Trowelable Asphalt Crack Filler

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Crack Filler Products

The Ready To Use Patching Material For Cracked & Alligatored Pavement Areas.
• No Heat Required - Cold Applied
• Easy To Use, Apply by Squeegee or Trowel
• Polymer Modified for Maximum Performance
• Environmentally Friendly Emulsion Based Formula
Sizes Available
5 Gallon Pail

Fat Patch™ Trowelable Mastic Asphalt Crack Filler Fat Patch™ Smooth Trowelable Mastic. This trowel grade mastic patch is applied with a squeegee or trowel tool to the. PREPARATION: Surface must be clean, dry and free of all dirt dust and debris. It is advisable to use. Neyra Micro-Mix Trowelable Crack Filler - 5 Gal Neyra Micro-Mix Crack Filler is a premium asphalt emulsion based heavy bodied crack filler, which can be easily applied to blacktop pavement defects.

Coverage is dependent upon depth and width of cracks. Typically, one gallon of crack filling material will fill approximately 75-150 feet of cracks.

Gator-Patch is a trowelable patching material that is ideal for repairing alligatored areas in asphalt surfaces, as well as cracks in excess of 1/4' wide.
Mixing Procedures
Stir material. Use as is. DO NOT DILUTE.
Alligatored Areas: Apply by squeegee or trowel. Sand may be sprinkled over Gator-Patch to promote adhesion of pavement sealer.
Cracks: Fill cracks with trowel or U-shaped squeegee.
Gator-Patch shall not be applied when temperature is expected to drop below 50°F at any time within a 24 hour period after application. Be sure to wear eye protection

Clean Up
Wash tools in water before material dries.

No melters or pour pots needed
Easy-to-use, professional results
No tracking
Traffic ready in 20 minutes
Multipurpose size for crack/joints 1/4' to 1'
Uncoil, cut to length, pack and heat with propane torch and your crack repairs are complete.

Lastek 33
Rubberized Liquid Crack Sealer
Elastic ready to use sealer - just pour it in! Dries fast/Provides years of protection!
LATEK 33 is a one (1) component, pourable, high performance, black, rubberized asphalt emulsion-based crack sealer. It is ideal for filling cracks up to ½' wide in any asphalt or concrete surface. LASTEK 33 dries to a black rubber-hard consistency, providing a crack-free, water resistant surface prior to application of pavement sealer.
Application: Clean dust, dirt, or loose material from the cracks. Fill with LASTEK 33. Squeegee off any excess flush with the surface. Cracks over 1/2' deep should first be partially filled with sand or backer rod. Broadcast dry sand over freshly sealed cracks. Caution: Do not apply below 50 F. Do not use when rain is imminent. Do not use in cracks over 1/2' wide. (For cracks over 1/2' wide, use LASTEK CP-3405 CRACK SEALANT). Coverage: 1 gallon fills 200-225 linear feet of 1/4' x 1/4' cracks.

Driveway Medic
CCovers and seals asphalt cracks and trouble spots in one step! Ready-to-use, Simply cut to fit and press in place.
Application: Apply to clean, dry areas at temperatures above 50 degrees F. For a smoother look, fill openings, deeper or wider than 1/2' first with a suitable filler material. Extend fabric repair 2' wider than repair area.
For major highway and bridge deck repair.

QUIK-JOINT is an innovative roll-out cold applied Asphalt Crack Repair Tape that creates a durable, watertight and elastic seal after being heat-bonded to the pavement surface. Its specially-blended, high-tack rubberized asphalt compound is compatible with all common pavement surfaces. Equal or better in quality, appearance, and durability to regular hot applied sealers at a fraction of the cost. Quick and easy to apply by only one person.
This crack repair system saves time and money by eliminating the expense and manpower associated with hot tar kettles and related paraphernalia.
Pavement must be clean, dry and free of dust. Pavement temperature should be above 40 degrees F (pavement may be dried or surface temperature raised by first applying heat). Remove release liner, position Quik-Joint over the pavement joint/crack, and apply heat using a continuous motion with a propane torch until melting occurs. (see Bernz O Matic Torch) Surface is ready for traffic as soon as it cools.
Oil Jacketed Crack Filler sold in a 25lb block
Direct Fire Crack Filler sold in a 25lb block

