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Step 2: Installation!-Run the installer.exe.-When prompted to enter the path to your root ArmA folder, navigate to 'steam steamapps common arma 2' and click okay.-This will probably be found in C://Program Files or wherever you initially installed Steam. Step 3: Patching! Go to your game directory (mine is: C: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps common ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead) Go to the DayZEpoch folder and open your addons folder you see. Look for dayzcode.pbo and copy and paste it onto your desktop so you can work on it quickly (please do not remove it by dragging and dropping).

Adding mods to Arma 3:

How to download arma mods

Adding very popular mods such as Epoch and Exile can be done easily via our mod manager, to do this simply log on to control panel, locate mod manager and click install on the mod you would like to install.
To add Steam Workshop mods (not available in the Mod Manager) follow the steps below:

  1. In your game panel, press the Steam Workshop button. A new window will appear where you can begin searching for a mod you would like to install on your server. To install a mod, you will just need to press the green Install button.
    A new window will appear displaying the status of the installation process, once this is complete it will automatically close and return you back to the Steam Workshop page.

  2. Then go to the game panel and click command line manager, and then click 'Default with mods'
  3. Leave the -Servermod= box blank. (This is for advanced mods, if your predefined command line has anything next to this make sure you copy the settings in exactly)
  4. Add each mod to the Mods field, ensure each mod starts with @ and ends with ; E.G @450814997;@463939057;
  5. Make sure to press 'Apply' once the commandline's mods field has been populated.

Optional step if you want to use mod names and not IDs:

Open file manager in your game panel and navigate to the @modid folder you just downloaded rename the @modid folder to the name of the bikey (found inside the mod's keys folder), for example if the bikey is called CBA_1.3.122334.bikey you would rename @450814997 to @CBA (you only take everything before the _ in the key name)

Common Errors

PID 0 (next to server status)
This indicates that there is a startup error, quite often this is caused by mods, more specifically the server command line has a mod included that it cannot find in your server files. Ensure that all the mods in your command line exist in your files.

Mod Mismatch (when joining server)
This error indicates that the files on the client are not the same as the server. To avoid this error, ensure that you are launching the game through the launcher and have selected all the mods your server is using. Sometimes the error message can give you a hint as to what mod in particular is causing problems.

Updating Your Mods (Manual & Automatic)

In this section we will be covering the process of updating your installed mods through the use of our Steam Workshop tool. Both manual and automatic methods will be covered.

Manual Updates

  1. In your game panel, click on the Steam Workshop (updates) button.
  2. This will redirect you to a new window where you will see the following buttons.

  3. The button we will want to press is the Update All button. This will go ahead and check if any of your installed mods have an update available, if they do it will then proceed to download the files.

Automatic Updates

In order to allow for automated updates, we will need to create a scheduled task. This requires a few options to be configured beforehand, below you can find the steps on how to do this alongside our recommended settings.

  1. In your game panel, at the top of the page you should see a button that says Scheduled Tasks, click on that.
  2. A new window will be displayed where you can see any existing tasks you have set up or create a new one, in this case we would like to create a new one so go ahead and press the New button.
  3. A dropdown menu will appear where we can select what type of task we would like to create, we're trying to update our mods so go ahead and select the Workshop Update task and then press the blue New button.
  4. Now we need to configure our task. A few different areas will need to be setup, this can be tailored more specifically to suit your requirements however here's what we would recommend.
    - Name: Check for updates
    - Type: Daily
    - Start: Set this to one day ahead and a time that's best for you. If you cannot select a time make sure the date is one day ahead.
    - RecurEvery: 1 Day
    This is how our task looks so far.
    At this point you can go ahead and save your newly configured task. This will now check for updates every day at the time you have configured. If you would like this task to be run multiple times a day, please continue to the next step.
  5. In order to have this task executed multiple times a day we will need to perform a few extra steps to get things configured. Firstly, go ahead and check the Repeat Task checkbox. For the newly displayed options, we would recommend the following settings.
    - Repeat Every: 30 Minutes
    - For: 24 Hours
    This is how our task looks up to this point.
    If you're happy with everything, go ahead and press Save. Your task is now all setup and will be executed for the first time at the time you have configured.

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Arma 3 Best Mods


So you bought a non-Steam version of ArmA II? Installing the alpha version of DayZ is no easy task, as it is an alpha. This guide should help those who bought through Retail, Bohemia Interactive’s store, or (the version this guide is based on).

To be clear, DayZ mod requires ArmA II: Combined Operations which contains ArmA II and the expansion pack, ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead. You could also use ArmA 2 Free + Operation Arrowhead to play DayZ, but it isn’t recommended (via DayZ Wiki)

I’ll be covering the version of the game, but it will apply to the other Non-Steam Versions of ArmA II to help get DayZ installed.

The Guide


1. Install ArmA II: Combined Operations

2. Run Arma2Serial.exe (GOG version) and put in your serial from the Game Account page

3. Go to regedit [registry editor] (for 64-bit, or skip this step):

a) Navigate to folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432Node > Bohemia Interactive Studio > ArmA 2

b) Double-click on MAIN. Remove the backslash, press OK.

c) Go to ArmA 2 OA

d) Double-click on MAIN. Remove the backslash, press OK.

4. Run ArmA 2 (arma2.exe).

a) Extra. Not sure if this is needed, but run something simple like the Armory to load assets.

b) Now exit.

5. Run ArmA 2 OA (arma2oa.exe)

a) Extra. Not sure if this is needed, but run something simple like the Armory to load assets.

b) Now exit.

6. Run ArmA 2 CO (arma2OA.exe” -mod=EXPANSION;ca)

a) Extra. Not sure if this is needed, but run something simple like the Armory to load assets.

b) Now exit. Post mortenanne 28 online free games on.

7. Download and install DayZ Commander

8. Once loaded, download DayZ (latest version) from within the program, install.

9. Download ARMA 2 CO beta patch (latest version) from within the program, install.

How To Install Mods In Arma 2 Free

10. Change file paths in DayZ Commander. Be sure to adjust for your Windows name, like this:

11. Refresh versions, verify they are the latest

How To Install Mods In Arma 2 Free Download

12. Search and filter servers to your liking

13. Load game and confirm it works!


How To Install Mods In Arma 2 Free Utorrent

This is what worked for me, and I cannot guarantee it will work for you. But this process makes everything simplified. If you do have a problem, write it in the comments and I’ll help you the best I can.

How To Install Mods In Arma 3

Alternative DayZ launchers/updaters:

  • ArmA II Multiplayer Menu
  • DayZ Commander(recommended)
  • Play withSix (works, but what gave me problems originally)

What is DayZ?

For help in-game, ask friends or visit the official wiki: