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FREE!ship is a free open source boat design software for Windows. Using this software. DELFTship Free Get started and explore our free hull form modeller. Designed to be visual and intuitive, it provides a database with models, easy 3D design features and hydrostatic details on the fly.

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NAPA User Webinars 2020 – recordings available

NAPA hosted a set of NAPA User Webinars – our first ever online NAPA User Meeting – on 9-10 June 2020.

The presentations provided updates and information on the latest NAPA products, highlighted the hot topics, and offered a possibility to meet the NAPA team members online.

Model Ship Design Software

If you missed the webinars, don’t miss the recordings!

Our 3D modeling and design functionalities are the most powerful in the industry, making design process the best it can be. We’ve spent over 30 years combining our comprehensive ship design knowledge and extensive technical capabilities to ensure that the vessels you design are safe, competitive and maximize performance. Built-in development and customizable capabilities enable users to automate repetitive tasks and include user-specific ship design know-how into the system.

Model Ship Design Software For Sale

Proven benefits of the NAPA 3D model

Design efficiency

  • The NAPA product model enables a single source for design information which ensures that the data is always up to date, enabling reliable results in analysis
  • NAPA has been specifically designed to support naval architecture and has proven to be the fastest system for 3D product modeling in the industry
  • Decades of experience and expertise have gone into creating a complete design package that customers trust to handle any project
Proven benefits of the NAPA 3D model

Trusted results. Earlier.

  • Using a purpose-designed 3D model ensures more accurate results in earlier design stages
  • NAPA excels in design change and automation. Our customers can optimize their designs to completely new level compared to other ways of working
  • Shipbuilding is governed by a complex web of rules and regulations. It is in the core of NAPA’s business to ensure that the support for relevant rules is available and up-to-date
  • NAPA can provide analysis of collected data for ship operation, which means naval architects can create designs that better fits the real-life usage of the vessel
Proven benefits of the NAPA 3D model

Better quality with 3D design

  • Organizing design information in a single 3D model ensures that the quality of the design is higher as human error can be avoided, especially in design changes
  • Reliable information sharing between stakeholders in the shipbuilding project streamlines the iteration process towards a successful end-product

Hydrostatics and stability


NAPA’s software for stability assessment is the de-facto standard in the industry used by all major shipyards and classification societies globally. With NAPA you can be sure that the relevant regulations are supported and that the results are generated by a proven and accepted calculation engine.


Hull form design and hydrodynamics

NAPA supports hull form design from optimization in early design phases to production fairing. The hydrodynamics modules support resistance, powering, seakeeping and maneuvering calculations by industry standard methodologies.


Structural design

NAPA Steel upgrades the initial and basic design for structures by taking the design work from traditional 2D drawings to 3D modeling. Using a 3D model for structural design from the beginning of the project has several benefits, from earlier rule compliance information leading to more accurate weight and cost results.

Customer Service

Professional, efficient and valued technical support


Versatile user training portfolio for NAPA products, including training courses, custom training sessions and e-Learning


Consulting expertise to boost the use of NAPA software and design processes

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It’s MultiSurf, it’s SurfaceWorks, it’s all the familiar names and more. It’s a complete computer aided design (CAD) package with the ability to create freeform surface shapes that in other CAD packages are either difficult to create or not available at all. Choose the option(s) you want!
Add our pattern-making software suite – Flattener
Advanced Hydrostatics – Hydro
SOLIDWORKS Integration with MultiSurf and SurfaceWorks available

* NEW! Free MultiSurf licenses for students and teacher Find out more here

* CFD Collaboration – A long standing MultiSurf user, Downey Engineering, joined forces with Red Cedar Tech and CD-adapco, for an “Optimized Ship Design”. See how MultiSurf and a parametric ship model was a fundamental piece in the process. See the presentation here.

* NEW! MultiSurf and SurfaceWorks 9.0 now available! SurfaceWorks maintenance subscribers:download it on the SurfaceWorks support site. Maintenance subscribers to MultiSurf, go to Marine support site.

  • MultiSurf 9.0 is available on the Subscribers’ Support page.
  • What’s New – MultiSurf 9.0
  • What’s New – MultiSurf 8.8
  • What’s New – MultiSurf 8.7
  • What’s New – MultiSurf 8.5
  • What’s New – MultiSurf 8.0
  • What’s New – MultiSurf 7.0

Best 3d Model Design Software

Hydro now includes a powerful new feature, which will give you greater flexibility in analyzing a vessel’s stability. Read more.

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Model Ship Design Software