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My Remote Professional has streamlined our operations and simplified our processes. She is a great addition to our team! Andy Allegretta Trietta, LLC. Select the Tools tab and click Remote Install on the toolbar. A Remote Install Tool window will open. Select a desired Connection type and Action, and specify a path to the Host package by clicking Browse. See below for more information on these options.

Apr 1st, 2013
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  4. This remote deployment solution allows you to perform unattended software installation and uninstallation on remote Windows PCs quickly and easily. You can use it to deploy MSI packages on selected Windows PCs connected to a local network andto uninstall deployed MSI packages. Also, you can use it to retrieve data on installed software from every remote PC, get aggregated software inventory reports and keep track of software changes.
  5. EMCO Remote Installer an easy-to-use network application designed for centralized software management and audit across a local network. It offers a simple approach to remote software distribution and can be used instead of GPO, SCCM and other complicated deployment tools. Theapplicationis available in two editions with different sets of features:
  6. Free Edition is a freeware tool that allows you to install and uninstall MSI packages remotely in a silent mode on a single PC at a time. It includes inventory features that allow you to audit software installed on remote PCs.
  7. Professional Edition is a commercial tool that provides you with advanced deployment and software audit features. It allows you to install and uninstall MSI packages on multiple remote PCs during a single operation andto use advanced deployment customization features. Also, you can create remote deployment and audit tasks that can be executed manually or automatically on schedule.
  8. EMCO Remote Installer: Overview of the Main Features
  9. EMCO Remote Installer is an all-in-one solution that covers different aspects of software management. You can use it for unattended remote installation of MSI packages, audit of installed applications across a network, and remote uninstallation of deployed MSI packages - all these features are available from the application's centralized administrative console. The application is ready to work in enterprise environments and can manage software across multiple domains and workgroups.
  10. Perform unattended software deployment over a local network. You can deploy MSI packages simultaneously on one or multiple selected remote PCs in a silent mode, i.e. with no interaction on part of the user. You can execute an MSI installation immediately or schedule it for automatic execution at a defined time. Learn how it works
  11. Remote Software Uninstallation
  12. Uninstall software from remote PCs silently with only a few mouse clicks. You can uninstall applications that were deployed as MSI packages. For remote PCs, you can see a list of installed applications andselect the items to uninstall. You can uninstall the same application from multiple PCs simultaneously. Learn how it works
  13. Audit applications installed on the network PCs. Theapplication can extract information, displayed by Windows Programs and Features, from remote PCs and store it in a centralized database. You can use this information to check what applications are installed in every PC ortoget aggregated reports for the selected group of PCs. Learn how it works
  14. Software Installation Changes Tracking
  15. Detect software inventory changes happened on remote PCs. After every remote software scan the collected information is stored in the database as an inventory snapshot. These snapshots can be compared automatically to detect changes. You can get a list of software installation changes for every remote PCs or entire network. Learn how it works

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