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Hey guys! Have you ever made the pet friends feel sad? It is obvious that the answer is yes. Now, a little cute monkey in the Monkey Go Happy – one of the most fascinating intellectual games – is in need of all the heroes’ helps. Rankingwebsite of  carmelito lauron. He is so small and has to do everything by himself. Are you ready to give him a hand now, the kind players? Let’s go and see what should be done to get his good mood back.

Make the Monkey Happy! New updates weekly. Play on any device:) It's a fun and logical game for kids of all ages. From 1-100 and beyond:). Monkey GO Happy 2 Description: In Monkey Go Happy 2 it's your job to cheer up this sad ape. Each level is a puzzle or game you must solve. Solve them all as fast as you can to get the highest score, and make this primate proud! Unblocked Games77 1200 games without blocked to play at school Online. Choose the game you want to play with your friend! Update every mounth! Monkey GO Happy 2 - Unblocked Games 77.

Monkey GO Happy 407 - Brad Jensen - Lisa Wilson - AnneAlba Smith - Judy Fussell - Michele Snyder. Monkey GO Happy GAMES ARE CREATED BY ROBIN VENCEL, www. Play the game 'Monkey Go Happy Stage 475' on our website

Monkey Go Happy 2 Unblocked Games

At the beginning of Monkey Go Happy, it is necessary to read the game instruction carefully since it will help the players know how to play this challenging game successfully and make the poor monkey go happy. Throughout the game, it is clear that the mouse should be used to click on any objects and items, shoot the stuffs or resolve the puzzles, and so forth. How do you feel now, soldiers? Dare you to join in this challenging journey with this little orange monkey? Do not wait any more, click Play button and discover this game now!

In Monkey Go Happy, your main missions are to make this monkey glad. At the first round, there are a coconut tree, a knife, and this pity character on a small island. The players have to understand what they should do, and use the left button of their mouse only to click on any items in order to make the monkey laugh. It seems to be easy because there are not many difficulties like fighting against the enemies, controlling a car to overcome all of the tough obstacles on the road, and so on in other games. However, remember it strongly requires that the players should be clear and clever at all times.


Back to the first round, chopping one coconut is a must to get to the next challenge. In the second, the game Monkey Go Happy will give the players a matchbox and a small rocket. The problem here is how to burn the rocket and make it explode. If it is successfully done, the round of duck shoot will be open. Use your thought and any tools given by the game producer to shoot all of the moving ducks. Continue to another challenge, the monkey is sad of playing bowling so badly. Therefore, you are challenged to knock over all the bowling pins. Is it enough to make this picky monkey happy after finishing these rounds? Absolutely, the answer is NO.

If it is so easy for any players to get over such first simple obstacles and the game is over, Monkey Go Happy will not be considered as an intellectual and difficult game which has defeated a number of gamers. What is the problem here? Why are there some many gamers quitting their journeys? In fact, the game’s difficulty will be increasing gradually when the players succeed in moving to another level. The above rounds are just the initial challenges the saviors have to spend a lot of time satisfying the monkey. Remember that the more round they get over, the harder the game will be.

Monkey Go Happy 2 Unblocked Games

It is totally sure that you are intensely curious and even crazy about unearthing how many challenges there are in this version, and which obstacles have knocked some gamers out. Again, in order to win this game, it is vital not only the players have to control the mouse carefully and fast, but it also depends on the ability of analyzing each situation. Do not forget that every item or clue shows up on the game screen can help you realize the key point of the rounds each. Sometimes, the Reset Level button will assist in restarting the current round if there is no way to solve any mistakes. Although time is limited, the game will not be over; just go ahead and deal with the difficult situations till the end of game. The sooner the game is done, the more successful the players will be.

Ok. That is enough for you all, the gamers. Join in Monkey Go Happy and enjoy yourself now! Have fun!

How to play Monkey Go Happy Game ?

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2 Unblocked Games

Mouse is used to click on objects and places on the screen.

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