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Taking full advantage of DeSmuMe’s hybrid screen this pure white cover art gives almost a minimalistic essence. Image resolution is 1920×1080.


  1. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (subtitle read as 'Three Five Eight Days Over Two') is an action role-playing video game developed by h.a.n.d. And Square Enix for the Nintendo DS.It is the fifth installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, and takes place near the end of the first game, continuing parallel to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.The game was released worldwide in 2009.
  2. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (read 'Kingdom Hearts Three-Five-Eight Days over Two') is an RPG developed by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS, with aid from h.a.n.d. It focuses on the life of Roxas between the end of Kingdom Hearts and the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, exploring the time from Roxas' creation until his confrontation with Riku that leads to his placement in the simulated Twilight.

Place the “Kingdom Hearts 358_2 Days (USA).cfg” file in your cores config folder (IE, DeSmuMe). Make sure the name perfectly matches the rom filename. Open this file and change the path to your overlay folder accordingly.


Place the overlay PNG and other CFG file in your overlays folder.

As this is designed for the DeSmuMe core please ensure you use the following settings in the DeSmuMe.opt file:

desmume_hybrid_cursor_always_smallscreen = “enabled”
desmume_hybrid_layout_ratio = “3:1”
desmume_hybrid_layout_scale = “disabled”
desmume_hybrid_showboth_screens = “disabled”
desmume_internal_resolution = “768×576”
desmume_screens_layout = “hybrid/top”

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. Alternative:キングダム ハーツ 358/2Days; Kingdom Hearts - 358/2 Days; Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days; Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Prelude. Author:Nomura Tetsuya. Status: Completed Genres:Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Mystery Shounen Tragedy Updated:2021-01-08. Game: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Genre: Action RPG Publisher: Squareenix Developer: Squareenix System: Nintendo DS (DS) Year of Release: 2009 Opening -.

Kingdom Hearts 358 2 Manga

A massive thank you to Bryant Arteaga for suggesting this overlay.

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Developers: Square Enix, h.a.n.d.
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: May 30, 2009
Released in US: September 29, 2009
Released in EU: October 9, 2009
Released in AU: October 22, 2009

This game has unused graphics.
This game has regional differences.

Wii games download. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a spin-off that covers the misadventures of Roxas that runs parallel to the events from the end of Kingdom Hearts up to Kingdom Hearts II. The game was remade as a movie in 1.5 Remix for PS3.

To do:
  • There are early HUD graphics for Roxas, Axel and a few other Organization XIII members.
  • There are files related to Traverse Town even though it's not a playable world, look into this.
  • Potentially early versions of (Roxas' weapon 001) Midnight Roar and (Roxas' weapon 013) Twilight Blaze, two weapons, are unused. Rip them.
  • 1Unused Character Portraits

Unused Character Portraits

Pinocchio World Left-overs

Pinocchio's World was originally a location that Roxas and Xion would go to in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, but it was eventually completely removed due to space restrictions. It would later appear in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance as 'Prankster's Paradise'.

However, mugshots for Pinocchio (as a human) and Gepetto, as well as the villains, Honest John and Gideon, are still in the game, left unused.

Cancelled Appearances

Hades and Megara don't appear at the Olympus Coliseum in the final game, so their sprite work goes unused as well.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Hd

Tinker Bell was made mute, so she doesn't have spoken lines in this game: her sprites went unused as well.

(Source: Kingdom Hearts Wiki, The Spriters Resource)

Regional Differences

A few things got changed when the game was localized:

  • The difficulty was toned down on in the international versions. Enemies have less HP, Munny is now awarded for beating missions, and some enemies deal less damage.
  • The international versions of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days awards the player Mission Crowns for completing missions in either Solo or Multiplayer Mission Mode. In the Japanese version, it is only possible to earn Mission Crowns by playing Multiplayer Mission Mode.
  • The Japanese version of the opening video lists each Organization member's attribute and weapon type, along with a short paragraph describing them which includes their title; the English version instead mentions their attributes within the paragraph and lists weapon types, with no mention of title. As a result, Xemnas's title lacked an official translation until the 358/2 Days opening in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX.
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