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“Graillon is a new kind of voice octaver that tracks pitch frequency and mixes frequency-shifted copies of the input voice with itself.

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Graillon is useful for:

Graillon 2 free editionFreeyellowbattery
  • Producing distorted vocals from clean vocals without crosstalk between harmonics,
  • Reinforcing vocals low-end,
  • Getting a more masculine or robotic-sounding voice,
  • Displaying strong fifth and fourth harmonic relationships in vocals,
  • Having fun with a microphone and a DAW.

Only the voiced part of the signal is changed. The unvoiced part of the signal is left untouched, to preserve the original speech’s intent.

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Graillon is a culminating point, but not the end, of a long search for new kinds of vocal effects. It was designed from the ground-up to be instant. Once warmed-up to the sound of your voice, processing is latency-free.”

Download and install Auburn Sounds Graillon 2-64.dll to fix missing or corrupted dll errors. Filename Auburn Sounds Graillon 2-64.dll MD5. Jun 15, 2019 - These are the best free autotune VST plugins to download for PC and Mac. Get an Antares Auto-Tune alternative in your DAW for free.

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