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    • E. J. Potter aka the Michigan Madman[1] motorcycle Stunt performer
    • Motorcycle shaft drive (redirect)
    • Sara Liberte photographer and custom motorcycle builder
    • Ross Langlitz of Portland, OR, motorcycle racer and designer of the Columbia jacket
    • Jack McCormack (motorcycling) first national sales manager for American Honda, then Suzuki, and founder of American Eagle Motorcycles (1967-1970).[14][15][16][17]
    • Dick O'Brien Harley-Davidson racing team manager 1957-1983[18]
    • SC-Project, High profile motorsport exhaust maker, especially MotoGP/Superbike

    The following pages have many redlinks that need articles written:

    • List of Grand Prix motorcycles (also include expanding articles already linked)
    • List of Speedway Grand Prix riders(also include expanding articles already linked)
    • Transatlantic Trophy, UK versus USA short circuit challenge

    The following are redlink pages that deserve your attention:

    • Racers
    • Info needed on Armstrong chassis builders (CCM-Armstrong & Rotax-Armstrong).
    • Bikes:
      • Bimota Tesi series
      • Butler Petrol-Cycle (Edward Butler (inventor))
      • Captain America (motorcycle) (redirect) (Easy Rider chopper). This could also be expanded into a bio of Clifford Vaughs[19][20][21], see also history of black power movement, SNCC, etc. I'd write Captain America (motorcycle) first, then spawn Clifford Vaughs article later.
      • CRP Energica (an italian electric motorcycle)
      • Curtiss Motorcycle Equipment Co (Glenn Curtiss)
      • Ducati Superleggera (add to Panigale article)
      • Honda CB92 Benly 1958
      • Honda Dream 1949. dab page needs work; other pages need work
      • Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo Verify if it belongs on List of fastest production motorcycles, update navboxes
      • Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD motorcycle
      • Kawasaki ZX-10R Verify if it belongs on List of fastest production motorcycles, update navboxes
      • Moto Guzzi V7/Ambassador/Eldorado/850 Probably redirect all these to a single-page history of this series. Main articles on each one later, if desired.
      • Norton Scrambler (needs own page not redirect)
      • Pope (motorcycle) company and all models
      • Riquimbili improvised powered bicycles of Cuba
      • Draft:Triumph_Tiger_900_(2020) Some apparently claim that the article is lacking sources - I personally do not understand what is expected here. There certainly is no scientific research on a motorcycle, and news coverage tends to be less reliable than the manufacturer information that has been referenced.
      • Yamaha RD series - specific models or generally as a whole
    • Motorcycle Clubs and Federations
      • Iron Pigs Motorcycle Club (RE: Seattle police officer Ronald Smith, Sturgis shooting)
    • Companies related to motorcycling
      • Johnson Motors US Triumph distributor founded by Bill Johnson at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Johnson Motors Inc. Clothing is non-notable and unsourced; it should redirect to Johnson Motors.
      • Motus Motorcycles US manufacturer of Motus MST.
      • Arlen Ness Enterprises(Company) US manufacturer of Arlen Ness.
    • Motorcycle Magazines
      • Dirt Rider magazine

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    • Talk:Motorcycle#Re-sort contents with Motorcycling article Move social/motorcycles+people content to Motorcycling, keep only machine/inanimate content on Motorcycle
    • Template:Honda Offroad Motorcycles and related models such as the CR series. Is model code the clearest nomenclature to use?
    • Loh Boon Siew has refs, needs footnotes
    • Matchless need information moved to more appropriate articles
    • Snaefell mountain course article or section may need a complete rewrite
    • Trail braking Could be a Good Article with very little work.
    • Wire wheels: Wire wheels#On motorcycles says only main article: Motorcycle construction#Wheels, but that is not a main article, it is a subsection. Bicycle wheel is a better article, but none of these 3 actually explains how spokes support the wheel pre-stressed w/compression.

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    • Bell Sports (helmet manufacturer)
    • Britten V1000 (High importance)
    • Indian Scout (motorcycle) (High importance)
    • Indian Single series. (High importance)
    • Motorcycle brakes (High importance)
    • Northeast Sportbike Association (NESBA)
    • Vincent Black Shadow (High importance)
    • Yamaha (expand racing history)
    • Zündapp (motocross & ISDT bikes need expansion)

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    • Japanese: 宮田工業
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Weights and Measures[edit]

Bobblewik, regarding the change of '363.76 pounds' to '364 lb.' and '360.45 pounds' to '360.5 lb.'

