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Cultivating a postive classroom community is such an important part of teaching, and I’ve learned that little things go a long way. One of the ways to help build our students up is to help them see themselves (and their classmates) in a positive light. Zombie games&& try the games free. One of the ways I did that this year was by doing an activity all about “The Best Part of Me.”

Jun 6, 2019 - Are you looking for an easier way to communicate with parents about their student's reading progress? These Parent Teacher Reading Communication Forms are easy, quick and informative communication tools to use with families. Parents will appreciate your feedback and love!Perfect Communication Tool. Using two different styles of English really defines the characters in the short story. It helps show the “lesson” in a way of student and teacher. Sylvia is the student that uses AAVE while the teacher, Miss Moore, uses SAE. Miss Moore is trying to teach Sylvia that though she is underprivileged she can still amount to something.

I’ve mentioned my sweet friend LeAnn several times, because she is a constant source of inspiration! When I visited her classroom a while back (we teach at different schools), I saw her students’ adorable “Best Part of Me” pictures and writings. I knew I had to do it with my kiddos!

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The original lesson is from Genia Connell on Scholastic’s website. {here} The mentor text for this activity is The Best Part of Me by Wendy Ewald.

I love the idea of the book and that the author went into 3rd-5th grade classrooms and the pictures were great inspirations for my students to start thinking about the best part of them and to understand what their final product was going to look like. I guess I just thought there would be a lot more poems to pick from, but the book didn’t have as many as I thought it would! The couple that I chose to read worked out well and my students enjoyed them.

I love how the black and white photos turned out and it looks so great having the best part of all my students on a beautiful bulletin board display for everyone to see! I’m hoping to make a class book with all the poems so that I can use them next year when I am teaching the lesson!

At A Restaurant - Common Words and Phrases

Can/Could, Teenagers, Adult Learners, Restaurants and Cafes
This is an activity to fill in phrases related to dining at a restaurant. It is a series of words and phrases typically used in Restaurants. At the end students can prepare a conversation using th ..
1 20,371ElemPre-Int

Places to Eat in Britain

United Kingdom, Eating Habits, Food, Restaurants and Cafes
This is a presentation which helps to read the text about places to eat in Britain. The exercises will help to check the understanding of the text. Then students practice the vocabulary and speaki ..
1 10,132Pre-Int

At a Restaurant - Tandem Cards

Vocabulary » Food and Drinks » Restaurants and Cafes
Tandem cards are a good possibility to practise dialogues. The pupils have to translate the sentences given. Partner A can control or help partner B because he/she has given the solutions for ..

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4 18,820Pre-Int

At the Restaurant

Food, Restaurants and Cafes, Reading Comprehension
This worksheet has 2 activities which focus on restaurant vocabulary. The first activity is a gap fill for a restaurant conversation and the second activity asks questions based on a fictitious re ..
8 83,255BegElem

Dialogue: At the Restaurant - Are You Ready to Order?

Food, Restaurants and Cafes
This is a very simple fill-in-the-gaps exercise related to ordering at the restaurant. The words to choose from are above the text. I created it to teach ss how to order at the restaurant to later ..
6 52,330BegElemPre-Int

Restaurant Menu

Young Learners, Adult Learners, Food, Restaurants and Cafes
This is a beginner level PDF file on the subject of ordering food in a restaurant. There are pictures of the food along with the words. Appropriate for both children and adults. Pairwork with poli ..
13 50,562BegElem

Restaurant Menu and Order Pad

Food, Restaurants and Cafes
The worksheet I used for a restaurant role-play. It includes an empty menu and order pads. The main target is vocabulary but you can use it in any way you wish. My suggestion would be to get the s ..
3 27,516All

In a Snack Bar (Roleplay)

Adult Learners, Food, Restaurants and Cafes, Role Playing Games
This worksheet is suitable for the roleplay. It contains a snack-bar menu and some dialogues which serve as an example. There are also some fill-in-the-blank texts. Besides the worksheet is useful ..
11 56,078ElemPre-Int

Traditional Dishes

Cooking, Food, Restaurants and Cafes
This worksheet was prepared for students who are learning about various types of food, ways of cooking and cooking vocabulary. It can be used for students working in food cooking and catering. The ..
10 33,293All

Project: Holiday

Restaurants and Cafes, Summer Activities, Projects
*lesson 4 welcome to mrs. bryan
This powerpoint is a guideline for the teacher and the pupils, so they know what to do each lesson. It starts with an introduction of the project, shows some examples, and has an overview of what ..
10 48,940Elem

