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ROUTLEDGE HANDBOOK ON SUFISM This is a chronological history of the Su! Tradition, divided into three sections, early, middle and modern periods. The book comprises 35 independent chapters with easily identi!able themes and/or geographical threads, all written by recognised experts in the!eld. Dec 01, 2010 Ahmet T. Karamustafa: Sufism: The Formative Period. The New Edinburgh Islamic Surveys. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2007; pp. This book is a compact, authoritative survey of the development of Sufism in Islamic countries from the ninth to twelfth centuries C.E. For readers outside Islam attracted by Sufism's passionate poetry, stories and spirituality, the author's. Sufism The Formative Period by Ahmet T Karamustafa pdf free download. 1 More recently, the same criticism was also extended to ‘spirituality’, the category that has come to enjoy widespread popularity during the last quarter-century.2 As a result, any historically uncontextualised use of mysticism or spirituality as if these were self-evident, uncontested, and universally applicable. Joshua Park Professor Jackson Intro to Islam 25 November 2013 Book Report Sufism: The Formative Period Sufism: The Formative Period, written by Ahmet T. Karamustafa, is an academic book written to describe and explain the early history of Sufism. Sufism: The Formative Period is meticulously researched and annotated and provides an up-to-date bibliography that any student of the history of the development of Islamic mystical thought and practice will find invaluable. Karamustafa's ability to select and situate the rich array of primary source material that one encounters throughout the text ranks him among those writers on Sufism who have acquired an intimate insight into the multi-faceted meanings and perspectives of the material he.

Scholars and students of Sufism and Islamic studies, Sufi adepts and all those with an interest in mystical thought owe a debt of gratitude to Edinburgh University Press and Professor Ahmet Karamustafa for this newly published history of Sufism's formative period, covering approximately the third/ninth to the sixth/twelfth centuries across the Muslim world. This work however, should not be mistaken for another ‘introduction’ to Sufism. Written in the historicist mode, its appearance represents an important ‘contribution to the ongoing attempt to situate Sufism in its proper historical context’ (p. viii).

Sufism The Formative Period PdfBooks on sufism

Sufism Pdf

Presented for the first time in a book-length monograph, Sufism: The Formative Period focuses on the ‘emergence, development, spread and blending among different mystical trends in early Islamic history’ (p. vii). Its primary aim is to present..

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Sufism The Formative Period Pdf
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