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General privacy statement regarding personal information

Privacy Policies are required by law. Get compliant today. We generate custom-made Privacy Policies in seconds to help keep your business safe. Awards - acknowledging the best in Christian retailing, resources, writing & performance. The hosting of a website - Christian Resources Together. What information do we receive and hold from you? The information we receive and hold i.e. Name, company name (if applicable), address, email and telephone (mobile and landline if applicable). Product Updates: Some products provide you with the ability to download and register product and/or tax updates as they become available. During the download and registration process, we collect “Business. The Screwtape Letters is a rare type of Christian book in that it isn’t a study of the bible or a “self-help” book – it is a novel. And yet it is a novel that holds so much truth, and is so clear in its message. Free Ministry Resources provides free educational material for the teaching of Christian beliefs and practices. We also offer tips and resources for those serving the Lord in any ministry. There is no charge whatsoever for downloading and using these materials. We take privacy and security of collected data very seriously.

Your privacy is very important to us. Therefore, Christian Healthcare Ministries does not share, sell, or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes. We only collect personal information from you necessary to supply you with the service(s) you request from us. By supplying your personal information, you agree that we may use it to perform the service(s) you have requested or contact you in the event that we cannot perform the service(s) requested.

Medical bill privacy

When you submit medical bills to Christian Healthcare Ministries for member sharing, you will be asked to complete a form authorizing your health care providers to share your medical information with CHM so that we can process your medical bills for sharing. This form is compliant with the federal law (HIPAA) that protects patient information. Once sent to CHM, your medical information is kept in a secure location and is only accessed by employees who need that information in order to process your bills for sharing. Christian Healthcare Ministries cannot be held liable for compromised security while medical bills are in transit. (Please be advised not to send sensitive medical information via email, which is not a secure method of transmission.)

Online security policy

Christian Healthcare Ministries treats your data as an asset to be protected against loss and unauthorized access. We employ security techniques to protect such data from unauthorized access by users inside and outside the organization. For example, you may access your online Member Portal only if you have registered for access. Christian Healthcare Ministries encrypts your personal information such as user IDs, passwords, and account information over the Internet. Any information we send you is scrambled en route and decoded once it reaches your browser. However, since “perfect security” does not exist, Christian Healthcare Ministries cannot be held liable for security infringements by unauthorized users outside the organization.

Free privacy policy forms

If you wish to request a refund of any funds donated online, please call the CHM Member Assistance department at 1-800-791-6225, ext. 5993.

Privacy Policy Free Christian Resources & Downloads Free

Termination (cancellation) by members

You can cancel your Christian Healthcare Ministries membership at any time by calling the Member Assistance department at 1-800-791-6225, ext. 5993. If you have submitted medical bills to CHM that have not yet been shared at the time you cancel your membership, please be aware that CHM Guidelines state that your medical bills will not be eligible for sharing. If you intend to change your sharing level, number of units, discontinue your participation or change the status of your membership in any way, please allow 30 days from notification for the change to go into effect.

Privacy policy free christian resources & downloads online

Privacy Policy Free Christian Resources & Downloads Pdf

Termination (cancellation) by Christian Healthcare Ministries

Privacy Policy Template Free

Christian Healthcare Ministries reserves the right to automatically cancel your membership after three months of not receiving a monthly financial gift from you. CHM takes care to notify members when their membership is delinquent and will work with you to catch up on your giving if you demonstrate intent to remain a member. If your membership is more than three months delinquent, CHM will not be able to share any medical bills you have submitted until your account has a zero balance due. If your membership is automatically cancelled after three months of delinquency, you can reinstate your membership by catching up on your giving. However, any medical bills submitted but not yet shared at the time of cancellation—or any medical bills incurred between the time of cancellation and reinstatement—cannot be shared by Christian Healthcare Ministries.

Selling or bundling CHM with insurance products

CHM requires that, without exception, CHM enrollment and membership is handled by CHM exclusively. 3 pandas 4. Third parties are not authorized to enroll members or collect CHM financial gift amounts. Any attempt by an unauthorized party to enroll members or collect monies from a member in the name of CHM is a violation of our policies and may be considered fraudulent—and therefore illegal—activity. Additionally, CHM cannot be packaged or bundled with any services you offer. Such services may, unlike CHM, be subject to licensing and regulation in many if not all states. In most states, bundling CHM membership with insurance products is illegal and brings the bundler into serious violation of the law with ensuing penalties.