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Remote Learning Tech Help. We have the following short videos to help teachers get up and running with Zoom: Signing in to / downloading Zoom for the first time. Technical Support for Remote Learning for Students. Remote learning can have its (technical) challenges! We're here to help. We've assembled some information to help you prepare your network and devices for remote learning, as well as some tips for troubleshooting issues while you're in class. Finally, general tips-and-tricks may provide new information that helps you with remote classes! Technical support also needs to be provided throughout the district and not be the responsibility of the teacher, who will have enough to keep up with in the remote learning environment. Clear information describing steps for troubleshooting and contact information for additional technical support should be easily available for everyone. Most school districts have pieced together a technical support department with a small staff. To give context, large companies usually have at least one technical support person for every 50 devices. If a school had 400 students and faculty members, they would need a technology staff of eight, which is hardly the norm.


New Email Addresses for All Students

In order to utilize a single sign on with Clever, all student emails and passwords are changing. Previously issued emails ending in have been closed.
All new and returning students will be issued a new email address using the following format. These new accounts will be operational on Thursday, September 10th.
All email addresses and passwords will follow the same structure:

Remote Learningbe Tech Helper

Username: [email protected] (first name . lastname
Passwords will be constructed of the students LASID followed by their first initial . last initial
Password: (LASIDfirst initial.Last initial)
How to Find Your Child’s LASID: All parents have been issued their student’s LASID earlier this summer in an email from Mrs. Gibeault titled “ATTENTION REQUIRED: Instructional Model Confirmation and Technology Assessment Survey.” LASID’s are also available on your child’s SchoolBrains Parent Portal. It is important to treat both your child’s LASID and your child’s Clever Badge as secure information as they are unique pieces of their login process.

If you are using a home computer, one easy way to avoid the complications created by using multiple Google accounts on the same computer is to create a computer login specifically and only for school use, and to limit the student to only school accounts when logged in as that users. “Limits” may include using programs and settings to prevent other kinds of use (if available), or it may just mean explaining to the student what to do/not do, and why it’s important.

If you are logging in with a ChromeBook you can simply scan the Clever Badge at the login screen. If you are logging in from a laptop or computer navigate to the Clever login page for BFCCPS.

  • Parents have reported trouble logging into Google Aps from Clever. Please click here for some tips to resolve Google logins using Clever

Remote Learningbe Tech Help Desk Offers Free Tech Support to Help People Working or Studying Remotely During Coronavirus Outbreak

From the desk of Rick Bloom, CEO of

Remote learningbe tech help wanted

As Coronavirus continues to spread, corporations, government agencies, schools, non-profits, small businesses, as well as individual people, are rapidly embracing remote work and social distancing to help curtail the spread of the virus. Schools are moving to conducting remote learning, families are staying connected with video calls as travel bans go into effect, and businesses are implementing mandatory work-from-home policies.

At a time when we’re all facing quarantines in some form or another, and its dedicated team of U.S.-based Tech Pros are in a unique position to help the nation navigate this complicated shift to remote work and studying, while staying connected to friends and family. Not only have we been managing a remote U.S.-based workforce with thousands of employees for over 20 years, but our core business is providing remote tech support – for any device, any issue, any time. Starting today in an effort to keep communities connected and productive during these challenging times, will immediately make its remote tech support service, TechSolutions, free to anyone who needs it.

Remote Learningbe Tech Help

Individuals working or studying from home may encounter challenges with connectivity, security, and systems access, and need help troubleshooting tech problems with their devices. Such challenges impact productivity, and add unnecessary stress in an already difficult situation, particularly as networks and internal IT departments are strained. TechSolutions provides U.S. based expert, remote IT and tech support for any device, any issue, any time, no matter where or when the device was purchased. We can help with device setup and troubleshooting, connectivity, software installation and updates, email configuration, data migration, security updates, virus or malware removal, and more — across all brands, devices and operating systems. Our remote tech support is available via phone, chat, or video-based “virtual house” call, and individuals can schedule a call back at their convenience. In addition, we offer free, diagnostic, self-support through our proprietary Guided Paths that anyone can use to easily solve thousands of common tech problems on their own.

Our Tech Pros are dedicated to keeping the nation safe, connected and productive during this crisis. If you’re a business managing a remote workforce, you may want to read our recent blog post on “6 Ways to Help Your Employees Work from Home Effectively and Efficiently.”

I’m hopeful that we can minimize the stress that working from home, studying from home, or simply trying to communicate remotely with friends and family can create for individuals and organizations.

Please go to to get free tech support today.