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This is Gordon Ramsay like you’ve never experienced. The seven-star Michelin chef takes you into his home kitchen to learn everything from kitchen setup and buying the freshest ingredients to constructing unforgettable dishes.In this MasterClass, you’re not just learning recipes, you’re learning how to take your cooking to the next level.20 lectures3 hours, 54 minutesResolution: 1280×720.

The Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking MasterClass might just be my favourite MasterClass so far (and I’ve taken a lot of them). The weekend dark times downloadfreeband.

The Gordon Ramsay MasterClass is certainly one of the most enjoyable (going head-to-head with Werner Herzog and James Patterson for enjoyability).

It’s also definitely a masterclass stuffed with practical advice beautifully suited to both complete beginner who can’t even cook an egg like me to a seasoned pro looking to hone his craft.

In addition to being enjoyable and educational in all right doses, the Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking MasterClass has gorgeous production value and is so highly polished that you can’t help but binge it.

Today I’m taking one of Gordon Ramsay’s recipes to the grill! I review and recreate his Cauliflower Steak topped off with a mix of Olive Pistou & Mushrooms. The Gordon Ramsay Masterclass Take your cooking skills to the next level with Chef Ramsay’s most comprehensive cooking classes ever. Join Gordon in his home kitchen for two of the most in-depth and exclusive online video lessons, with lifetime access to each class. Gordon Ramsay Birthday Gift. There is no denying rowdy chef Ramsay is iconic. With everything from television surprises to entertaining talk-show interviews, he has won over the hearts of millions of people. Masterclass: Give a gift of online cooking classes taught by the world’s best chef Ramsay. Getting to take Gordon Ramsay’s Masterclass was thanks to three people who pooled together enough money for me to be able to take it and I am so grateful. Right now the class is over $100 Canadian and as much as I enjoyed the class, I do not know if I got its worth.

Now that MasterClass have released their All Access Pass where for just double the price of a single class you have access to their entire library (learn cooking from Alice Waters, Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller; learn writing from David Mamet, Shonda Rhimes, Judy Blume; learn filmmaking from Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, Werner Herzog), enrolling is a no-brainer for anyone looking to learn from the best.

Now let’s get into my Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking MasterClass Review. I’m going to be raving and I don’t have anything bad to say about the course. Sorry to disappoint you if you came to this review hoping I was going to bash Chef Ramsay. I simply loved this masterclass.

My Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking MasterClass Review (Part 1)

This is just part one of my Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review.

There will be a few more reviews and updates as I move further into the course.

I’m almost a complete beginner when it comes to cooking so I’m taking this masterclass at my own pace. I’d rather space out the different recipes Gordon teaches over a few weeks and really enjoy them than cram them into a short space of time and get fed up with cooking.

I say “almost” a complete beginner because I actually did get pretty serious about cooking many years ago.

Back in my university days, I used to buy a bunch of cookbooks, watch tons of cooking documentaries, and spent way too much on fancy ingredients, and had a blast spending hours each week cooking up something new.

But I haven’t actually cooked anything in years. I’m blessed with a girlfriend who is a superb cook and I’ve really grown slack in the kitchen department.

But thanks to Chef Ramsay, I cooked my first meal in years!

It tasted amazing, looked just how it was supposed to, and I felt a real sense of pride.

Masterclass gordon ramsay cost

My girlfriend was impressed I actually managed to cook something!

And I couldn’t help boasting to my mum after she’s been on at me to help out in the kitchen for so long.


It was eggs.

Poached Egg & Shiitake Mushrooms on Brioche – to die for!

But, hey, small wins.

Plus it was a poached egg. I’ve never poached an egg and I hear that can be tricky.

Plus I had get to grips with setting my mise-en-place, chopping, dicing, poaching, and sautéing.

For someone who doesn’t cook, this was a nice place to start.

I mean, come on, I’m not going to go from never cooking to suddenly breaking down a whole chicken.

That’s next week!

Gordon Ramsay’s Cooking Mindset

You know the Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking MasterClass is going to be good right from the very first video lesson.

Gordon really brings his A-game to this class.

He is bursting with energy and enthusiasm. He knows exactly how to teach and what to say to get you inspired. And you can tell that he has put a lot of thought into the course and is approaching it with the same care, diligence, and demand for top quality that he brings to his restaurants.

The first video is all about Gordon’s humble (read: utterly poor and massively in debt) beginnings learning the craft of cooking from masters and how he rose through the ranks and acquired his Michelin stars.

For every six months I stayed in France, I was getting myself more and more in debt, but the knowledge—it was incredible. – Gordon Ramsay

It’s a fascinating and incredibly refreshing account that inspires me not as a cook but in my own craft as a writer. I’m sure if cooking is your calling, the way Gordon speaks with such passion will renew your ambitions to learn the art of world class cooking. It almost made me want to ditch my writing vocation and pursue cooking myself!

The next class is all about kitchen layout.

You don’t need a $100,000 kitchen to cook good food. – Gordon Ramsay

Chef Ramsay says you don’t need a luxury kitchen in order to make delicious food but my girlfriend and I couldn’t help but feel some intense feelings of jealousy as we watched Gordon parade around his millionaire’s cooking haven.

Luckily, Gordon really does stress the fact that you can get by on a small kitchen and he talks at length of how when he was crazily poor learning his craft in Paris, he had just one little hob in his tiny studio apartment.

That tiny little hob was everything to him. It’s where he learned the principles that got him to where he is today.

That made us feel a little better.

At least we have three hobs in our little kitchen area!

Gordon runs through a list of the equipment you need in order to make great food and, luckily, it’s a much shorter list than you would think or than many cookbooks would lead you to believe!

Never be put off by vegetables looking ugly because sometimes, the uglier the vegetable, the more flavour it has in it.

