Micropod 2 China Clone: Good Or Bad?auto Diagnostic Tool

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R-W OK with mpps China clone. Astra vxr me7.6.2. R/W OK ( do that ecu own risk! ) Fiat Doblo 1.3 mjet mjd6f3 obd – r/w ok Range Rover edc17cp11 boot – r/w ok this tool looks great. PSG16 ok can obd, if k-line obd only pump pin can R/W. Lacetti (2008y) 2.0 CDRi EDC16C39. R/W CAN (only map 2Mb) as Captiva = OK. Mazda 3 1,6 TD 2009 car. Here’s the customer solution to make Clone wiTech Micropod 2 Chrysler diagnostic tool work with DRB Emulation. Intention: Trying to find one micropod II that would work properly with DRB Emulation. Especially with Chrysler Crossfire. Credit to Radius from Continue Reading →.

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Micropod 2 China Clone: Good Or Bad?auto Diagnostic Tool

Micropod 2 China Clone: Good Or Bad?auto Diagnostic Tool

Discussion: DRB3 compatibility with MicroPOD II and VCI Pod.

Micropod 2 China Clone: Good Or Bad Auto Diagnostic Toolkit

Car: 2004 Chrysler 300M
Micropod 2 china clone: good or bad auto diagnostic tools
Firmware: wiTech MicroPOD 2 and VCI Pod
It is said that the MicroPOD II can run the enhanced DRB III emulator with WiTech App v16.04.12. However this app version might require to run online, connected to TechAuthority. If it does you’re screwed because it will be banned based on its ID.
I have a Micropod II V17.04.27 Type C…. But I can not use it, because it can not find the ECU. can only display battery voltage. I can only select cars between 2017 and 2004. I have a 2004 300M, but no chance. I think only real CANbus can be used.
the extended DRBIII Emulator can not work, it needs an update, but this would make the adapter useless I think.

Micropod 2 China Clone: Good Or Bad Auto Diagnostic Tools

So, I think, only witech VCI Pod can help.
Micropod 2 china clone: good or bad auto diagnostic tools
This is what I’ve tested:
Alarm: tried to force activation but I’m missing a sensor in the trunk, so it won’t activate.
EVIC/ATC: screens autodiagnostics
Memory seats: enabled the glide feature (easy exit) on a 1999 and 2000 Ms!
ECU tests: Fuel injector #1 (it fires the fuel pump and opens the injector, I guess you need to have the injector off the car to really see what’s going on).
BCM tests: Lights tests (it flashes all lights or a specific one you choose so you can see if the bulb/wiring/bcm are ok).
TCM tests: I don’t remember but I think the engine has to be running for the tests to complete (you are supposed to look at the RPMs while the TCM triggers the solenoids).
RKE: tested the keys (it tells you which button is pressed on the fob)

Micropod 2 China Clone: Good Or Bad Auto Diagnostic Tool Set

And there are so much values you can read… Basically you can read all sensors of course, but you can get the interior light dimmer switch output, sun sensor value, heated seats temperature IIRC… It’s a great tool but IMO it doesn’t worth that much considering you cannot flash modules.
Flashing was a failure for the TCM. However it looks like I could flash the EVIC if a flash was available. I used a flash for another model, made some changes to the flash file descriptor (basically it’s an XML file describing the flash, what part number it replaces, what old part numbers are flashable, etc…) but I didn’t press the button as it would have break the EVIC.
Fyi, flash files are available from TechAuthority website but you need a subscription. A 1 or 3 days subscription is enough. The flash application packaged with WiTech software 13.x is old, so you should use the one from TechAuthority. The thing is, it also downloads a newer driver and WiTech server program, and they won’t work with WiTech 13.x or 14.x. For this reason I used my corporate laptop and/or a virtual machine, dedicated to the flashing app.
Once you have selected a flash on TechAuthority website, it downloads a few files in your computer temporary folder. You can save these files (basically I copy-pasted the files in a new folder named after the flash part number) and reuse them latter. That way, you don’t need the TechAuthority subscription anymore. It should also work for real DRBIII devices. Simply copy-paste the files from where you saved them to your temp folder. IIRC you have to start the flash application once to get the required subfolders created in the temp folder.
With the 13.x software version, from the DRBIII emulator, you can run the non-powertrain flash application. And this flash app was able to read the part number from the EVIC on the car, while the powertrain flash app (and also the flash app from TechAuthority) could not read the part number from the TCM. That’s why I’m guessing I should be able to flash the EVIC. Also I talked with a guy on YouTube who was able to flash the EVIC on his Jeep (2002 IIRC).
For most tests, I had the engine not running, key in RUN position.
Want a good reason? lol!
That’s exactly why I waited so long… Well you can talk to the ABS module and read the codes, which is not possible on the 300M with a cheap ELM327! You can run the ABS bleeding procedure (not tested yet), read the Clutch Volume Indexes from the transmission, pair a new PCM/BCM/SKIMM module (not tested)…
I wouldn’t get the newer dongles, they run a bit cheaper on AliExpress but I’ve read they don’t work with the TechAuthority web components, which is the all point of having the new device over the VCI Pod. So don’t buy one!

Micropod 2 China Clone: Good Or Bad Auto Diagnostic Tool Kit

On a side note, DRB3 and VCI Pod setup instruction I’m using: http://blog.obdii365.com/2017/08/17/review-drb3-emulator-witech-vci-pod-clone/

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