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Sports heads basketballSports Heads Basketball is possibly the most addictive game one could ever find. Whether it is the gameplay or the looks, easy controls or the difficulties of the game. This game literally falls in the “best time killer” and the “most addictive game” category.

Popular sports heads are here to prove their talents in an 1 on 1 on a basketball court. In this sequel of the funny arcade sports game you have to score more points than your opponent. Perform awesome jumps, shoot power-ups and bang your head on the ball precisely to throw it through the basket.

Sports Heads Basketball 2 Player Games

Sports Heads: Basketball Championship. Sports Heads: Cards Soccer Squad Swap. Sports Heads: Football 2013-14 La Liga. Sports Heads: Football Championship. Sports Heads Basketball Championship. Flash 88% 1,777,638 plays Swipe Basketball. HTML5 63% 303,392 plays Horse. Flash 86% 744,330 plays. Sports Heads: Basketball Championship is a basketball role-playing game with a simple style of play. You can play Sports Heads Basketball Championship game in two different game mode as twosome and single player. You can choose from one of the popular NBA teams such as Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland or Miami. The Sports Heads take America with Sports Heads: Basketball. Can you take your basketball head all the way to glory?

“It is very easy” you begin by either clicking on “New Game” or “2 Player”, whichever you prefer. Hit the “New Game” if you prefer the only player or else hit the “2 Player” if you and your friend both want to play the game together. Choose your avatar which also represents the team you are on the side of, set difficulty and you are on!

Sports Heads Basketball Tyrone

Controls are easy too you get to control the player by the arrow keys (to move the player) and [Space] to hit. Controls split in a “2 Player” mode “Player 1” will have the same controls except [P] becomes the hit button while arrow keys remain for moving. For “Player 2” the controls become [W], [A], [S], [D] and [space] to hit.

Sports Heads Basketball Unblocked

There will be power ups, you can buy upgrades (e.g. “Jump Height”, “Move Speed&” and “Hit Power”) by using the cash you earned, there are different levels and difficulties. Your ultimate goal is to win the league. Some icons pop on the stage, some of which will help you and some will harm (e.g. freeze you), activate them by hitting the ball on them. Score more than your opponent and you win the trophy. At the end of it all, Sports Heads Basketball is the most addictive game ever. Just bother to give it a try and you will know.