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Human biology textbook pdf. On April 13th, 50 classmates converged at Oak Mountain State Park to again rub elbows with ol' WEHS friends. Our pavilion, overlooking Oak Mountain Lake, was the perfect setting for reminiscing with folks that shared good times growing up in and around West End. It was 70+ degrees and tables were decorated in West End blue. Lunch was catered byJim 'n Nick's Bar-B-Q. After lunch, there was much laughter as classmates shared memories of their WEHS days. Though it was a small crowd, we had a great time. As we wrapped up, it was unanimously agreed to have another picnic in two years!

Your Committee:Kaye Tyler, Cliff Walker, Pat Patterson, Marie Clarke, Kay Forrester, Brenda Brown,Jimmy Daniell.


Our final effort to update the entire WEHS database was in early 2015, prior to our last class reunion party. The only updates since have been from classmates notifying us of changes. Since going online in 2001 we have lost track of over 125 classmates, so be sure to keep us posted if your info changes, especially email.


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It’s been an odd season friends, but we’ve finally made it to the OC Reunion. Let’s get the hard questions out of the way. Best dressed is Kelly and worst dressed goes to Shannon (in the. Latest News: From Denny Mitzner: The 2020 reunion scheduled for 2020 has been cancelled. It will now be held September. Same hotel same program, same prices. New reservation & registration info will be in the next newsletter scheduled for late September or early October. Updated info will also be available on the homepage. Reunion Resort Unofficial Blog. Reunion Resort Real Estate News For Owners and Guests! – Find all of the latest news about Central Florida's most sought after vacation rental golf community!