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A lot of people believe “Sticks” by Karl Edward Wagner is the greatest horror story ever written. If you have never read it and want to check it out, or have read it but want it in a new format, the ZBS Foundation is offering the audiobook of this great story as a free download through Halloween. You can access it at their website here. The audiobook is recorded in Kuntskopf binaural sound, which produces a 3D effect for the listener. If you’ve ever heard the excellent adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Mist”, this is the same process. Give it a listen.
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Sticks Karl Edward Wagner Pdfenergybenefits

Karl Edward Wagner Sticks Pdf

Karl edward wagner pdfKarl edward wagner pdfSticks

Karl Edward Wagner Pdf


Three 3-D Mysteries Recorded in binaural sound. Three fun & frightening stories in one download - “Sticks,” “The Bleeding Man,” and “O Boy O Boy O.” Sticks by Karl Edward Wagner. An abandoned farmhouse, built upon an ancient stone foundation, is surrounded by sculptures of twisted sticks in the forms of bizarre crucifixes. 'Sticks' is a short story by horror fiction writer Karl Edward Wagner, first published in the March 1974 issue of Whispers. It has been reprinted in several anthologies, including the revised edition of Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, indicating that it is part of the Cthulhu Mythos genre.

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Karl Edward Wagner Books

  • Recently, both RUE MORGUE and HORROR HOUND magazines have run retrospectives on THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT to commemorate the film's 10 year anniversary, but surprisingly, neither magazine mentions Karl Edward Wagner's 'Sticks,' an unsettling short story that uses similar plot contrivances.
  • I wanted to bring folks attention to three publications that have come out in the last year that feature articles discussing Karl Edward Wagner. The articles range from memoirs to research and grace the pages of a deluxe periodical, a non-fiction collection by an industry legend, and a souvenir book; all three sources are worth.
  • Well, it was unsettling to learn that there’s a basis of truth in this Lovecraftian zombie story. Karl Edward Wagner’s afterword reveals that the stick designs were originally discovered by Weird Tales artist Lee Brown Coye in much the same way as Colin Leverett in the story, and subsequently appeared as a signature in his work.