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Horror Is a personal thing. For some BioShock's syringewielding Little Sisters cause shudders. To others Dead Space's attacking when sliced-and-diced mutants cause their bile to churn.Meanwhile gamers old enough to remember SHODAN shudder at the sound of a stuttering contralto. Bloons tower defensegamerate. But the game that terrifies me is Mirror's Edge.

Mirrors Edge Pc Demo Download Chipset

Mirror's area on pc at cutting-edge has no Demo available for the pc formats. PS3 and Xbox 360 each and each and each and each have their respective demos, despite if the entire version of the interest have been given right here out in January 2009 and the choose for a demo become now not neccessary. Download a screenplay movie of Mirrors Edge (PC. Activision has relased a playable single-player PC demo (local mirror 1.37GB)for The Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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Really, this game shouldn't generate any sort of dread: its City is antiseptically clean and blindingly shiny; the gameplay is practically gore-free; and the trance soundtrack is unable to cause tension. Yet if I play this game for more than a minute, my sweaty palms cause my hands to slip off my controller, and my heart tries to pound out of my ribcage.Really, I shouldn't be surprised by these affects - you see, I'm acrophobic.


I can't use a stepladder, let alone stand on a chair, without quaking. Occasionally I've woken screaming, due to dreams that I'm falling off a skyscraper.

Yet in Mirror's Edge I take on the role of Faith, who uses parkour to bound across rooftops.

Now thanks to DICE, I've spent the last few days watching skyscraper windows flash before my eyes as I slip from a ledge, and listening to all-too-realistic sounds of bones crunching and flesh splattering as Faith strikes concrete.

GameMirrors Edge Pc Demo Download Chip

Mirror's Edge Pc Demo Download Chip -

This game plays out my nightmares in front of my eyes. Worse - it's forcing me to take part in my nightmares.

Stopping playing should be the sensible thing to do, but it appears there's something positive about this experience. I'm roughly halfway through the game, but now my palms are distinctly less sweaty, my breathing is less laboured, and my shivering is reduced when I play. In short, the more I play Mirror's Edge, the more my phobia seems to be fading.

Mirror's Edge Pc Demo Download Chip Download

I doubt you'll ever see me tracing along London's rooftops, but Faith's suffering could mean that stepladders won't terrify me any more.