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Nike Vr-S Covert 2.0 Degree Driver Senior A Flex Kuro Kage Graphite 772751 Lefty. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. Nike Vr Pro Forged Satin Chrome X3X Grooves 54-12 Wedge Stiff Flex Steel 0806331. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. Yup, the Nike VR S driver is 15-20 yards longer for me than my Ping G-10 and every other driver I have hit the past 3 or so years (and all of the ones before that too). Now, maybe it is not fair to compare a Ping G-10 to the Nike VR-S since the Ping is about 3-4 years old but as I stated, I have also hit other newer clubs but never realized.

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To do our TaylorMade M2 v Nike Vapor Fly driver test we knew it was a job for our anonymous big hitter.

We tried to contact him but soon discovered he’d gone on holiday so had to draft in his younger brother. Would he be an able stand-in?

Our TaylorMade M2 v Nike Vapor Fly took place at the Golf Shack at Moor Allerton in Leeds under the watchful eye of our resident pro James Whitaker.

All launch monitor data was gathered using Trackman 4.


TaylorMade M2 v Nike Vapor Fly – The methodolgy

It was a no brainer why we wanted to do this test as Rory McIlroy has been among the many Nike tour players who have made the switch.

Francesco Molinari and Brooks Koepka made the exact same switch and a certain Tiger Woods has recently put the M2 into play.

This test featured the 2016 M2 driver as apposed to the brand new one as we haven’t seen any tour players using the brand new model yet.

We wanted to see why the likes of McIlroy had made the switch to this particular driver.

Our anonymous big hitter’s younger brother hit a range of shots with the Nike Vapor Fly and then with the M2.

Nike Vrs Driver Specs

The exact same shaft was used in each driver.


TaylorMade M2 v Nike Vapor Fly – The results

The numbers with the Nike Vapor Fly were very consistent in terms of launch, ball speed, spin, carry and overall distance.

As an average we had 271 yards of carry, 293 yards of total distance, 2,500rpm of spin and 163mph of ball speed. So you could say it was working pretty well.

With the TaylorMade M2 we instantly saw a bit more ball speed, less spin and more distance.

The front to back and left to right dispersion was also a bit tighter.

So it didn’t really take a detective to deduce why so many players have been opting for the M2.

We’ve heard many people say that ball speed it king as it is ultimately the biggest indicator of how well a driver is performing against another.

Nike vrs covert driver specs

The swing speed with both drivers was exactly the same but there was more ball speed with the M2 so it was working more efficiently for our anonymous big hitter.

TaylorMade M2 v Nike Vapor Fly – NCG verdict

This test proved something that we already knew – the TaylorMade M2 driver is a fantastic product.

It’s working well for club golfers and tour pros alike.

It’s interesting that so many Nike staff players have been switching to the M2 as they have the option of playing anything they want at the moment.

We were surprised that TaylorMade introduced a new M2 driver just a short while after the likes of McIlroy and Woods started using the ‘old’ one.

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Nike Vrs Covert 2.0 Tour Driver Specs

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