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Auto Tune is a method and pitch correct tool that is most commonly used by Music Producers to improve recorded vocals that have pitch and tuning problems. Auto tune has been around for decades in various hardware and synthesiser units but these days companies such as Antares create a vast select of software plug ins that will give you the auto. How To Auto Tune. A guide for anyone that wants to know how the auto-tune works. Also explains the difference between a vocoder or talk-box and auto-tune.

How to Start Auto Tune up Shop?

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  • The world standard for professional pitch correction. Auto-Tune Pro adds automatic key and scale detection with the new Auto-Key plugin (included with your Auto-Tune Pro purchase), a Classic Mode algorithm which brings back the celebrated “Auto-Tune 5 sound,” real-time MIDI Parameter Control, and ARA (Audio Random Access) functionality for closer integration with supported host applications.
  • In this video I'll show you the necessary items to perform while doing a tune up and links to the videos that show you exactly how to do each item.How to cha.
  • Vocal layering can be used when it comes to auto-tune. By this what we mean, you highlight a portion of the track you want to tune, then retune it after muting everything. Auto-tuning the entire song is not an option you must take, however, isolating the vocal track is auto-tuning.

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Auto Tune Up Shop - Part 2 -

You, as the operator of a quick auto tune up shop, should not volunteer any major mechanical work. Suggest someone whose work you trust.

Your customer will appreciate your suggestion and concern. And he'll remain loyal to you for not taking his money and attempting to give him a repair job in an area where you don't specialize.

After all, you're a tune-up specialist - the guy who knows all there is to know about a car's ignition system - the guy who keeps cars running smoothly.

By specializing in a particular area of auto repair, and recommending other specialists as needed, you'll be able to quickly dispel the skepticism many car owners have for independent auto repair shops in general.

An assembly line in-and-out operation will reduce the necessary investment for tools, enable you to hire lower-cost workers, and greatly increase your profit potential by eliminating wasted motion. Keep it simple, routine and according to a definite procedure on every car.

Once you have your business established and a regular following of people who bring their cars to you for regular tune-ups - usually every six months - you can begin thinking about expansion. It's best to hire college students, or 'car-crazy' high school students, to work alongside you. Hell city unblockeddefinitely not a game site.

Give your customers a chance to recognize and know your help. When you find one who seems to be especially mechanically inclined, take him aside and offer him the title of assistant manager of your auto tune-up shop.

Teach this young man how you want the business to operate; explain where the profit comes from; and assign more of the actual responsibilities to him. Leave him on his own to run the auto tune up shop for longer periods of time.

Be patient; compliment him on his work; and if you want him to stay with you, give him a raise now and then, and eventually, a percentage of the profits.

Offering him a percentage arrangement will result in even greater profits for you, plus a very strong local image for your auto tune up business.

Because you're 'giving him' a part of the business, he'll promote your auto tune-up business to his friends, and through him and his friends, a long line of new customers and a chain of loyalty that could become more valuable to your business than any amount of advertising you could buy.

Additional business idea, is to take the offline auto tune up business online too to get more customers and more free publicity for your business, as explained at the Ezine Acts Business along with the Ezine Acts Home Business and the Ezine Acts Offline Businesses.

When you're ready to expand your operation from your garage to a regular commercial location, look for a vacant service station. One of the larger facilities built by a major oil company, located on a strategic corner, will be your best bet.

So long as you operate out of your garage and on a small scale, you probably won't have to worry too much about licenses.

That is, providing you get along well with your neighbours, don't clutter up the street with 5 or 10 cars at a time, and don't erect any kind of sign indicating you're doing the auto tune up business in a residentially zoned neighbourhood.

How to auto tune a raphousebrown honda

However, once you move into a commercial location, you'll need to register the name of your auto tune up shop business with the appropriate local government authority. In most states, this is the office of the county clerk.

If your state has a sales tax, you'll have to check with the state tax commissioner's office to learn the rules on how the collection system operates.

All these licensing offices are in reality offices for tax collecting. Basically, they know nothing about your auto tune up business, and usually could care less. Their main reason for existence is simply the collection of money for the administration of government in your area.

