walter Mitty hunter Mark McKendry wrote: “A blind man could have made a better job of that photoshop.”

Steve Edward added: “How could anyone have been fooled by that ‘Photoshop’ effort? You can almost see the sellotape.”

Real hero is head and shoulders above impostor.Source:Supplied

Mitch Singleton said: “He is wearing an Afghan medal, while stating this is a very old photo after a Northern Ireland tour. What a d***.”

Since he was exposed, Harper has made his Facebook page private. When confronted at his flat he claimed someone else had made the image.

Widower Harper, 68, said: “My wife had died recently I was feeling very, very low and it was something that someone had actually done for me, many years ago, I re-found it and I have no idea.

“I was feeling so low.

“It happened two years ago and I took it down immediately and as far as I was aware everything had been deleted and it had totally gone.

“How it suddenly appeared again I do not know.”

He also sent an apology to the The Walter Mittys Hunters Club who exposed him.

Walter Mitty Sparks

Harper wrote: “I would wholeheartedly like to apologise for my complete and utter stupidity in making the postings, as far as I was aware these where all deleted from my Facebook page in 2013, I have been through my Facebook timeline and can find no trace of any of these posts.

“It was an idiotic thing to do, I had been going through a rough period as I had just lost my wife and also my pet dog.

Walter Mitty Movie

“I know that is not a very good excuse. I am extremely sorry for all the anger and distress I have caused and I can guarantee nothing like this will ever happen again.”