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Greetings, and welcome. If you’re here, that means you’ve decided to take a look at the crossbow scopes sold by Parker Bows. Parker is well-liked for its archery products, but most people just associate the firm with compound bows and crossbows. It also sells scopes for x-bows, and it’s a good idea to be familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the optics. We’re about to check out the best scopes Parker has to offer, along with an overview of what to expect from their glass.

  • So that got me thinking: Why not add a magnified optic to a bow sight? Turns out, the archery industry has been thinking about it, too. Target shooters have experimented with magnifying lenses on their sights for a good while, and now some of these optics are commercially available. But are they useful for bowhunters?
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Does Parker Manufacture A Good, Inexpensive Crossbow Scope?

Parker Compound Bow Magnified Scope For Bow Hunting

If you are seeking a budget-friendly piece of glass, Parker Bows’ Red Hot Multi-Reticle 3x32mm scope might be right for you. It’s compact, at just 8.5 inches long, and weighs a mere 9.8 ounces. It offers good light transmission and an edge-to-edge clear view. With aiming points out to 60 yards and a large field of view, you will easily find and track your prey through the sight picture. The drawbacks to this scope are the non-illuminated reticle and the 1/2-MOA windage and elevation increments, which don’t offer as much fine-tuning as 1/4-MOA adjustments would.

Archery Compound Bow Sight Scope 2x 4x 6x 8x Lens Magnification Hunting Shooting. Complete Arrows for Archery Bow Hunting. AXCEL Scope Archery Sights. Still hunting is one of the methods of hunting that bow hunter may walk along the ground slowly, looking for game and stalking it carefully in the final approach. Stand hunting is one of the hunting methods that hunter waits for game to come to him by waiting on a wooden or metal stand elevated in a tree, from three to six meters.


What Is The Best Parker Scope Out There?


The most exciting glass Parker manufactures is also the most innovative scope I’ve come across, the Red Hot Pin Point 3X scope. What makes this optic so intriguing is the patent-pending “Dial-a-Distance” turret designed for use alongside a rangefinder to get the perfect elevation for your shot. The Pin Point offers great light transmission, an illuminated reticle, and outstanding optics. The main drawback is that the reticle doesn’t offer multiple aiming points, so you pretty much have to use it alongside a rangefinder to get accurate shots.

Does The Company Make Red Dot Sights?

While Parker Bows used to manufacture a simple red dot sight, it no longer does so. With that said, you may still be able to find the sight for sale on Amazon. It offers three dots at 20, 30, and 40 yards, along with five brightness settings each for red and green illumination. The downside to the red dot sight is that you almost have to use it with Parker’s Arrow Drop Compensator (ADC) computer program to calculate yardage and configure the windage and elevation for your x-bow.

Does Parker Make Its Own Scopes?

While Parker may not manufacture scopes itself, the company does provide all of the engineering specifications to produce them. Like many scopes, Parker’s optics are mass-produced overseas and then sold through the firm’s distribution channels.

Parker Compound Bow Magnified Scope For Bow Hunting

What Are Some Common Characteristics Of Parker Glass?

The most common feature of Parker’s scopes is the use of the company’s Arrow Drop Compensator (ADC) software to determine the correct yardages for the various reticle markers. Alll three models are also limited to 3X magnification, and are both compact and lightweight. An impressive feature of all three scopes is the use of etched glass reticles, instead of simply affixing wire crosshairs to the glass. Finally, each scope is designed with 300 FPS crossbows in mind, while the Pin Point 3X is adjustable for x-bows shooting from 280 to 380 FPS.

How Good Are The Optics In Parker’s Scopes?

These optics feature good optics, with BaK–4 prism glass and fully multicoated optics. The products are all waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof, thanks to excellent materials, nitrogen-purged optic chambers, and O-ring-sealed lenses. While each scope has its own price point, even the least expensive model will provide good utility in the hunting field.

What Type Of Reticle Will I Find?

