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Inno Setups Compiler is a great tool to Create .exe installer of your Projects. you can create any setup with this tool for absolutely free of cost.

Inno Setup Compiler Free Download

Inno Software is developed by

Create Your Program setup by following these steps:

Steps to follow:

1). Open Inno Setup Compiler.

2). The Easiest way to create setup is to create it using Script Wizard. So, Select Create a new script file usingthe Script Wizard from welcome screen.

3). Click on OK Button to Continue. and hit Next Button.

InnoTools Downloader is dead (not maintained + does not support Unicode Inno Setup + does not support HTTPS + etc). Use Inno Download Plugin instead, as shown in the answer by @Jens. – Martin Prikryl May 28 '19 at 5:32. Examples whose you have in the Examples folder of your InnoSetup installation also work. I have no idea, how the launch4j makes the.jar file to be executable (how it internally finds runtime and whatever needed for its execution), but reading the second paragraph of the question makes me feel that OP is now fixed to a certain folder, which you can't rely on with serious installer.

4). Enter your Application Name, Application Version,Publisher Name, and your website from next Window and hit Next and Next.

5). In the next window, Select the Main Executable file of your application by clicking on Browse button, and add other required files by clicking on Add Files button and Select all Required Files and hit Next and Next.

6). In Application Documentation window, select the text file of your Terms & Conditions which you want user to accept before installation. You can select text file of information before and after installation and hit Next and Next. Then Select Language of Installer from Next Window and hit Next.

Inno Setup Compiler Download

7). In Compiler Settings Window, Choose the output location where you want to save your Installer and Name your Installer from Output base File Name and select and Icon for your Installer and if you want to set a password the you can. then hit Next and Next and then Click on Finish Button.

8). Finally just click on Yes From the Message Box which says, Would you like to compile the new script now?

9). After that if you want to save your script then click on Yes Button on Next Message box or you can click on No to directly compile your Installer and wait few seconds to let the Software to finish the Compilation.

OK. Done…! Just Go to the Location which you selected in Step 7, and you’ll find your Installer there. 🙂

Download Inno Setup Compiler:

Node module to compile inno setup scripts (.iss)

This is a simple node wrapper of Inno Setup compiler: ISCC.exe

OS Support


Works natively on windows

Linux & Mac OS X

Works if wine is installed

Note for Mac OS X Users:If you get the following error err:macdrv:process_attach Failed to start Cocoa app main loop,you may need to update wine to a more recent version (devel)


All options are optional

Command line
Node JS



Default: false

Print full log output


Default: false

Microsoft word 2010 project plan template download free apps pdf. Use Compil32.exe instead or ISCC.exe (GUI mode)

all other options are ignored in this case

options.signtoolname and options.signtoolcommand

Default: null

The name and command used to sign installer and uninstallerSee Innosetup Signtool documentation

Other ISCC Options

Default: none

All ISCC.exe options can be used (without the trailing slash).

  • Command line using the --[Arg]=[Val1];[Val2] syntax
  • Node JS

Inno Setup Compiler Latest Version Download

  • Grunt

Inno Setup Compiler Download Windows 10

More info in official innosetup documentation: Command Line Compiler Execution

Inno Setup Compiler Download


Inno Setup Compiler 5.5.6 Download

Thanks to Jordan Russell and Martijn Laan for their amazing work on Inno Setup