If they should ask you questions relative to the worth of your business, or how much money you will be taking in, always estimate a much lower figure than either the true worth or those you anticipate.

Most license fees are based upon the investment of the entrepreneur and his anticipated income from the new business, and you certainly don't want to start off paying excess taxes.


A good eye-catching sign is vital to the success of any business in a commercial location. The most important requirement for you is visibility.

Your sign should be big enough and tall enough for people to see it from several different directions at a distance of at least a half block away. Check with your city ordinances for the sign limitations in the location you select.


Secondly, your sign should immediately state the service you're offering. Hence, a sign that clearly and simply announces 'Auto Tune-up shops' fits this requirement.


However, in order to attract customers into your auto tune up shop, your sign should 'promise' a benefit. It should describe an added benefit to the reader. So, your sign should read: 'Rapid Auto Tune-Up!'

Basically, that's all you'll need for a sign, but to 'fill it out' you might come up with a special logo or business motto. You can probably get an art student at your local college to design something for little more than the privilege of including it in his or her portfolio.

For a business slogan or motto, something along the lines of 'Better performance from your car, at a price you can afford,' is the kind of thing you want to come up with, and that will do you the most good.

Remember, fast, efficient service and low prices, coupled with a personality that makes the customer feel you're his friend, are the keys to your success.

Organize yourself; start your auto tune up shop slowly and build your customer loyalty; instill these principles in your employees, and you'll be on your way. Study this report again, then act on the recommendations given here.

Moreover, there are just so many businesses offline you can read about and think wisely to take the one of the things that interest you and then do it offline.

The best of them all are businesses you can start at your garage, making even garage sales, while inviting guests to your party plan sale, or businesses you can do on your yards. See the offline business section below.

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How to Use Auto Tune

How to Use Auto Tune


Have you ever wondered what it takes to auto tune a record? Have you ever heard of a perfect auto-tuned song and wonder how the vocal effect was achieved? Auto-tuning a song requires skill and experience in using auto-tune. There are various software’s, plugins and auto-tune VSTs that helps with auto-tuning. However, you need the knowledge of FL studio and VST effects to correctly make things work. In this article, we are going to focus on what you need to know.

What is auto-tune?

An auto-tune is a device created by companies like Antares audio technologies that measure and alter pitch levels in instrumental and vocal music recording. The original use was to disguise or correct pitch, allowing tracks to sound perfectly tuned despite being slightly off-pitch. Now, auto-tune is widely used in studios and at concerts to disguise the off-pitch in the performance and make it sound pitch-perfect. Here are steps on how to use auto-tune in your music.

How to use auto-tune.

Make sure your auto tune picks up the demo or the sample

The first thing you need to make sure is that the auto-tune you are using picks up the demo. When used correctly, this can save you a lot of time and turn a great record into one great term polished record.

Isolate the vocal track

Vocal layering can be used when it comes to auto-tune. By this what we mean, you highlight a portion of the track you want to tune, then retune it after muting everything. Auto-tuning the entire song is not an option you must take, however, isolating the vocal track is auto-tuning the portion you need to be the best option.

Find the key of the song

Find out the key of the song is. Once the software is set, this will determine the key itself after analyzing the track. The key might be a flat one or any other one before using the retune key. Make sure you set the key, or the track will sound wonky.

Retune the speed of the song

The retune speed is used to know how long it takes to drag an existing note of your track to determine to be a correct key. Make sure the return sound natural and doesn’t create artifacts. Returning the speed will make the song sound more natural. If achieving the best, aim anywhere between 50 and 80 milliseconds.

Set other effects

How To Autotune Your Voice

There are some other effects that you can get as well. Make sure you select the effects like ‘Natural Vibrato’ and ‘Humanize’ to make your recording clearer and less tuned. Play around the effects setting until it gives you the affects you desire.

Auto tune, whether you love it or hate it, is a pitch-correction tool that sound engineers and artist use. The use of this tool helps in cleaning up tracks, making it sound better. When done correctly, the sound effects and pitch will sound better. But when done incorrectly, it will result and a wonky mix. For professional auto-tuning, music mixing and mastering service, contact us today at and we will be glad to help you out.