How To Download Youtube Thumbnails

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If you want to download the thumbnail from your own YouTube video, then all you need to do is: Simply open the video manager. You then need to click on the Edit button next to the video. Hover your mouse pointer over the thumbnail and some options will show up. YouTube video thumbnails are one of the most important metadata of a video, and attentive creators will carefully design the video cover. That has resulted in most of the video covers on YouTube being beautiful, either funny or creative. Download thumbnail images of YouTube videos manually YouTube saves various quality thumbnail images of the video in its img subdomain. You are allowed to access these thumbnails by using a simple link. This is what we will do in this method. How to Download HD Youtube Thumbnail. Copy the Youtube Video Link / URL from Youtube App or Website; Paste the Youtube video Link / URL in the Input Field Above.

Sometimes we want to download thumbnail image of any youtube video but when we download, it is in too small size, So here in this page, I will explain, how to get YouTube video thumbnail image in Full HD image or in low HD quality.

Best Method – By using the YouTube video thumbnail downloader tool

How To Download Youtube Thumbnails Reddit

  • You need to go at this website page – YouTube thumbnail downloader.
  • Now, You need to copy the link of a youtube video & paste it in the box which is showing there.
  • click on download thumbnail images button to get video thumbnail in many sizes or quality.
  • Once you click on download thumbnail images button, the thumbnail will appear, From there you can download thumbnail in many quality such as –
    • Full HD Image (1280×720)
    • HD Image (640×480)
    • Normal Image (480×360)
    • Small image(320×180)
    • Super Small Image (120×90).
  • For downloading any thumbnail images of a video in any quality, Just click on the download image

What is You-Tube thumbnail downloader? & use?

It is a type of tool which is used to download or grab any video thumbnail image in many sizes or quality.

It's just a very easy method to import YouTube thumbnails. The YouTube thumbnail download tool makes it very simple and quick. All you need to do is copy the desired video URL and paste it into the above search field and then press 'Search'. You can select different image size and thumbnail resoultion for youtube after that. Choose one of the devices you want and press 'Open' to save it to your account.

There are two easy ways to import thumbnails of your own video and next to download thumbnails from other videos if you want to download youtube thumbnails from videos.

How To Download Youtube Thumbnails

Thumbnail go to the video details in YouTube Studio for your own video, there you will get the thumbnail option where by default youtube generates three pictures. For custom thumbnails, the first thumbnail is where three-points are clicked at the corner. The choice to download your custom thumbnail will be found. Only click on it to download the YouTube thumbnail.

How To Download Youtube Thumbnail From Your Videos

If you want to import a YouTube thumbnail from a different video, you need to find the URL of the video ID. Simply substitute the Video-ID in the URL below and search to get a youtube thumbnail. Right-click and then click on the thumbnail and save the file.

How To Download Youtube Video Thumbnails

But this job is made easier and faster by using this free online YouTube Thumbnail Downloader tool. You just need to copy the YouTube video URL and paste it into the search window. This tool can auto-generate four different sizes & quality thumbnails. You can simply preview each thumbnail one by one and download the desired Youtube thumbnail as well. Stj strings clubmr. p's classroom.