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Learning JMP has never been easier

Via ICTS students and personnel at KU Leuven - and in some cases the entire Association - have access to a whole range of software packages with advantageous KU Leuven conditions. JMP® Live helps you share JMP analyses in an online space designed for interactive collaboration in your organization. JMP® Pro is the advanced analytics version of JMP, providing all the tools for visual data access and manipulation, interactivity, comprehensive analyses, and extensibility found in JMP.

  • Campus Computing offers access to hundreds of software packages for the U-M Ann Arbor Community. Access Groups (Ann Arbor) Students & Faculty: Access to all software. Staff: Access is limited to titles available for both administrative & research-based use.
  • Also, several software packages (e.g. R, SAS, Stata, SPSS, JMP, etc.) can conduct two-way ANOVA, followed by post-hoc analysis. To our knowledge, none of them is capable of exporting the multiple comparisons results to an RTF reader in a format similar to that of Table 1 without advanced knowledge of the corresponding programming language.
  • Enter the service jmp-watchdog start command to start the services on the master node. Enter the service jmp-watchdog start command to start the service on the secondary node. JBoss Server takes up to 20 minutes to start. Uninstalling Connectivity Services Director. Follow these instructions to uninstall Connectivity Services Director application.

Our goal is to transfer knowledge and develop applicable skills. To achieve this, our courses are carefully designed for all learning styles. We use a combination of comprehensive course notes, lectures, software demonstrations, question-and-answer sessions and hands-on computer workshops in a variety of training formats. Contact the team for more details.

Public Courses

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Public courses are taught at SAS training facilities around the globe. Our instructors deliver critical JMP knowledge and helpful tips using a combination of expertly designed lectures and software demonstrations, question-and-answer sessions and hands-on computer workshops for an interactive learning experience that is second to none.

  • Have a Certified JMP instructor at your side.
  • Receive relevant, up-to-date course content. Our courses are developed in conjunction with R&D to reflect the latest advancements in JMP technology.
  • Choose from an extensive course list. We schedule classes at all skill levels addressing a complete range of JMP software topics.

On-Site Courses

On-site courses are JMP training classes delivered at your location from the people who know it best. We will teach critical JMP knowledge and helpful tips using a combination of expertly designed lectures and demonstrations, question-and-answer sessions and hands-on computer workshops.

  • Receive a tailored curriculum and extensive interaction with a JMP expert.
  • Train in a familiar, confidential environment.
  • Discuss topics that are exclusively relevant to your organization’s needs.
  • Eliminate your staff’s travel time and expenses.

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Live Web

Live Web courses allow you to use a Web browser and telephone while an expert instructor guides your class and answers your questions in real time. Get the expert training you expect from SAS without ever having to leave your desk.

  • Enjoy real-time interaction with an instructor and classmates from your desktop.
  • Eliminate travel time and expenses.
  • Access the latest JMP software via a virtual lab.
  • Reduce time away from work with three-hour sessions.


Our interactive e-courses use audio, Flash movies and demos to dynamically present class material at your convenience.

  • Start training immediately.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Access training 24/7.
  • Acquire new skills in an engaging multimedia environment.
  • Eliminate travel costs and time away from the office.

Mentoring & Consulting

Mentoring and consulting services provide you with expert assistance to help you navigate your business challenges and implement a viable solution. Our team of mentoring and consulting experts has deep industry experience and can show you how to apply JMP software as well as performance excellence methodology in the confidence, familiarity and relevance of your work environment.

  • Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech
  • Chemical processing
  • Health-care, including hospitals
  • Finance and banking
  • Insurance
  • Government and military
  • Clinical Research

Our experts can provide end-to-end solutions or offer coaching on specific topics. Our delivery will be tailored to meet your needs, whether you are a large enterprise or small business. Before an engagement begins, initial meetings are conducted to plan for your specific needs and to focus on your organization’s broader objectives.

Sample Topics
  • Programming using the JMP Scripting Language
  • Visual data exploration
  • Design of experiments (DOE)
  • Statistical analyses

Call a training representative to learn more. Title tagsthe most important single on page seo factory. 800-727-0025.

Trainer’s Kits

Trainer’s Kits are for organizations that have instructors on staff who know JMP. You can choose the course you need from our current JMP curriculum and we will create a trainer’s kit that has everything your staff will need to teach a class. Use the materials as they are, or make modifications to suit your environment.

  • Course data
  • Presentation materials
  • One on-site course to train the trainer for up to 15 trainers (Instructor travel expenses not included)

How To Cite Jmp Software

  • Use the same high-quality training materials that JMP instructors use.
  • Maximize use of your training staff.
  • Training materials are written by JMP experts who have years of technical training experience.
  • Use the materials as they are, or make modifications to suit your environment.

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