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Logicworks free download - LogicWorks for Windows 10, White Noise Ambience HD, White Noise Ambience Lite, and many more programs.

LogicWorks is the leading schematic drawing and interactive digital simulation package setting the standard for demonstrating logic design principles and practices within the education sector and industry.

What is LogicWorks for Windows?

Logicworks 5 Download

LogicWorks is an innovative interactive circuit design tool that allows you to run quick and efficient simulations on screen. It’s the single fastest and most reliable solution to help you learn digital logic. Apart from the power of the software, it comes with unmatched flexibility, enabling you to create and test a virtually unlimited number of circuit elements from your computer. This allows for greater and more efficient learning process and helps you study advanced concepts in shorter time.

Logicworks 5 download

Logicworks 4

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  2. LogicWorks provides simple tools and an organized environment for quickly creating visual representations for circuits. The app is great as an educational tool since it allows you to practice digital logic concepts. LogicWorks offers you the possibility to simulate the effects of a certain circuit.


LogicWorks users can use a subset of the standards VHDL language to describe and simulate circuits. With this innovative feature, LogicWorks now enables you to mix devices and circuits, described in the form of schematic designs with blocks, described in text using VHDL. .weebly.compostal exam books,post office,exam,books. See the VHDL page for a more detailed description of the language implementation in this version.

Full Schematic Editing


To enhance your learning process, LogicWorks comes with a full schematic editor, including bussing, multi-level Undo and Redo, interactive connection tracing, and a number of other features. Any change you make to the signal connection or the device parameters will be reflected instantly in the timing waveforms and probes, placed on the diagram.

Upwardly Compatible to DesignWorks

LogicWorks is fully compatible with our professional design package, DesignWorks. You can now have your own copy of Logic works on your Window-based or Macintosh computer and then transfer your designs to DesignWorks for more powerful and efficient integration, analysis and testing.

How do I buy LogicWorks?

Purchase the Windows version of LogicWorks directly from our website.

Software Requirements

  • Version 5.8 UWP (current) or newer : Windows 10
  • Version 5.6(current) or newer : Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

Where do I get support for LogicWorks?


Please see our LogicWorks support site for FAQs and support contact information.

What would you like to do?

LogicWorks teaches the concepts of digital electronic circuits. The integrated schematic entry and simulation software was designed specifically for educational use and can be applied in minutes. Probes, displays, and switches are placed right on the circuit diagram and operate the circuit just as if it were on a real breadboard in front of the user. Upon naming the signal lines, the timing relationships are displayed instantly in the timing diagram window. Teachers can demonstrate the effect of making or breaking connections, changing clock rates, or increasing device delays. Simple to complex logic circuits can be created and tested.

Logicworks For Mac

Yaskawa logicworksRelease NotesLogic Version 4.7.7:

Logicworks Software

  • Fixed a problem with the tool palette that occurred under macOS 10.12.5