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Ministry of Tourism & Culture of Malaysia receives and collates tourism related data from multiple sources. These have been formulated, configured and analysed to provide industry players with concise and useful information such as facts and figures on the performance of Malaysian tourism sector.

You are encouraged to visit our MyTourismData Portal for more details.

The above data is just a glimpse of Malaysian tourism statistics and data. To find more details on Malaysia Tourist Arrivals, Tourist Receipts, and other tourism performance data, please visit MyTourismData Portal.

Visitor management software is specifically designed to manage the visitors or your guests and make their stay memorable. The software is designed with some basic features to simplify the management of a large number of guests, helping the guests to get the things they want on time and are extended to include many more rich features.


Top profile visitor downloads

Instagram is the sixth-most visited website. Even though Instagram is primarily used through a mobile app, it still cracks the top 10 for website visits. People may be viewing your posts on a larger screen than you think. Instagram is the 9th most popular Google query. The top 10 searches include generic terms like weather and news.


Proxyclick is the visitor management software that will help you plan your visits or manage your guests efficiently. With all the basic features you will be expecting, the Proxyclick software also has some rich features including Welcome visitors, print badges, send notifications, manage visitors, create reports, and secure building. The welcome is i-pad software specifically designed to allow your visitors to check in themselves, saving your time for other work. You can try this software for one month trial period with full features before counting on it.

Download pof for pc - PlentyOfFish - Free Online Dating is the online dating and friendship app available for Android and iOS devices. The service was founded in 2003 and attracts millions of visitors until now. It counts 55 million members and can be used via the mobile. Destination Analysts conducted a major study of the area’s visitors and developed a comprehensive research-based visitor profile. As part of this visitor profiles research, Destination Analysts also assessed the economic impact of tourism on the county as a whole. The research plan implemented for this project included four components.


Veristream software is built specifically for the security concerned enterprises. This software will offer you a long list of features, including protecting the building, by keeping tracks of visitors for multiple locations, provide full audit trails, access control integration with your existing security devices, screen visitors in real time, manage both vendors and contractors. You can create multiple levels of access, to keep unauthorized visitors and not permitted employs out of the administrative or required area. Veristream software is designed to focus mainly on the security concerns, with basic functionalities of visitor management software.


Top Profile Visitor Downloads

Reception manages your visitors from the invitation to departure, with some other rich list of features. The features you will be offered include iPad sign in the terminal, sign in/out with QR terminal, book hotel rooms, and facilities, and manage hosts profile and settings. You can further check emergency evacuation list, pre-register visitors, set up multiple terminals, manage your subscription and billing and notify hosts by email message or GO reception application. You can get a free full featured trial version for 14 days, to decide about payment on the software.

Lobby Track for Windows

Lobby Track is the software specifically designed for Windows platform. The software has a long list of features, including pre-register visitors; pulling data from other I card as driving license, scan pre-registration email and visitor badges. Pre-registered visitors can also self-sign in using a kiosk where they can update their information and automatically print a badge for themselves.

Visitor Management Checkin for Android

Visitor Management CheckIn Lit is the software specifically designed for Android platform users. Your visitors can use the software for entry at the security for registering their visit. The software has following features to offer categorized visitors, taking a picture for the pass using the camera of the device, use the tablet as a digital pad for the signature picture, visitor details are stored in the device itself no internet is required, a search engine for last 30 visitors.

Visitor management for Mac

Visitor Management is software natively built for Mac platform users. The program has a very easy GUI that records visitors, the purpose of visit and who has a visit reservation. If the visit is not for the first time, the visitor can select a person from the list of visited people. The program has the flexibility to serve all the visitors with different available resources and generate invoices individually. Invoices are generated and can be further used in PDF format.

Sine – Most Popular Software

Sine is the most popular Visitor management software available. The software has got a large user base giving it support for rapid development and getting rich features along with basic features that you will expect from visitor management software. The long list of features includes sharing administration rights with the team, sine web board for getting all in one place, print badges instantly, host notifications. You can also pre-register your visitors.

What is Visitor Management software?

Visitor management software is basically designed for simplifying the task of recording visitor details, keeping their records. Download weebly site. The basic features which all the visitor management software will offer include record keeping and tracking of visitors. You can expect some very advanced features as you pay for the software. You can also see Webcam Security Software

Every software listed above have some unique features and are basically designed for visitor data management services. The flexibility required combined with the financial investment will help you decide the best one for you from the above selected best 6 plus software.

Top Profile Visitor Download Free

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