All welded construction. Hand-held, wheeled or crack bander models.
Easy to clean, POUR POTS have large bottom openings to prevent clogging. Unique no-drip finger tip control valves. Hand - Held model is 2.6 gallon capacity with convenient stand-up legs. Wheeled model has a 2 1/2' circular squeegee attachment. Bander is 4 gallon capacity, 3' wide band, 6' steel disc wheels, adjustable depth up to 1/8' thick.
Crack Filling Squeegees
'V' Style, Crack Squeegee
* REVERSIBLE, Push/Pull style
* 'V' shaped with a 7' throat
* Uses CSRH-4, 4' ferruled wood handle
Stock Description
RV-GUM Crack Squeegee, 180 degree Gum rubber
HTRV-BUNA Crack Squeegee, 220 degree Buna rubber
HTRV-SIL Crack Squeegee, 550 degree Silicone rubber
RV-R Gum replacement blade, 180 deg. 1/4' x 2' x 12' (tan)
HTRV-BK Buna replacement blade, 220 deg. 1/4' x 2' x 12' (black)
HTRV-RD Silicone replacement blade, 550 deg. 1/4' x 2' x 12' (red)
CSRH-4 Hoe Handle, 4 ft., fits all Crack Squeegees
(This truly universal tool solves the final problem of all crack squeegees. Should you Push or should you Pull a crack squeegee? Now you can go any direction you wish with our truly universal crack squeegee.)
'U' Style, Crack SqueegeeTrowelable asphalt crack filler lowe
* REVERSIBLE, Push/Pull style
* 'U' shaped with a 3' throat
* Uses CSRH-4, 4' ferruled wood handle
Stock Description
US-NEO Crack Squeegee, 180 degree Neoprene rubber
US-SIL Crack Squeegee, 550 degree Silicone rubber
US-R Neoprene replacement blade, 180 deg., 1/4' x 2' x 18'
US-RD Silicone replacement blade, 550 deg., 1/4' x 2' x 18'
CSRH-4 Hoe Handle, 4 ft., fits all Crack Squeegees
* 'U' squeegees are a long time industrial favorite. Their design makes the blade work on it's edge causing a stiff action allowing you to scrape off crack filler from the surface if desired. Also Push/Pull.
Heavy Duty
'V' or 'U' Style, Crack Squeegee
* REVERSIBLE, Push/Pull style
* Mounts all 'V' or 'U' style heads to an AL-6H aluminum handle
* uses 3' tall x 1/4' Buna rubber blades on both 'V' & 'U' styles
Stock Description
HDRV-BUNA Crack Squeegee, 'V' style, 220 degree, 3' Buna rubber
HDUS-BUNA Crack Squeegee, 'U' style, 220 degree, 3' Buna rubber
CSAH-6 Mounting Kit, mounts both style crack squeegees heads to allAL-6H, 7H, or 9H aluminum handles.
HDRV-BK Buna 'V' style replacement blade, 220 deg. 1/4' x 3' x 12'
HDUS-BK Buna 'U' style replacement blade, 220 deg. 1/4' x 3' x 18'
AL-6H 6 ft. aluminum handle, 1-1/4' O.D., powder coated yellow
Banding Machine

Best Asphalt Crack Filler

Stock Description
- 4 gallon capacity
- 3' wide x 1/8' adjustable screed
- 6' diameter steel disc wheels
- (2) 6' diameter steel disk wheels
with ½' I. D. x 2' hub
- (1) 11½' axle
- (4) ½' washer
- (2) hitch pins
Asphalt - 1/4' x 2' x 3' wide steel plate
Banding Machines dispense a uniform 3' banded finish (up to 1/8' thick) over cracks providing a band aid effect, adhering to the surface as well as filling the crack. Banding Machines are also the fastest hand held, non powered machine made. Their design has been tested with over 50+ years of service.

Black Jack Asphalt Crack Filler

Pourable Crack filling Buggies
Hand Held Torch

Concrete Patch & Crack Repair - Trowelable

Cement based repair materials are used in major and minor concrete crack filling applications. Some of these repair materials are modified with polymers that enhance bonding properties and some are designed for fast setting. Before a repair material is chosen, evaluate the area and determine:

  • Width, depth and length.
  • Is it a vertical or horizontal repair?
  • Will the area need to be widened to properly repair?
  • Is this a moving crack? Does it appear to get larger over time?
  • Does the area get a lot of vehicle traffic?

The evaluation and diagnosis of concrete cracks may lead to many different options of repair materials. Sakrete offers multiple options for trowelable cement-based crack repair materials.

EZY-Pipe Patch - A rapid setting polymer modified repair material used for patching (up to 1' in thickness). Designed for patching precast and other concrete materials.

Fast Setting Cement Patcher – High strength, rapid-setting material used for filling cracks in concrete slabs, driveways, sidewalks, steps and curbs. Use from ¼” – 2” in thickness.

Fast Setting Repair Mortar – A convenient zip-pouch package is designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind for smaller repair projects. Use for repairs from feather edge to ½' in thickness.

Flo-Coat® Concrete Resurfacer – Polymer modified concrete resurfacing material that can be applied in a flowable consistency using a squeegee when resurfacing but also in a stiffer consistency for trowelable crack repair material. Maximum depth of ½”.

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Sand Mix Topping and Bedding Mix – High strength material used as a bedding and concrete topping material. Sand Mix can also be used as crack repair for areas with a minimum depth or width of 1/2” and maximum of 2”.

Top 'N Bond® Concrete Patcher – A polymer modified sand/cement repair material used in repairing cracks, leveling uneven concrete surfaces and as a concrete overlay. The range of repair is for a maximum of 1/2” down to feather edge.

Pre-Mixed Concrete Repair - Use for filling and sealing cracks in concrete up to 1 inch wide. Use directly from the container.

Black jack asphalt crack filler

(Also available: caulk tube and bottle - crack repair products)

Tips for using trowelable concrete repair material:
Preparation is key to any project

  • Remove all loose and unstable concrete from the repair area.
  • Clean area free from dirt, dust and contaminants that could interfere with bonding.
  • Eliminate grease, oil, paint, sealer or any other foreign materials that will inhibit bond.
  • Store bags in a shady area 24 hr before use. Heat and rays from the sun will make the bag contents hot which can cause flash setting.
  • Use cold water to mix material in high heat weather to help avoid flash setting.
  • Follow material instructions for preparation, use and placement.
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Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch
Sand Mix Topping & Bedding
Top 'N Bond® Concrete Patcher
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