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The Half-Life Alyx Soundtrack will be released in a chronological fashion following the chapters of the game. While chapters are being published, the soundtrack will be available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, and for download on Steam Music. Half-Life 2 Full Soundtrack and original music from the game's directory. Energetic techno tracks tend to back significant battles. Atmospheric synthesizer pieces enhance key plot and exploration moments and reinforce feelings of adventure, isolation, or melancholy to the player. Composed by Kelly Bailey, the Soundtrack for Half-Life 2: Episode Two, was released in 2007 as a bonus CD bundled with the Russian version of The Orange Box. This release also contained tracks used in Episode One.

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Steam album artwork.

The Half-Life 2: Episode Two soundtrack was composed by Kelly Bailey. It was released in part on The Orange Box Original Soundtrack.

Half Life 2 Episode 2 Soundtrack

Using an appropriate program, it is possible to extract all audio tracks heard in-game from the ep2_pak_dir.vpk archive file. The soundtrack was also included in the game directory of both the full and demo Audiosurf releases on Steam as part of Audiosurf's The Orange Box Soundtrack. On September 24, 2014, the soundtrack was made available as free DLC to all owners of the game on on Steam. On March 16, 2020, Valve partnered with independent record label Ipecac Recordings to release several of the Half-Life series soundtracks on streaming services.[1]

Track listing[edit]

* = not present in a given soundtrack.

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The Orange Box OST # Game # OST (Steam DLC) # Track title Filename Time Level location Comments
* 01 04Extinction Event HorizonVLVX_song20.mp3 2:04To the White Forest: The very beginning of the chapter, as Gordon is climbing out of the train wreck. The title is likely indicative of the impending return of multitudinous Combine forces through the Citadel's superportal, which would result in a genocide of humanity, or an extinction event, and how this, for humanity's survival, would be an inescapable 'point of no return,' which in layman's terms is what an event horizon is in regards to spacetime in astrophysics.
12 02 05Vortal CombatVLVX_song22.mp3 3:14This Vortal Coil: During the final wave of the Antlion attack, in which the vortigaunts assist Gordon Freeman in the fight.
The song can also be heard during part of the Portal teaser trailer.
The title is a pun on both Vortigaunts and the Mortal Kombat game series.
* 03 03NectariumVLVX_song15.mp3 1:47This Vortal Coil: When the Lone Vort finds the larval extract.
* 04 10Inhuman FrequencyVLVX_song26.mp3 1:50This Vortal Coil: During the G-Man sequence, when the G-Man talks to Gordon as the Vortigaunts attempt to heal Alyx.
* 05 *Crawl YardVLVX_song9.mp3 1:14Freeman Pontifex: Near one of the radioactive lakes.
* 06 *Industrial Suspense 1industrial_suspense1.wav 0:12Riding Shotgun: Upon finding the dead rebel before encountering the Barn Advisor. This track also appears in Half-Life 2.
* 07 07Shu'ulathoiVLVX_song23ambient.mp3 2:38Riding Shotgun: During the scene with the Barn Advisor. This track title is a reference to the Vortigaunt name given to the Combine Advisors.
10 08 06Sector SweepVLVX_song23.mp3 2:46Riding Shotgun: During the Combine ambush directly after the meeting with the Barn Advisor. In the console versions of The Orange Box, this song is played at the main menu for the Episode Two screen.
* 09 11Hunting PartyVLVX_song27.mp3 3:29Riding Shotgun: During the Hunter ambush.
* 10 01No One Rides For FreeVLVX_song0.mp3 1:02Under the Radar: When first driving away from the junkyard after destroying the Autogun.
* 11 12Eon TrapVLVX_song28.mp3 3:13Under the Radar: During the ambush at the White Forest Inn.
06 12 09Abandoned In PlaceVLVX_song25.mp3 2:47Our Mutual Fiend: During the Combine invasion of the White Forest Base, during the mission to close the second silo.
08 13 08Last LegsVLVX_song24.mp3 2:07Our Mutual Fiend: When fighting the second wave of Striders and Hunters during the attack on the missile silo.
11 14 02Dark IntervalVLVX_song3.mp3 1:35T-Minus One: Starts during the final scene and continues over the credits. Also plays in Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, when first entering the St. Olga monastery. A section of the track reappears in the final scene of Half-Life: Alyx.

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Half Life 2 Episode 2 Soundtrack
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