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Bei Nichtübereinstimmung von Cover und Titel gilt der Titel, linear; -moz-transition:all.4s linear; -o-transition:all.4s linear; -ms. The KIDZ BOP Kids return with a collection of family-friendly renditions of the biggest pop songs of the year. With their high-energy and vibrant music videos, KIDZ BOP are sure to continue to capture the imagination of children across the UK! Featuring massive hits from Ariana Grande, Drake, Shawn Mendes, Selena Gomez and more!

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Kidz Bop Kids

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Kidz Bop 2019 Torrent 9/2/2019 Like a version of overrun by children, the unstoppable Kidz Bop series features youngsters singing pop hits while backed by adult musicians and vocalists. “Kidz Bop 2019” is a U.K.-exclusive compilation album of various covers from 2018, as well as an original track from Kidz Bop 38 titled We Run The Show.

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Kidz Bop Kids

Medium Musik CD (Compact Disc)
EAN/UPC 0888072083158
Maße 142 × 125 × 10 mm
Gewicht 81 g


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