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This is hot hot hot story!
Very fresh!
Just occur a few hours ago. haha
HomearrowcleverWell I decided to post about AbangAlin's engagement first.
BECAUSE its been awhile since I blog events that happens on the day itself.
Due to my busy schedule, I always have basi story to tell! hmph!
So the other stories I'll postpone, ok?
Ok back to the story!!
Well today is my dearest cousin's engagement.
The engagement between AbangFazlin & KakShameem.
Yes, FINALLYHomeAbangAlin has decided to settle down.
I still remember him joking around saying that he'll wait for me to get married
then he gets married.
RIGHTTTTT eh you AbangAlin, You cut queue! haha
Made by Mama.

I reached there around 12.45 and found out that we're only leaving to the girl's side at 2.30pm.
There I was waking up early just to dress up coz Mama said they're leaving at 1plus.
I was like WHATTTTTTT!!!!
Ok well the abundant time was really put to full use actually.
I was made to dress my lil cousins up. Make up & hairdo.
Even 2 of my aunties kepo-kepo. haha
If I get paid 5bucks for each person I dress up just now, I think I made 30bucks!!
Well I did style Mama's & Nani's tudungHome arrow clever quotes as well.
I so love to style Nani's tudungcoz the tudung will just sit nicely onto her head.
So so perfect all the time!!
I so wanna be a freelance makeup artist. Can?
In the end, I don't even have the time to eat!
By the time I finished all the 'makandam' tasks, its time to leave already!

AbangAlin with Nani. Nani took care of him since he was a baby till he's in lower secondary.
Nani has been watching him grow into this tall, good looking man.
He's her favorite grand-don't-know-what-rank. haha!
She's his favorite grandaunt.
Above is my close cousin, Wrightie Isabella.
Scratch your head all you want.
I know its not easy to pronounce her name.
Its pronounced as 'write-thia'.
She's a year younger than me.
Below is us with her elder brother, Zamir.
He's 24 this year.
They're one of my most intelligent & hardworking cousins.
Its been a long long long time since I met them.
So we did some catching up.

Well, there were alot of people attending the event.
Seriously, ALOT.
Many of us wanna go over to the girls side too.
Approximately, 40 people?
Its been told that the bus is big.
But then when we went down to the carpark, a minibus is there waiting for us.
So imagine 40 people squeezing into a 20 seater minibus? IMAGINE!
In the end some of us didn't went & some took their own transport.
Nani, Norsiah & me tompangAbangHisham'sMPV.

Home Arrow Clever Quotes

Lucky there's alot of empty seat there.
I won't wanna miss the engagement seh!

In the MPV.
We were the last to reach the girl's place.
Apparently AbangHishamgatal & took the expressway when there's a shorter route there.
Everyone was waiting for us at the void deck.
PerasaanVIPsikitlah we all kan.haha
Well, KakShameem place is a cosy 3 room flat.
Its kinddasqueezycoz we came in a huge group!
We're in her place like packs of sardines!!!
When I entered her place I headed straight for her room coz I wanna 'chop' place.
So that later when the wearing of the ring takes place, I'll get a perfect spot.
Call me kiasu all you want, I don't care.
Its the priceless moments I wanna capture & make it into memories.

While they were discussing about the dowry, the engagement contract, blabla, I took pictures.
Well, call me kiasu again, again I don't care.
Usually, pictures are taken after the 'ring wearing' takes place.
I don't wanna struggle for my turn later on coz like I mentioned, we came in a huge group.
So imagine later lah I gotta wait so long just to take picture.
While waiting for the discussion to end, I look outta the room over to the men.
Apparently, I saw this SUPER HOT GUY!!!
He's just opposite me, on the other side of the living room.
The moment I saw him I was like 'OMG

Home Arrow Clever Images

He's so so good looking!
So cute! So handsome!
He has sharp features!
His look is so mixed blood!
So my type of guy, physically!!
I like it when guys wear eyeliners. HE DID!
HIS SMILE... MELTING me I tell you!!!
I tend to fall for guys will CHARMING smile.
Its just my weakness, you see.
Guess what I did?
I took out my HP and SNAP SNAP!!!
I'm like a PAPARAZZI that moment, seriously.
Well the picture were not that clear coz I was using my HP.
Stupid camera of mine was on low battery!

He looks like Rio Ferdinand, somehow.
I'm not alone, AbangAlin agrees with me.

Found out that he's AbangAlin'ssoccer mate.
He's a freelance model!!
Apparently, he was the one who approached my lil bro to be a freelance model.
What a small world, ay?
I'll get to see more of him when he wedding comes! haha
well, maybe he's attached.
but who cares, its just a crush man.

Here's the video I managed to take.
Nani was the 'ring wearer'
If you realise, ImanHaziq went to salamKakShameem after she salam Nani.
Adorable mangkok he.

Yes, you must be wondering why is Nani's face so cramp.
She was sad actually.
There's tears of joy in her eyes.
There was practically some 'showers' in the room.
Understand understood eh?

Tha ring.
AbangChoy's girlfriend.
Yes the one whoose 18 years.
Went back to AbangAlin's place.
Then I got the chance to eat!!
Heard that the food over at KakShameem's place were fantastic.
I didn't manage to eat there coz the living room was like
So I don't wanna squeeze in.
AbangZamir sneaked off to AbangAlin's room to play PS3.

A great day today.
A fun day today.
A memorable day today.
What a day.
Don't let your heart fool you mind.
And don't let your mind fully conquer your heart.

So near yet so far.


Oh well off to bed now.

Home Arrow Clever Book

I'm having a terrible flu!!!

'For NOBODY Knows Who She Really Is.
8:47 PM

Two “boys,” age 22, were nabbed for operating a sophisticated car-theft ring in Spokane and throughout the Northwest.

Home Arrow Clever Game

“The boys are two of the most clever automobile thieves with whom we have ever come in contact,” the detective who arrested them said. “They have stolen cars from Spokane, Seattle, Portland and Butte, and as near as we can tell, they have taken 20 or more cars.”

The young men had developed what was nearly a foolproof M.O.: They would steal the serial plate number off the floor of any Dodge car they found at the curb, put the plate in an envelope and write down the engine number of the same car.

Watchweebly site. Then they would put the stolen serial plate number on a stolen car and alter the engine number so it would correspond to the serial number.

They carried with them all of the tools needed to alter the engine numbers, including a set of dyes exactly like the ones used at the Dodge factory. They were so good at it that Dodge mechanics told police they were convinced that they were the original factory numbers.

Home Arrow Clever Pictures

The scheme unraveled after car-theft squads of various Northwest police departments noticed a rash of stolen cars and began comparing notes. That’s when they realized that cars were being stolen and driven to different cities and sold. Eventually, with the cooperation of several police departments, they were able to uncover the serial number ruse.

The young men, one of whom was from Spokane, were arrested in Seattle. Four cars were subsequently recovered in Spokane.