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Family Safety offers protection and location services for family and loved ones keeping your family always close and connected on your smartphone. Solving real user needs - Family Safety is a solution for people who want to know that their children or elderly relatives are safe at all times. The Family Safety software for Windows 7 that I installed is working correctly (thank you). Is there a way for me (Account Admin) to clear the Activity Report for my 'kids' account whenever I care to? Does it automatically clear at designated times, or ever?

  1. Family Safety Windows 7 Download
  2. Windows Family Safety Download

There are two ways to see your family group on a map.

Family Safety


Find your family when they use the Microsoft Family Safety app on Android devices or iPhones. As long as they're sharing their location using the Family Safety app, this can include their location on a map and what the address or saved place is.

Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Family Safety. Download Windows Live Family Safety. Easy-to-use tools to keep kids safe online. There is no problem with family safety settings. Granddaughter is under tight restrictions (per her Mom). I also set the router to restrict internet ace at 11 PM. That was the source of the blockage. I ccorrected here, per Mom.

To find your family:

  1. Sign in to your account on the Family Safety app.

  2. What you see next will vary based on your family role. If you're an organizer, the family member list will show you their location as an address or saved place. If you're a member, you'll see your activity here.

  3. To see a family member on the map, turn the switch in the upper left corner to Map, then tap on a family member. You'll get a closer view of where they are on the map and their location as an address or saved place.

Family Safety Windows 7 Download

See your child's location on a map when your child uses a Windows 10 phone or runs Microsoft Launcher version 4.10 or higher on their Android device. Unlike the Family Safety app, you will not see other organizers.

To find your child:

  1. Sign in to your adult account on

  2. Find your child's name, then select More options > Find [your child's name] on a map.

  3. Under See my child's location on a map, turn the switch On.

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Family safety windows 7 download

Every parent wants their child to make use of the latest technology, but that doesn't mean there are not concerns. The internet is both a valuable resource and a scary place, particularly for younger children, for instance. But there are also concerns about how long children end up using computers, phones, tablets and consoles – this is something that Microsoft Family Safety can help with.

Windows Family Safety Download


This wide-ranging parental control app for iOS and Android gives you the power to monitor and control what you child is able to do across Windows, Android and Xbox platforms. It also goes beyond this, enabling you to track the location of your child, so you always know where they are.

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Working much like the parental control option in Windows 10, the Microsoft Family Safety app lets you set limits for what your child is able to do online. This means that you can set up filters so they cannot access sites that you do not feel are suitable for them – although this only works in Microsoft Edge – and you can also limit the types of apps and games they are able to download and use. You can use the app to put app and game restrictions across Windows, Xbox and Android.

There are additional features available that are limited to Windows and Xbox platform, specifically the ability to configure time limits. If you are concerned that your child is gaming too much, or using their computer too much, you can put restrictions in place. Sadly, Android is not covered by this feature, but there are other tools available to fill this gap.

You can configure the apps to email you reports about your child's activity, so you'll be notified if they try to access an adult website, for instance. While it is possible to put time restrictions in place, your child is able to put in requests for additional access time, and the app allows you to permit or deny these requests.

The option of tracking location is not something that everyone will agree with, for parents who are concerned about where their child is, it can offer great peace of mind.


For any concerned parent who wants to give their child access to the internet specifically and technology in general, Microsoft Family Safety offers a reassuring degree of control that helps to bring peace of mind. It certainly something that feels better suited to younger children, but parents with kids of all ages will feel comforted by the support it gives.