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Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho is was one of the most anticipated albums of the year as frequent collaborators Travis Scott and Quavo of Migos have some of the biggest fan bases in hip hop right now. The project contains star-studded production and catchy hooks. Both Quavo and Travis Scott continue to do what they do best and manipulate auto-tune to their will over incredible beats. However, for an album with as much hype, it was disappointing not to hear the collaboration push the boundary of what a collaboration could be in 2017.

Like most collaboration projects this year, the album had songs that were not necessarily a story but more-so a collection of music. Lyrically this album showcased how talented both artists are in terms of flow. Considering the two are paired with some of the best hip hop producers on this project, it was impressive to hear what they can do on these beats. Quavo and Travis will never be considered the most thought-provoking lyricists in the world, but they are competent lyricists who ooze bravado on every single track and this confidence is what garnered the attention from not only fans, but peers alike. One song that stands out lyrically on this album is “Best Man” as Travis and Quavo thank their best friends for their friendship and explains what it means to them. Travis’ verse stands out because he reminds everyone that he can rap in the traditional sense, as most of his current work focuses on melody.

Aug 03, 2018 On “CAROUSEL,“ Travis Scott and Frank Ocean depict an experience of spending the day under the influence of a variety of drugs. Big Tuck not only lends his endorsement in the song. Jun 18, 2010 Christina Aguilera Talks About New Love For Auto-Tune. Oct 13, 2018 From T-Pain to Travis Scott: The Rap Auto-Tune Spectrum. Travis takes pieces from different regional sounds and stylistic traits, stitches them together with. Sep 17, 2018 Auto-Tune correlates with a lower class attraction to man-made fabrics, spaceship sneakers, box-fresh clothes. Anyone ever do live preformances with Live Auto-Tune? I do a lot of production using Antares AutoTune 8 and would like to do it live for that nice travis scott type vibe, does anyone have any experience with something like this?

The most impressive part about this collaborative effort is the beat selections. The production was handled by several of the biggest names in the hip hop community, including Southside, Buddah Blessed, Vinylz, Murda Beatz and Mike Dean. Almost every beat is impressive, but some of the most notable are “Black & Chinese,” “Motorcycle Patches” and “Moon Rock.” All three tracks will induce a head nod from the listener on first listen. The beat selection on this project showcases one of best skills of Travis Scott and Quavo and that is their ear for a great beat.

This project is an enjoyable listen, but one critique is that the project did not push any boundaries sonically. In Travis Scott’s early work such as Owl Pharaoh and Days Before Rodeo, he was considered a disruptor. However, as the sound has caught up, it has become more difficult to distinguish his sound from others. On this project, that trend continues. Though this is not a solo offering from Travis, it can be a sign of things to come for his upcoming album, Astroworld.

Travis scott autotune effect

Travis Scott Autotune

Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho was a quality release for both Quavo and Travis Scott and they showcase what they do well and what has propelled their careers to this point. This project will serve as precursor for Travis Scott’s Astroworld and Migos’ Culture 2, which are both slated to be released next year. Both artists will try and ride the momentum of this project and hopefully try and take more risks on their own projects next year.

Travis Scott Autotune Effect

Rating: 7/10

Travis Scott Autotune Productions

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