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IPadian is an iPad simulator which allows you to run some iPad apps in an iPad-like interface on your own PC desktop.

IPadian Review iPadian for Windows Free Download Latest Version: 10.1. IPadian Review Let your Desktop Windows look like an iPad: iPad is a simple device that simulates an iPad app on your Windows desktop. IPadian Review If you’re a total iPad addict, this is your chance to get your Windows PC to open a graphically beautiful iPad Interface. Download iPadian. Transform a Windows desktop into an iPad environment. IPadian iOS, free download. IPadian iOS: iPadian. IPadian iOS is a Shareware software in the category Miscellaneous developed by iPadian. The latest version of iPadian iOS is currently unknown.


IPadian 64-Bit Portable Torrent Share Ratio 16 Seeds 37 Peers Download Windows Simulator for WindowsPadian is a Windows simulator for Windows, so you can experience the new operating system with Apple on your laptop or PC. It includes various features, such as access to Siri, App Store, iMessage, WatchOS and TvOS. This application intends to bring all the services previously provided to Apple. Is iPadian free? Yes, iPadian is free to download, install and use. However, since the team behind the program is not a “non-profit” organisation, the program makes its money through adverts. These ads sporadically show up on the user interface, primarily in the form of popups.

Interesting? Yes, but there are major problems with attempting something like this. The program can't include the Apple App store, of course, for copyright reasons. So you're restricted to iPadian's own custom app store, instead, and while there's plenty to explore here, it's still quite limited: choose the Games category, say, and you'll find only 8 apps on offer.

There are also some major interface issues. The iPad is designed for touch, so using anything similar on a desktop, with just a mouse and keyboard, is never going to be ideal. You can still find your way around by clicking on buttons, but it all feels a little clunky, and the program doesn't allow you to use the mouse to simulate swipes (although spinning the mouse wheel will scroll occasionally).

Still, it looks great, and iPadian does provide a very complete environment: a browser, email client, social networking apps, music, videos, photos and more, with plenty of free apps to explore.

A sight to behold tab. And, surprisingly, it's portable, so there's no hassles with installation (as long as your system is already equipped with Adobe AIR, anyway) - just unzip the download file, run iPadian.exe and take a closer look.

Note that iPadian is ad-powered, so expect to see adverts whilst using this application.


IPadian looks great, and works, too - you really can get some of the feel of an iPad on a Windows desktop. There are many issues, though: the system doesn't always work as you expect, and replacing touch with a mouse and keyboard makes for a clunky interface. Take a look, but don't expect too much.

iPadian Emulator for Windows and MacOS specially to run iPad apps…

I personally need WhatsApp and other iOS apps to run on my Windows computer, but after a lot tricks I couldn’t get complete iOS platform on PC.

But now, there is iPadian iOS 13.5 available that brings iOS experience on my Windows and MacOS too. If you’re also one of me and thinking to enjoy iPad like experience on your Windows computer then you must get iPadian updated version.

Ipadian Premium Free DownloadIpadian 2 premium free download

Many users ask me that is it possible to run iOS apps on Windows. iPadian is one of the best answer to them. It’s developed so brilliantly that you won’t feel that you’ve Windows PC but you’d imagine that you’re running iOS on your iPad.

iPadian is not young baby because thousands of users love iPadian emulator and the number of users are growing very fast. The emulator developers are developing unmatched experience to bring iOS apps to your Windows computer.

I believe, it was toughest job for the developers to bring iOS 13.5 apps on Windows as iOS is restricted to Apple devices specially iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, iPadian has done a great job bringing same to same iOS interface to PC.

Download Ipadian Emulator Free

You must run download iPadian.exe windows file and install it. Once you run iPadian as Administrator, it would open alternative desktop that looks like iPad. You can open emulator any time from Taskbar even when you close the program by taping on cross button at right top corner of your Windows PC.

Ipadian Premium Ios 11 Free Download

Great News!

iPadian iOS 13.5 is now available. The iPhone users or any MacOS users who have installed iOS 13.5 on their device can now install this new update without spending any more money. Comment to know more.

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