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Sometimes the truth hurts. I love GTA 5 to death, but this is pretty embarrassing. Here is the list of comparisons for you all, ENJOY!0:48 Leg Shots2:18 Ches. Made animation for gta 4, high-quality, smooth motion, no bugs; In the next version I will fix jumps; Something like the animation in gta v Setting to throw a file in pc / anim / animimg with open iv. Download and install for free 847.75 Kb. Here's the complete list of all animation names which are included in 'anim.img' and used by GTA 4. Grand Theft Auto IV. G-Texture. GIMS IV. Ingame WPL Editor. IV Needle. OpenIV. SparkIV. XLiveLess. WPL Manager. X Mod Installer Alice.

Files for GTA 3
/Gta 4 Animation Mod
File uploaded by:t h e a s l 9 9
-New way to walk jogging and running very similar to Grand Theft Auto IV
-New way to stand, either with the bat or with the rocket launcher
-The ability to shoot while moving, thanks to ThirteenAG for giving me the idea
-New way to shoot with the pistol and uzi, now instead of shooting with one hand, shoot with both
-New falls and more realistic deaths, correji a death animation that appears in the animations of the mod of GTA 3 Anime Mod (I think it's called that)
-New way to fall and jump
-Repair Claude's ssloooooooooowow movements when shooting in Drive-By
-New WEAPON.dat
-New Fight Style and FISTFITE.dat
-The Peds don't die so fast in fights
-Cover CLEO Mod by ThirteenAG (Use Q and E)
-Walk CLEO Mod by ThirteenAG (Use Alt and the move keys)
These features make this mod of some realism and similarity to Grand Theft Auto IV
This is the final version of my mod, GTA III Real Anim, enjoy

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t h e a s l 9 9
')' onmouseout='hide_info(this)'>t h e a s l 9 9
2.00 Mb
ped.ifp, weapon.dat, fistfite.dat
')' onmouseout='hide_info(this)'>ped.ifp, weapon.dat, fist ..

Grand Theft Auto III - Music from Head Radio & Lips 106 (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

To the 10th anniversary of GTA III original compositions of 2 stations. The music was written by the music department of Rockstar and up to this moment it was represented only by geymripami. Tracklist: Head Radio: 1 - Conor & Jay - Change..

ENBseries Setting by NeTw0rK 1.0

Realistic reflections, bloom, motion blur blend perfectly with the atmosphere of GTA 3. Also there are new explosions, new weather, fire, smoke, water, cartridges and much more! (Hud.txd (HD) Particle.txd (HD) Timecyc.dat Particle.cfg) Scree..

Liberty Rock Radio 97.8

The modification replaces the radio station Lips 106 On Liberty Rock Radio 97.8 From Grand Theft Auto IV . Advertising posters were also replaced. Tracklist 01. The Smashing Pumpkin..

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Files for GTA 4
File uploaded by:Yevhenii Kutiuhov
The script improves the animation of the hands when firing a pistol.

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')' onmouseout='hide_info(this)'>Krlos_Rokr
17.80 Mb
Weapon_Anim.wad, ..
Gta 4 Animation Mod

Gta Sa Gta 4 Animation Mod


Gta 4 Graphics Mod

Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 rusty

Description: The model supports all the main functions of the game Support Paintjob (vinyls) Aged only externally, the salon is normal The car has extras: -extra 1: roof rack -extra 2: stuff in the cabin -extra 3: trash in ..

Car Pack 2013 [BETA]

Gta 4 Mods For Xbox

- Realistic weight and speed of each car (not too high speed and good handling) - Processing of transport lines. (I myself do not know what it is) - Machines are replaced wisely. 4-door cars replaced with 4-doors, and 2-doors for 2-doors. - Va..

NYC Mega Car Pack FINAL

Quality pack of vehicles for GTAIV Features: -Normal traffic -ELS -EPM -Real cars of New York -New Siren NYPD Pak goes on all patches Machines that come in the package: Ford Crown Victoria Ford Tug M1 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra Cab Ford F3..

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