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JDownloader 2 is a download manager specialized in downloading from sites like rapidshare,, freakshare, depositfiles, etc. On the Internet there are plenty of places where we can make direct downloads. When we say “direct download”, we mean that a file can be downloaded directly from the browser, without using. Download Jdownloader 2:

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JDownloader is a direct download manager that supports the most popular file sharing services. By copying the URL containing the files you want to download, the program will just add them automatically to its download list thanks to the link grabber feature. This software is 100% free and Open Source.

Jdownloader 2 For Mac

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Only tested on SME Server 9.0

JDownloader is since many years my favorite download manager. He has indeed many positive points:

  • supports an impressive number of hosts (Uptobox, Rapidshare, Youtube, .. 1file.)
  • Java-based platform
  • support for multi-site premium subscriptions such
  • supporting different types of captchas
  • controllable via a dedicated Android app or better a simple browser (
  • Free and open-source

Only an account is needed from to use Jdownloader2


prepare and download

  • You need first to install java
  • you need to make a folder
  • you need to download the java file

set JD

here you need an account with your password from

  • now you can launch the java software

JD2 will ask to update, answer yes (y), then it need to restart

  • launch again the java software

here it will ask your jdownloader account.

at my first start, the former instance was not closed properly , I found these warnings when I launched JD2 the second time

in fact you have to close JD

find the pid, for example here

start at boot time

now when you launch the command above your JD instance is able to run. we have to create an init script to run JD at the boot time

How To Use Jdownloader 2

  • create the jdownloader system user
  • set good ownership
  • create the db entry
  • create the initscript

and paste this

we need to get that script executable

and set the time when we want it starts

Retrieve the downloads

we need to make a samba fragment


and create the download folder and allow the jdownloader user

adjust setting in Jdownloader

got to, fill your credentials, go to your jdownloader instance (you can have several instance at, go to the 'settings' (upper right) and then 'Advanced Settings' (on the left)

  • sort by General - Default Download Folder and set /var/lib/jdownloader
  • sort by Extraction - Delete Archive Downloadlinks After Extraction and valid the checkbox
  • sort by Extraction - Delete Archive Files After Extraction Action and select the file deletion of your choice
  • sort by General - Auto Start Download Option and choose 'always'
  • sort by General - Show Countdownon Auto Start Downloads and invalid the checkbox

of course you have plenty of different settings, take time to see them. add yours here if you think that they are valuable


  • web interface

Your web Interface is reachable at, fill your credentials

  • control the service

you can control the service by

  • retrieve your downloads by samba

Download Jdownloader 2

at first only the user admin is allowed to reach the samba share jdownloader, but you can add more users or groups (see below)

  • allow more users/groups to use the samba share

you need to set your group with a '@'


launch manually in your terminal the command below and see what is wrong.

Jdownloader 2

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