Let's Talk about Currencies

Food, Restaurants and Cafes, Money
This is a creative way to introduce currencies that are used globally to your ESL classroom. This powerpoint presentation is divided into three parts. The first focuses on identifying the currenci ..
3 11,762Mrs.ElemPre-Int

Ordering Food

Food, Restaurants and Cafes, Role Playing Games
This power-point presentation can be used for teaching and modeling how to order food in the class. It contains some pictures and names of different food you can ask your students to change the co ..
24 55,578Elem

Movie Worksheet: Falling Down

Drinks, Food, Restaurants and Cafes, Movie + Video + Cartoons
This is a movie activity to work with vocabulary related to restaurant. It's very interesting when teaching about food.
4 11,353Pre-Int

Communication Dialogs

Everyday/Social English, Restaurants and Cafes, General, Polite Requests
There are 7 dialogs which you can use in class. You can have your students memorize them so they can learn which expressions are used while buying food, ordering breakfast, seeing a doctor, bookin ..
8 41,736All

Order in a Restaurant

Vocabulary » Food and Drinks » Restaurants and Cafes
This worksheet is useful for reviewing things in the restaurant such as: fork, spoon, knife, plate, bowl, vinegar, wine, glass, napkin, etc. It contains some true false statements and also a conve ..
13 42,611Elem

At the Restaurant - Listening Exercise and Phrases

Restaurants and Cafes, Role Playing Games, Mingling Activities
Listening comprehension exercise (taken from: http://www.passporttoenglish.com/Beginning-English/Lesson7/Listening.html and http://www.esl-lab.com/pie1/pierd1.htm) plus phrases to be complete ..
13 51,298Pre-Int

Movie Worksheet: Places, Town Phrases

City and Countryside, Restaurants and Cafes, Shopping/Clothes
This is a worksheet based on EFL video, My Town Phrases 1. It includes a gap-filling activity and it is designed for elementary levels, particularly young learners. First, you can ask your student ..
5 17,661Elem

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Menu- Game

Food, Restaurants and Cafes, Money
I designed this game for my 10-year-old pupils for revising the topic 'Food'. The worksheet contains 4 Menu lists(as in a cafe) and a set of money banknotes to cut out. Arrange your pupils (the ga ..
19 46,870ElemPre-IntInt

Movie Worksheet: English Today

Restaurants and Cafes, Movie + Video + Cartoons
This worksheet based on the movie (English Today, Track 8, beginner, 00:00- 03:00) which is about making some food. It contains some questions related to ordering favorite food. It is appropriate ..
6 9,332BegElem

Order in Cafe

Vocabulary » Food and Drinks » Restaurants and Cafes
This worksheet is used for learning how to order in cafe. It contains 2 activities, first students are going to unscramble a conversation between a waiter and a customer( at the end they can act o ..
11 30,358Elem

Countable and Uncountable Food

Countable/Uncountable Nouns, Food, Restaurants and Cafes
This worksheet is appropriate for reviewing countable and uncountable nouns. There is an activity which ask students to make uncountable nouns countable. Moreover it includes an activity where stu ..
23 71,967Elem

Restaurant Vocabulary

Vocabulary » Food and Drinks » Restaurants and Cafes
This ppt was designed for a conversation class. I got some ideas I had during classes and a huge contribution I got from one of the worksheets I found here on web site (@fatima.moimeme). Basically ..
23 31,387ElemPre-IntInt

In a Snack Bar - Roleplay

Restaurants and Cafes, Shopping/Clothes, Money, Role Playing Games
This worksheet contains 2 exercises and a roleplaying game. It´s made for beginners, but could be also a good practice for elementary students. In the first exercise students review the pric ..
18 40,047BegElem

Tipping Guide: Speaking Modal Verbs Practice

Can/Could, Have to, Must, Should/Ought to, Restaurants and Cafes
This NYC tipping guide is taken from the research of Waitbutwhy.com, original available here http://waitbutwhy.com/2014/04/everything-dont-know-tipping.html. I used the chart to start a discu ..
12 18,032Pre-IntIntAdv

Elementary Level Test 3 (Adults)

Countable/Uncountable Nouns, Past Simple, Food, Restaurants and Cafes
This is an elementary level worksheet I use with my adults learners. This particluar one has a look at countable and uncountable nouns; the use of some, any and a; the past simple tense of regular ..

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