This is different for each model. The Pin Point 3X provides a simple crosshair, since it is designed to be used alongside a rangefinder. Parker’s illuminated multi-reticle scope provides illuminated dots for aiming out to 60 yards, whereas the less expensive model offers four lines for shooting at ranges of 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards, plus a thickness change that denotes the 60-yard compensator marker.

Are The Optics Ergonomic?

These scopes are all lightweight and compact, most of them fitting easily into a x-bow case. The sole exception to this is the Pin Point 3. This scope, because of its elevation dial, can sometimes be too bulky to fit into the smallest crossbow cases.

How Powerful Are The Crossbow Scopes?

Each one of Parker’s scopes offers just 3X magnification, without any variable zoom settings at all. The sight picture is quite good through all of the scopes, with excellent crispness, clarity, and contrast. The image isn’t HD-quality, but it’s certainly close enough to give you a very up close and personal view of your target before you take your shot.

How Is Light Transmission On Parker’s Glass?

Transmittance is quite ample in Parker’s x-bow optics. You’ll have no problem at all seeing a bright, vibrant image of your target through these scopes. The two more expensive models offer illuminated reticles for much easier shooting during low-light conditions, but even the Multi-Reticle 3×32 scope has proven successful for me in dawn and dusk conditions.

What Can I Expect From The Field Of View?

Parker really likes the 32mm objective lens, using it on all of its products. The advantage of this size combined with 3X magnification is a generous field of view that is at least 50 feet at 50 yards. You’ll readily find your target in the sight picture, as well as having an easy time of keeping the lead on the animal when it’s on the move.

How Much Trouble Are Parker’s Optics To Mount And Sight In?

Sighting in Parker’s scopes is quite easy, but doing fine-tuned adjustments is considerably more challenging. This is because the company uses 1/2 MOA increments in its windage and elevation controls, as opposed to 1/4 MOA settings more common among riflescopes.

Are These Scopes Durable?

These x-bow scopes are definitely durable. They offer fogproof performance, protection against water intrusion into the optics chamber, along with rugged materials that are shockproof. In short, these optics can take almost anything you throw at them, short of actually shooting them with your crossbow or rifle.

Summary Of Parker Crossbow Scopes

Thanks for reading about Parker’s crossbow scopes. These optics are definitely high quality, but they aren’t perfect. The top product Parker offers can sometimes be too large to fit into a crossbow case, but that’s the price you pay for the extra performance of an elevation/velocity adjustment dial.

Parker Compound Bow Magnified Scope For Bow Hunting Free

Parker Bows, the archery company based out of Virginia, has announced that they have made the painful decision to close their business. Parker Bows used to be one of the fastest growing companies in not only Virginia, but in the entire United States. Now, the company started by Robert “Bob” Errett who came from Bear Archery in 1984, is closing up shop.

This is a portion of the announcement sent out to dealers of Parker Bows and their associated products on Monday, December 17th this year:

December 17, 2018

To the Dealers of Parker Compound Bows, Inc.

Re: Cessation of Business

Compound Bow Scopes For Hunting

Dear Sir or Madam:

Parker Compound Bows, Inc. (the “Company” or “Parker”) has made the difficult
decision to cease operations. We appreciate your loyalty and support over the
years. The Company has explored what it believes to be all possible options to
continue operations in one form or another or engage an investor or sell the
Company. Unfortunately, all of these efforts have been unproductive.

It is incredibly unfortunate to see a company like Parker Bows exit the archery and outdoors industries. By best estimates on the Parker Bows website, they may have employed roughly 300 people at the time of their closing. Their reach within the archery community extended throughout 1,200 retail locations with suppliers in 27 states as well.

For those who used their products, what did you think of them? They were in business for over 34 years and Bob Errett had one heck of a former teacher in Fred Bear. Hopefully all of the employees of Parker Bows can find stability for themselves in this holiday season and transition into new places of employment.

Scope Sights For Compound Bows

For dealers and retailers, the complete announcement of their closing can be read below with more of the important details that may more intimately affect your business as well.