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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is the highly anticipated sequel, which won multiple awards and broke industry records. Mark rosenthe initials game. Like the previous Call of Duty installments, Black Ops 2 offers a campaign, multiplayer and a “Zombies” co-op mode.


The campaign introduces new, innovative features and splits the campaign across different periods. The story is told from the perspective of two characters, set in different times; in the 1980s Alex Mason and his son David Mason in 2025, as they attempt to track down and apprehend narco-terrorist Raul Menendez. The campaign introduced new concepts like strike force mission, loadout customization and alternative endings. The strike force missions were “sudden death” missions that would alter the progress of the game, they could not be replayed once completed (or failed), adding a uniqueness, adding replayability to the story mode. The game features multiple endings which depended on the choices made throughout the game as well as the results of the strike force missions. The custom loadout allowed the player to decide how to approach a mission giving more freedom. Overall, the campaign received a much-needed reimagining adding to the experience of the game, also giving increased replay value. Each level provides a unique experience with gripping visual, great performances and constant action.

The Multiplayer mode

The Multiplayer mode is considered as one of the best in the franchise. It is the first Call of Duty set in the future, with futuristic weapons, gadgets, and environments. While most of the game modes from Black Ops 1 carried over and remained the same the equipment loadout has been redesigned to give the player more freedom. The new 10-point system allows the player to use 10 points towards whatever they like, whether its gun attachments, perks, or equipment. The game features some of the best multiplayer maps with layouts allowing for various playstyles and strategies. Black Ops 2 is also the first game to include a competitive mode known as league play. The mode allows players to be matched against opponents of a similar ability to play following Major League Gaming rules. New to the franchise was the change made to killstreaks, now known as scorestreaks meaning rewards are given based on a points system not just kills. This change allows players to be rewarded for team play rather than kills. The changes made were welcomed by most of the fan base as it allowed for fresh and more diverse gameplay.

Zombies mode

The beloved “Zombies” mode from Call of Duty: World At War and Call of Duty: Black Ops has made a return and follows a new set of characters as they traverse a ruined world infested with zombies. The storyline continues from the previous game and although new characters are introduced the previous characters make appearances and are playable in some maps. The mode keeps many of the previous concepts and freshens up the game with new additions and ideas. New enemies and map designs keep the old mode feeling new.

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Graphic and visuals


The graphics were top-notch at release and still hold up to this day. The vibrant colours of map and level designs make for an amazing visual experience, immersing the player into the world the game creates. The game stood up in graphics and gameplay to its rival counterpart Battlefield 3, despite a different style and philosophy. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is regarded by many as one of the best entries into the series. Overall, the game has received amazing reviews in all aspects, receiving praise from critics and players alike. Even 7 years after its release the game has a large number of playable hours to put into it.

Black Ops Korean Conflict is a fast-paced combat action game for teens where you get to play the role of an elite commando (special forces) ninja-like Black Operative. In this game, an independent nation is in pursuit of a weapons program despite stern warnings from your employer (an unknown government strongly opposing the program.) Your Commander in Chief wants the weapons program 'neutralized' even if this means acting outside the boundaries of international law by sending you on this highly covert mission.

You must enter the other nation's territory and complete important tasks in order to destroy the weapons program. Be warned, you are on your own; If you are eliminated or get caught, your government will deny everything, including you. However, this is your field of expertise.

You are used to existing outside of military protocol, and engaging in high-level top secret operations. You believe that if you don’t succeed in this very important mission to your government, it could be the start of a very serious global conflict much greater than if no opposing action is taken now against the weapons development program. OK Elite Soldier, it's drop time!

How to Play: Protect yourself from the highly-trained opposing forces before they eliminate you. There are 3 secret informers on the ground to brief you on your mission, so you need to move stealthily in order to find them fast. A knife is your only weapon to begin, so you also need to search high and low to collect all of the guns and ammo you see.

Use the “WASD” keys on your computer keyboard to “Jump”, “Left”, “Duck” and “Right” in that order. Move your mouse to take aim, and Click to shoot. You can use either your “Mouse Wheel” or the number keys “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” to change your weapons at any time. Hold down the “Shift“ key while moving to sprint. Your sprint energy runs out quickly but it can be replenished. Hold down your Spacebar to look around. Double-click “S”, to jump down from a platform. Press the “P” key to pause the game and view the current mission.


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