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Deleting app store history
  1. Delete App Download History Iphone
  2. How To Delete App Store Download History

Task Manager is a built-in Windows Manager which is used to examine the processes, performance, services and other details of a computer system. Every task executed or processed by the system or an application can be viewed in detail with the help of Task Manager. Make macos bootable usb from dmg.

If you want to remove a particular app from the app purchase history, then Apple lets you do so quickly. There are two easy quick methods to hide or delete the app purchase history on iPhone or iPad. Guide to Delete Purchase History from iPhone 2020 & iPad. As mentioned earlier, there are two effective ways to delete purchase history on iPhone. If so you may find all the universal apps and Windows Store downloads are installed to your system drive, the same place your Windows 10 OS was saved. For example, I have installed Windows 10 to disk C, so Microsoft store downloads are all saved to C: Program Files WindowsApps. This is the default download location for Windows Store.

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To provide user with the significant knowledge of installed and running applications, Windows 10 offers the feature “App history” in the Windows Task Manager. App history contains the factors of resource usage i.e. CPU time, Network usage, Metered Network usage and Tile Updates for the current user account.

This feature is extremely useful when you are using a limited data plan as you can decide which app consumes more or less data. In this manner, you can remove the more consuming data apps which are least suited in your data plan.

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Deleting Usage History will clear all the resource usage data as all the factors will reset and start from the cleared history date.


How to delete Usage History of Windows Store apps in Windows 10:


Step 1:

Type “task manager” in the Windows Search bar positioned at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Alternatively, you can Press “Alt+Ctrl+Del” Keys at once and then click on “Task Manager”.

Step 2:

In the Task Manger Window, click on “App history”. Now, click on “Delete Usage History”.

Delete App Download History Iphone


That is it. The usage history of Windows Apps has been deleted from your system.

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Especially when using family sharing, users may want to keep some app purchases to themselves or simply hide unneeded old purchases from their history. Hidden apps will not be displayed in the Purchased list and won’t be available to view for family members who are sharing your account’s purchases.



How To Delete App Store Download History

Delete App Store history & hide purchases on your iPhone or iPad

App Store → Today → profile icon/picture → Purchased → My Purchases → swipe to the left → Hide

Hiding purchases directly on your iPhone or iPad is the easiest way to delete your App Store history. Remember this will hide your purchases and we cannot provide a guide on how to delete your purchase history on iPhone, as Apple removed this option from the App Store.

Just go to the App Store app, select “Today” (bottom left) and tap on your profile icon/picture in the upper right corner.

Then tap on Purchased → My Purchases. There you will see a list of all your puchases. To hide one of them simply tap on the icon and swipe to the left. After doing so the button “Hide” appears on the right. Tap once and the purchase is hidden.

Restoring your App Store history

App Store → Today → profile icon/picture → [your name] → Hidden Purchases → cloud icon

The above changes are not irreversible, we can always restore the hidden parts of the history.

Open the App Store app on your iPhone, go to “Today” and tap on the profile icon/picture in the upper right corner. Tap on your name and sign in with your Apple ID. Now scroll down to “Hidden Purchases” and tap the cloud icon next to the app you want out of hiding.

Tip: If you are unhappy with your App Store purchase you can get a refund. This article explains how to get a refund for iTunes or App Store purchases.