I used the Google calculator to get the previous values, and I get the same results if I calculate using 2.2046 lb./kg. Are you saying that the calculations are incorrect?

If the calculations are correct, and measures are supposed to be rounded to one decimal place, shouldn't the first value be 363.8 lb, instead of 364 lb.?--DrunkenMonkey 03:14, 7 August 2005 (UTC) Download bloodhound exploit 213 pdf free download.

Reconstruction and Splitting[edit]

I believe this article needs to be reconstructed and split up, the Superbike racing article should be about the general term for production motorcycles racing with World Superbike Championship and other national superbike championships getting their own articles (some of them already have). I think the Touring car racing article (superbike's car equivalent) is a good example on how the article should be structured Chris Ssk 12:55, 3 September 2007 (UTC)

I made a page of what I have in mind for User:Chris Ssk/Superbike racing Superbike racing with all the info about world Superbike moving to a new article Chris Ssk 22:29, 3 September 2007 (UTC)

Having reconstructed the piece of tosh that was here 18months ago, its always good to see an article get to a 'split' type debate. I am not sure that its too large at present, and I would also be inclined to keep the term 'Superbike' together at present with the information related to 'World Superbike' - much as though its lost the inter twining between world and national championship thanks to the one tyre regulations, its still the pinacle of the sport. The split debate has been held off for a while thanks mostly to the creation of some great national level articles, so I am wondering why you think it would be worth while doing now? Am very open to a debate on this one, although have stated my present thoughts above. Rgds, - Trident13 10:14, 5 September 2007 (UTC)
I'm suggesting a split not because of the size of the article but because of the context, as I said above, I think the article 'Superbike racing' should be about the general term for production motorcycles racing. I feel that the corrent structure of the article is more likely to confuse than help someone understand what 'Superbike racing' is.
a brakedown of the article
  • first few likes talk about Superbike racing in general
  • Superbike racing#Overview talks about the World Championship, information there does not apply to national championships
  • Superbike_racing#World_Superbike_series after talking about World Superbike in the past 4 paragraphs, there is an overview of the series
  • Superbike_racing#National_Superbike_seriesoverview of the manjor national series with each one pointing to its own article, nicely done but if national series are important enough to have their own separate page why isn't world superbike?
  • Superbike_racing#List_of_World_Superbike_riders both this and the list of champions should be made into list pages, there are 100s of world superbike riders but only about 40 are mentioned here
again a page I made of how Superbike racing could (and in my opinion should) be User:Chris Ssk/Superbike racing using the Touring car racing article as a base. World Superbike can be moved to its own page with all relevant information (History, rules, list of riders/champions etc..) there Chris Ssk 13:40, 5 September 2007 (UTC)

Does it really say that?[edit]

2nd sentence of the article:

Superbike World Championship is the worldwide superbike championship.

Is this a sentence or a riddle? My brain hurts from trying to understand it. WikiTony (talk) 22:03, 8 February 2008 (UTC)

Is it better now? If not please rephrase it so it makes more sense. ChrisSsktalk 22:44, 8 February 2008 (UTC)

I really don't know much about this topic. That's why I looked it up. I actually only went to the article because i saw it here (a good read). I still don't think the 'sentence' in question makes sense, but i admit i do not know much about this topic and do not feel comfortable making changes to it. To me it sounds like saying 'Dog poop is poop from a dog.' pardon the crass analogy but its the best i could do. WikiTony (talk) 02:00, 10 February 2008 (UTC)
Superbike World Championship is a name. It's the name of the international superbike championship. 'Bank of America is an American bank' could be used as an analogy I guess. ChrisSsktalk 02:43, 10 February 2008 (UTC)
LOL! This guy thinks structuring a Wikipedia page with a sentence such as 'Bank of America is an American Bank' makes more sense than saying 'dog poop is the poop from a dog'. It just cracks me up to no end that the 'Super'bike fans of the 'world' have read the derision this page suffers, and said 'AHA! This is how we can fix it!' So now what we see currently is the result. I'm loath to change a thing, simply because I say we let the 'Super'bike fans represent themselves. This is the best foot they can put forward, so goshdarnit.. lets think of them all like we would that little kid getting off the short bus. Instead of laughing at them for having their shoes on the wrong foot, lets applaud them for being able to read/type in the first place. This page might not be much, but at least its something. Thats more than the Supertrike people have done. Those bastards don't know shit. (talk) 08:41, 26 July 2008 (UTC)

Endurance World Championship[edit]

Should this be here because they run superbike spec bikes.Shredder46 (talk) 20:32, 10 April 2009 (UTC)

Nigeria Superbike Road Race should not be here.[edit]

A quick search reveals this to be a publicity event loosely based on the Isle of Man TT, but with no particular definition of the term 'superbike', as it includes Harley cruisers and touring bikes, and no structure that any international racing body could sanction. I'm sure it's inclusion was good-natured on some level, but it has nothing to do with the definition of superbike as used by the world community, and has no place on this page. If this page were to include random road-races, they should at least be ones recognized as legitimate races, such as La Bañeza.

