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Tailor learning programs for specific roles or performance-based needs, monitor compliance, and get a snap-shot of company-wide progress with EDGE, our learning management system. Philip Tetlock: If you turn to session six, slide 117-118, you’re going to see a little piece on the seductive power of scenarios.Imagine you’ve got one of these between subjects designs in which half of the people read the top slide, half of the people read the bottom slide, then they make a judgment about the plausibility or probability of this outcome.

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Traffic booster drive more traffic to your site website. This data story builds on previous data stories, which examine the characteristics and educational experiences of English learners (ELs). In this data story we go a step further to explore the academic performance and outcomes for ELs on two key indicators: (1) their proficiency on a national exam, and (2) their high school graduation rate. Proficiency on educational assessments is one indicator that students have the knowledge and skills expected at their grade level.1 On-time high school graduation is one measure of readiness for postsecondary activities, such as college, employment, and military service.a A high school diploma also has tangible benefits such as higher earnings and lower rates of unemployment than for those without a diploma.2 Despite the importance of these two key indicators, we see ELs consistently lagging behind their non-EL peers on these outcomes.3

This data story presents the most recent data on EL academic proficiency for states and selected urban school districts. It also provides state-level EL high school graduation rates and insights into changes in EL graduation and proficiency rates over time. When interpreting differences across states and between grade levels, readers should keep in mind that states vary in their criteria for which EL students are included in this reporting and in the accommodations provided for EL test takers. These differences can affect outcomes.4 Additionally, it is important to remember that the EL population is dynamic: Students who attain English proficiency are reclassified as non-EL, and those who remain classified as EL over time are more likely to be low-performing.5

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The charts are interactive. Hover over or click on chart elements to learn more about specific data points, and where they appear; use buttons to filter charts by grade.
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