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Tagged #books #book inscriptions #non fiction #punk rock #genre. 94 This is a nice book about “life”. I really got alot out of it. It really is “positive”! Hope you appreciate it! Tagged #books #book inscriptions #photography #portraits #hiv. Inscriptions by Region. Attica (IG I-III) Peloponnesos (IG IV-VI) Central Greece (IG VII-IX) Northern Greece (IG X) Thrace and the Lower Danube (IG X). Modern inscriptions are made for permanent, monumental record, as on gravestones, cornerstones, and building fronts; they are often decorative and imitative of ancient (usually Roman) methods. The only current use of inscriptions that has no accepted substitute, the marking of graves, is also the oldest continuous use.

Behistun Inscription

Welcome to Attic Inscriptions Online (AIO) Mad_shark anne 28 online free games free. , a resource structured around English translations of the inscriptions of ancient Athens and Attica.



Inscriptions on stone are the most important documentary source for the history of the ancient city of Athens and its surrounding region, Attica. Dating from the 7th century BC through to the end of antiquity, Greek texts are available to scholars in Inscriptiones Graecae (IG) I (up to 403/2 BC) and II (after 403/2 BC) (website), updated annually by the Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG) (website) (access by subscription), and in the Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) Greek Inscriptions website. However, before the launch of AIO, very few of the inscriptions were available in English translation, whether in print, or online.

Key features of the site

Crucifix Inscription

The core of the site comprises annotated English translations of Attic inscriptions. The most popular means of accessing a translation is via browse by source. If you browse by an outdated reference (e.g. an old edition of IG) you will always be led to a translation of the most up-to-date Greek text. Each translation includes a link to the Greek text translated, whether on an external site or on AIO. (In 2019/20 we are completing a programme of adding Greek texts onto AIO where no up-to-date Greek text is available elsewhere in open access). Each translation also includes links to any available online images of the inscription, on external sites or on AIO.

You can also browse by date, by findspot, by original location, by present location, by inscription type, by monument type, and by publication date on AIO.

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You can also carry out a word search. There is also an advanced search. Please note that these searches are not designed to accommodate Greek characters.

The translations are supported by two series of academic papers:

AIO Papers. These generally discuss a specific inscription or group of inscriptions on the site. AIO Papers 10 is a short guide to the use of the site, with FAQs.

AIUK Papers. Each Paper contains a volume of Attic Inscriptions in UK Collections (AIUK).

Inscription Trainer Wow

You might also be interested in the AIO Youtube channel, which contains videos about individual inscriptions or groups of inscriptions, mostly in UK Collections.