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MS, ms, Ms, M.S., etc. may refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • Ms. (magazine), an American feminist magazine
  • M. S. Subbulakshmi (1916–2004), Indian singer
  • Metal Storm (webzine), a heavy metal website based in Estonia

Businesses and organizations[edit]

  • MS-13, illegal criminal gang
  • Missionaries of La Salette, a Catholic male religious order
  • Młodzi Socjaliści (Young Socialists), a former Polish socialist youth organization
  • Morgan Stanley, a US investment bank (NYSE stock symbol: MS)
  • Mjólkursamsalan, an Icelandic dairy company

Educational qualifications[edit]

  • Master of Science, a master's degree in the field of science
  • Master Sommelier, a terminal degree in the field of wine
  • Mastère spécialisé, a French postgraduate grande école master's degree


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  • Master seaman, a non-commissioned member rank of the Canadian Navy
  • Mess Management Specialist, a former U.S. Navy occupational rating now covered by culinary specialist
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  • Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, postal code MS
  • Mississippi, a U.S. state, official abbreviation
  • Montserrat, Caribbean island nation (ISO 3166-2 country code: MS)

Science and technology[edit]


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  • Master of Surgery, an advanced medical degree
  • Morphine sulfate, an opiate pain-relieving drug
  • Multiple sclerosis, a disease of the nervous system


Ms. MaMs.
  • .ms, the top level Internet domain for Montserrat in the Caribbean
  • Master System, a third-generation video game console produced by Sega
  • Microsoft, an American-based global software company
  • Mobile station, for communication with a mobile network

Units of measure[edit]

  • Megasiemens (MS), and millisiemens (mS), multiples of the unit of electric conductance siemens
  • Metre per second (m/s), a unit of velocity (speed)
  • Mile per second (m/s), a unit of velocity (speed)
  • Millisecond (ms), a unit of time equal to one thousandth of a second

Other uses in science and technology[edit]

  • Surface wave magnitude (Ms), a seismic scale
  • Solar mass (MS), an alternate symbol to M
  • Mass spectrometry, a method of determining the chemical composition or exact mass of molecules
  • Master of Science, a postgraduate university master's degree
  • Mesylate, a chemical salt
  • Secondary spin quantum number, ms{displaystyle m_{s}}


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  • EgyptAir, by its IATA code 'MS'
  • Motor ship, ship prefix
  • Chennai Egmore railway station, code MS

Other uses[edit]

  • Ms., a common title for women that does not indicate marital status
  • MS (cigarette), an Italian brand of cigarettes
  • MS (satellite), a series of four Soviet satellites launched in 1962
  • Malay language, of South-East Asia (ISO 639-1 language code: ms)
  • Manuscript, abbreviation (ms.) for a written or typed document
  • Member of the Senedd (formerly Assembly Member), Welsh Parliament legislator
  • Memoriae Sacrum (Latin for 'Sacred to the Memory'), an epitaph
  • Multan Sultans, a professional Twenty20 franchise cricket team in the Pakistan Super League

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