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The Indian Roads Congress (IRC) is the Apex Body of Highway Engineers in the country. The IRC was set up in December, 1934 on the recommendations of the Indian Road Development Committee best known as Jayakar Committee set up by the Govt. Of India with the objective of Road Development in India. Until recently, the mIRC website provided a download link for an older version of mIRC, mIRC v6.35, and recommended it as the only safe version for users wanting to use an older version of mIRC. Dragon age rpg core rulebook pdf download. All versions older than mIRC v6.35 are open to exploits. An exploit allows someone to gain access to your computer without you realizing it. Fixed nickname bug where very long nicknames (hundreds of characters in length) sent by the server would cause mIRC to crash. Updated to PCRE v7.8 and OpenSSL 0.9.8i libraries. Added Script Editor option to disable line numbers. Fixed /toolbar bug where setting a bitmap for a default button was not working correctly.

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mIRC 5.31 Change Log

  • Fixed Alt-Gr keyboard bug.
  • Fixed toolbar button display bug.
  • Fixed min/max/close buttons in maximized windows (?)
  • Fixed bug in random port selection routine which was resulting in DCCs freezing if your IP address was incorrect.
  • Fixed certain keys not working if all windows in mIRC are minimized.
  • Fixed sorting bug in sorted text @windows.
  • Fixed bug in remote identifier processing.
  • Fixed /aline/iline/etc. commands scrolling text when adding a line when at the bottom of the text buffer.
  • Fixed wave sounds not playing for people whose computers don't have full wave/midi support, but $inwave and the on waveend event won't work in this case.
  • Fixed $show not being set correctly if . is used in a command that's part of an if statement.
  • Fixed isletter.
  • Fixed $dir/$file/etc. identifiers bug when using a description enclosed in quotes, wasn't evaluating following identifier.
  • Fixed dcc get extensions application bug under win3.x.
  • Fixed channel not being parted bug when a channel window is closed while mIRC is iconified in the taskbar.
  • Changed Help menu display of .txt and .hlp files, they're now separated into their own popup menus for more room, and mIRC won't limit the number of items that are displayed.
  • Added $width(text,font,size,B,C) identifier, returns width of text in pixels for the specified font and fontsize. If B is not zero then text is in bold, if C is not zero then it interprets colour codes.
  • Fixed /sound display bug, was showing channel info when a channel name wasn't specified.
  • Fixed /filter bug.
  • The Alt+1..9 key combination now minimizes a window if it is currently the active window.
  • /sockwrite now won't let you queue > 8192 bytes per socket.
  • Fixed a $+ bug when used inside [ ] brackets.
  • Added Include nicks option in Options/Perform dialog makes highlight option search nicknames in a message.
  • Fixed bug in $?=.., the .. wasn't being parsed correctly.
  • Fixed $readini bug when reading commands separated by .
  • Can now create smaller windows eg. for picture windows.
  • Fixed buffer bug in socket handling.
  • If a user doesn't have a .wav or .mid dcc get directory association, mIRC now sets one up so downloaded .wav and .mid files go straight into the sounds directory so they can be used immediately with /sound and /splay.
  • Fixed on close event bug, closing a @window was triggering an on close:?: query event.
  • $count() now returns 0 if the second string is longer.
  • Added $bits identifier, returns 16 or 32 indicating the 16bit or 32bit version of mIRC.
  • /window -a now shows a window that was hidden with /window -h.
  • Fixed $address identifier for a dcc chat in on DCC SERVER event.

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mIRC 3.64 Change Log

Mirc Download Windows 10

  • Fixed Local Host and IP address bug, added options in the setup dialog. Now works for any combination of requirements for people with different types of internet connections (see Setup in mirc.hlp!)
  • $read command improved so you can specify a line number with [-l#]. For example:
    /silly /say $read -l5 silly.txt
    This will read line 5 of silly.txt.
  • Now using Common Dialogs for file/directory selection, as well as for the DCC Send dialog (Long filenames are NOT yet supported).
  • Optimized Remote routines - should be faster now.
  • Can now use $read in remote definitions. For example:
    1:TEST:/notice *1:$nick I said $+ $read c:langsmirctest.txt $+
  • Can now store up to 50 IRC server addresses in Setup dialog. Storage format in mirc.ini has changed, but will still read the old format.
  • Finger button now pops up a red flag while finger is busy. The flag disappears when finger has been completed.
  • Bug with Maximized mIRC window fixed.
  • Finger and Timer dialogs now popup under their respective buttons.
  • Added Channels Folder button which allows you to join a channel as well as maintain a list of your favourite channels.
  • Added List Channels button which pops up the List parameters dialog, allowing you to quickly list channels.
  • Fixed NT GPF bug when using toolbar.
  • Added -j command line option. For example:
    mirc.exe -j#mirc,#friendly,#etc
    The specified channels will be joined on connect. You MUST have an mirc.ini with the Connect on startup option selected.
  • Fixed another bug with using * to begin a non-parameter identifier. eg. *mardam.demon* in aliases/etc.
  • The /auser /guser and /ruser commands can now handle multiple levels. They have only been extended, so they are still compatible with your previous formats.
    /auser [-a]
  • Fixed bug with Green box being drawn around iconized window in response to wrong messages.
  • Fixed several bugs in /play with using -r and -l. The format has changed slightly to:
    /play [-crl#] [delay]
    This now allows you to specify a delay for -r and -l, You must now specify the line number like this:
    /play -l24 file.txt 1000
  • Text colours are now ok when using > 256 colour setup.
Mirc Old Versions

mIRC 3.64 Screenshots

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Mirc For Windows 10

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