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Getjetcylon linux operating system. SolarWinds N-central Network Topology Mapping Get up-to-date visuals of your network, so you can quickly and efficiently identify and troubleshoot issues. Network topology mapping gives you capabilities supporting in-depth network. The dynamic network mapping tool, Network Atlas, included in SolarWinds ® Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is built to create custom network maps within the Orion Platform. Drag and drop network devices, servers, and wireless access points onto default or custom background images, including dynamic backgrounds like weather maps.

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Find out why top IT professionals use SolarWinds® Network Topology Mapper software.
Discover network topology
Automatically discovers and delineates network topology and produces comprehensive, easy-to-view network diagrams.
Choose from many discovery methods
Supports multiple discovery methods including SNMP v1-v3, ICMP, WMI, CDP, VMware, Hyper-V, and more.
Export network maps
Solarwinds network topology mapperExports to Microsoft Office Visio, PDF, and PNG formats, and also schedules updated map export to Orion® Network Atlas.
Delivers robust reports
Network topology mapper software can provide reports on switch ports, VLANs, subnets, and inventory.
Address regulatory compliance
Directly address PCI compliance, FIPS 140-2, and others that require maintenance of an up-to-date network diagram.
Automatically discover your entire network and create comprehensive, detailed network topology maps. You can also edit node details of map objects and connect network devices manually.
Capable of building loads of useful network maps without having to rescan using network topology mapping software. Save valuable resources, bandwidth, and time.
Export network maps to Microsoft Office Visio, PDF, and PNG formats, and also schedule updated map exports to Orion® Network Atlas.
TopologyKeep your network up to date by automatically detecting new devices and changes to network topology with scheduled network scanning in the network topology tool.

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Directly address PCI compliance and other regulations that require maintenance of an up-to-date network diagram. SolarWinds network topology software is also FIPS 140-2 compliant.
Save time, increase productivity, and obtain reliable device data by performing inventory management of hardware assets and automating report creation.
Take advantage of robust reporting tools, which help you keep track of inventory and network information.

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Advanced icon alignment and arbitrary text placement designed to let you resize and move icons and the text around them using the network topology tool.

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