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  2. Hqplayer 3 License Key HQPlayer is a high quality audio player for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux and Mac OS X. HQPlayer also features several user selectable high quality resamplers as well as user selectable dither/noise shaping algorithms. Some of the more affordable sound cards and D/A converters have suboptimal digital.


You can use Roon to play to HQPlayer Server. You will get a different audio performance than Roon Ready and opinions are likely to differ on what is preferred. You can use this playback solution on a single Antipodes, or with a CX+EX you can use Roon Server on the CX and HQPlayer Server on the EX.

Setting Up Roon Server

Hqplayer License KeyHqplayer License Key

Roon Server is pre-installed on your Antipodes, but the next steps require you to install Roon on the device you intend to use as a remote control. For a PC go to roonlabs.com to download the application. For a tablet or smartphone, go to the app store for your device and search for ‘roon’.

Once downloaded, open it and follow the steps to setup Roon on the remote control device. Note that with an Antipodes music server you do not need to enter a location for your music library during the Roon setup, because it has already been preset for you.

While installing Roon on your remote device, you can select the Antipodes that you intend to use for Roon Server. We recommend that you then make the following 3 setup alterations to Roon Server.

– DSP Settings

If you intend to use DSP for resampling/transcoding, then to tap into all of the power of your server, you should turn ‘Parallelize Sigma-Delta Modulator’ on. To optimise sound quality, an Antipodes server runs the CPU at around 50% of its full speed. To deliver high power without compromising sound quality, you can use all of the CPU cores for the task by setting this option to ‘Yes’.

– Library Settings

Hqplayer License Keys

There are two Library settings we recommend you make. Open Settings and click on Library.

Antipodes servers run fanless for silent operation and for optimum sound quality. We highly recommend that the Background Audio Analysis function be set as shown below.

Hqplayer License Key Code

If you have Background Audio Analysis on, then it will diminish sound quality while it is analysing your whole library. If you like the feature, then set On-Demand Audio Analysis to ‘Fast’ and the analysis will happen almost instantaneously and only the first time you play the track. This makes it unnecessary to have the analysis running in the background.

But most importantly, you should never set the Background analysis to run any of the cores of a CX at 100%. The passive cooling of the CX is not designed to support such a heavy sustained load.

The second setting is optional, and at Library Settings click on ‘Import Settings’.

Papa's pizzeriabuddhist games. We find that most of our customers want to use the Genres already setup in their music files, because they have carefully organised their library by setting genres that make sense to them. The default is to use Roon’s genres, and you can simply change to using the Genres in your music files by making the settings shown above.

Hqplayer license keys

Setting Up HQPlayer Server

HQPlayer Server requires a license and the license is keyed permanently to the server you install the license key on. You cannot move it to a different server.

The way you are likely to want to use it is as a renderer app on the same Antipodes device as you run Roon Server on, or on the EX in a CX+EX system. Even though it is called HQPlayer Server, you are using it as a renderer.

To install it on your Antipodes, open the Antipodes Control Panel for the Antipodes that connects to your DAC, go to Apps/Available Apps and click the HQPlayer Server icon, and then on ‘Install’ (takes a long time >15mins).

Then go to Settings/HQPlayer Server and click on the HQPlayerConfig button.

Login to the trial version with username ‘admin’ and password ‘admin’, or use your login credentials if you have purchased a license.

The HQPlayer configuration screen will be displayed.

Under ‘Generic’ enter a name for the player in the ‘Title’ box, and select ‘ALSA’ in the ‘Backend’ box.

Under ALSA Backend, select your device (DAC). Select DoP if that is how your DAC handles DSD files.

Then click on the ‘Apply’ button and you have setup your Antipodes.

Connect Roon to HQPlayer

Hqplayer License Key

Now, in Roon Remote, go to Settings/Setup/HQPlayer and click ‘Add HQPlayer’. Input the IP address of the Antipodes that connects to your DAC (eg in a CX+EX solution, input the IP address of the EX).

You can now use Roon Server to play music through HQPlayer Server.

Disconnecting Roon From HQPlayer

Hqplayer License Key Free

To switch to using a different playback option, you will need to turn off the option in the screenshot above. However, we recommend you go further and uninstall HQPlayer in order to use another playback option. HQPlayer takes over a lot of functions when activated, and also consumes significant resources. Therefore you will get better sound and a more stable solution if you uninstall HQPlayer before using an alternative solution.