Retrieved from ''

The year 2020 is already here and with that a lot of new video games have come too, and even more are supposed to come out, let’s see what we have to look forward to. Now is a great time to start looking at which games you should watch out for when they finally release or the ones that already have released. We decided to help you with this daunting task and make a list of the best motorcycle games for 2020. Let’s take a look at this list.

Superbike Racing Game

1. TT Isle of Man 2

TT Isle of Man first released 2 years ago, in 2018, and it was a game focused on bike racing. The player could choose from a wide variety of motorcycles and race against other players, both offline and online, with up to 8 players being in one match. TT Isle of Man 2 is the sequel we’ve all been waiting for, you can expect everything the first installment brought to the table and much more.

Not that many people might be familiar with the name, but Isle of Man is an infamous racing track that has been used for racing and it’s known for causing a lot of accidents and deaths, so it definitely isn’t a place for beginners. We are still waiting to hear more about TT Isle of Man 2, but what we’re certain about is that the developers from Kylotonn are going to give us much better visuals and making the gameplay even better than before.

2. Ride 3

If you’re someone who likes variety and fun, Ride 3 is the perfect game for you. You actually have over 270 bikes to choose from and you can get them onto 30 different racing tracks all over the world. You can also choose from different Supermoto and GP tracks, to interesting city and countryside roads, so you not only get to race on tracks but you can also take a relaxing ride in the countryside. Now the most interesting part about this game is that you can actually customize your bikes, so you can build your own garage and make the suit your tastes.

There several different game modes, the best is probably being the career mode, this is where you race against AI racers and by beating them you earn points and unlock more motorcycles and tracks. You also never feel like you’re doing the same thing twice, there is a lot of variety, mixing up the types of bikes, race tracks and race types.

3. MotoGP 20

Do you consider yourself a big MotoGP fan? Well then this game was specifically designed for you, in this installment you can find every single rider, track and motorcycle you saw in the 2020 MotoGP Championship, and of course you can also find riders of old, the legends that used to rule over the tracks and from past games like MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, this game will definitely scratch that GP itch.

The best and most interesting game mode is probably the career mode which enables you to compete in the Moto3, Moto2, Red Bull Rookies’ Cup and MotoGP. You create your own personal racer and off you go, onto the tracks. We recommend you start off with the Rookies’ Cup, since you will find it much easier and use that opportunity to make your racer better and upgrade his skills. But not only that you also need to upgrade your bike, as you progress and win you get points which you use to upgrade your motorcycle.

4. Valentino Rossi: The Game

This one is a bit older and strays away from the usual MotoGP formula by focusing on this man, the legend, Valentino Rossi. This game focuses on the story and how Valentino Rossi overcame everything in his life to become the best bike racer out there, which also makes this game much different from the usual MotoGP installment. You get to live through all the ups and downs of Rossi’s career, from past to present.

Even though this game sounds like it’s one-dimensional since it focuses solely on Rossi, it actually has a lot of variety to it, for instance you could be racing in Brno and in the next you will be at the Monza Rally in a rally car, now true that isn’t a bike, but it’s all part of a great package. There’s also a career mode where you get to join the VR46 Riders Academy, and you get to race on a MotoRanch track on a dirt bike, which you would think you would never see in a MotoGP video game.

5. Trials Evolution

This one isn’t your usual racing game, well actually I don’t know if you can even call it a racing game but it definitely is a motorcycle game. Trials Evolution has an insane amount of hard obstacle courses that are going to give you a hard but fun time. There is usually a time you need to beat, so beating the track as fast as you can without making any mistakes is paramount.

As is usual with obstacles games, as you progress in the game each obstacles track gets harder and harder, on some tracks you will see yourself doing hundreds upon hundreds of attempts just to get off this perfect jump to get that perfect time. All this can be very annoying and frustrating but when you do manage to do that difficult jump it makes it all the more worth it and it feels amazing when you do it.

The background of this game is very different from the usual racing game too, it’s very much fictional and interesting to look at, ranging from all kinds of environments and interesting courses. This game is for people who don’t like giving up and are persistent at what they do.

Superbike Road Racing

Superbike Game Download