The next video lesson is called ‘Mastering Ingredients: Vegetables and Herbs’ and this was one of my favourites.

This class really exemplifies how and why Gordon got to where he was today and also cements him as a fine teacher – his passion positively leaps from the screen.

In this class, we learned about chopping herbs, buying vegetables according to season, pairing vegetables with different dishes, and all that good stuff.

The lesson following this one was where we followed our first recipe and I learned how to make a decent poached egg using Gordon’s technique – the same technique he teaches in his kitchens and the one he uses when making all eggs to order.

In addition to Gordon’s video lessons, I love the course workbook.

MasterClass always do a phenomenal job putting together a workbook that has a concrete syllabus so you can take your learning further.

The workbook has all the recipes and notes and further assignments and tasks for further exploration so you can continue growing as a chef.

Just made your first poached egg? Great, the course book directs you towards learning about duck eggs next.

Just finished watching Gordon’s knife techniques? Great, the course book directs you further to master the classic French vegetable knife cuts and gets you making some roasted squash hummus after using the cubing technique.

Gordon also answers student questions!

MasterClass have this thing called ‘Office Hours’.

Basically, if you’re enrolled in one of the masterclasses, you can submit a question to the instructor.

I’ve never submitted a question but I do like dropping in and watching the instructors answer the questions submitted by the other students.

I can’t wait for the rest of the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass

I know it was “just eggs” but I really had so much fun cooking them. It really busted me out of my normal routine and got me learning a new skill.

I’m also enrolled in the Wolfgang Puck Teaches Cooking MasterClass at the moment, so the next recipe I do will actually be from him (tuna sashimi).

My plan is to alternate between Wolfgang and Ramsay each week and also add in some of Alice Waters’ and Thomas Kellers’ stuff too.

Seriously, MasterClass have an awesome Cooking Lineup – grabbing their All Access Pass is kind of a no brainer.

I’m looking at the syllabus ahead for the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass and it looks like I’ll be learning this stuff next:

  • Knife skills
  • Elevated scrambled eggs with sea urchin and white truffle
  • Butchery 101: breaking down a whole chicken
  • Chicken suprême with root vegetables
  • Mastering fish and shellfish

There’s more after that – beef, lamb, pork, lobster ravioli, making pasta dough, and more mindset stuff – but I’m not looking ahead too far. I’m enjoying the relaxed pace at which I’m taking this masterclass.

More updates to follow!

For now, it’s back to the kitchen for me.

You can check out the Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking MasterClass here.

Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass Review teaches you more than cooking, it teaches you how to find the edge in anything and master yourself

This Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass Review is about how an unlikely man went from backend kitchens and rose to the top of the culinary field to become one of the most successful chefs of our time. In this review, I’ll share some of the basic things he teaches us about how to be a better cook (or apply this to your________ passion)!

What does Gordon Ramsay have to do with finding our athletic edge or helping us in our journey to self-mastery?

A lot, actually.

This class showed me more than just cooking. It showed me what Gordon Ramsay and the culinary arts have to do with finding the edge in sports, self-mastery, and a human’s search for greatness!

“Best to start at the bottom and gradually climb up. It’s much more fun, too.” — Gordon Ramsay

I typically love MasterClass.com because of the educational platform of our generation’s most successful athletes, chefs, physicists, writers, poets, comedians, negotiators, CEO’s, and more… talk about “how” they do what they do.

Yes, all of you basketball lovers should check out Steph Curry’s MasterClass.

Why spend money on MasterClass?

The ingenuity, creativity, and passion of the people that teach the classes are sick and it allows MasterClass to dive deep into the heads, minds, and souls of the best of the best.

So why did I take Gordon Ramsay’s cooking Masterclass?

Well, because I suck at cooking and I wanted to learn the fundamentals of cooking. Not only am I learning awesome, easy, and basic fundamentals, I’m learning the parallel world of improving your cooking is much like the process of self-mastery in sport.

Now, as a rather bad, non-artistic, really, really, really limited chef (like cereal is my best creation), I realize the parallels within the mastery of cooking has with my 10,000 hours of fundamental practice time that I put into becoming a pro basketball player. I decided to take Gordon’s Class to see what similarities are between success, mastery, and greatness in sports and culinary arts — and to see, in the end, if I could make a plate of mom’s delicious beef stroganoff.

At first glance, Gordon Ramsay seems a bit over the top. He is sweating and swearing into the camera. He speaks with tension. Teaches with passion. He is raw, just like his TV personality, which I always assumed was an act. It turns out, I was wrong. It’s just his passion for cooking coming out. He talks about celery root like it’s goddamn gold. This MasterClass review isn’t just about cooking, it’s also about why cooking relates to everything in life.

In the end, Ramsay displays his magical process and system for how he became great. How he rose to the top of the culinary world. Why he rose to the top. How he rose to the top. This knowledge is applicable to anything we want to succeed at in life.

Masterclass Gordon

It inspired me to start doing the same as I realized the parallels between sport and cooking. First, do the work!

Keep learning!

And remember, just like sports, it’s a never-ending process!

A big takeaway from Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass Review is that relates to everything we do in life. How you approach learning to cook could be how you challenge your mind and body to grow in new ways. His curious and passionate approach to cooking can applied to other life passions…

What does Gordon really teach us?

The system you create for yourself is one of the most essential strategies for success and mastery of your craft (in this case cooking).

Passion isn’t enough.

Goals aren’t enough.

Talent isn’t enough.

I believe there is magic in copying and understanding what the best do to achieve mastery, whether it’s Kobe Bryant in basketball, or Kevin Hart in comedy, or Gordon Ramsay in cooking. Gordon Ramsay will show you his bad-ass process for mastering the arts of culinary wizardry, which again confirmed to me the path of mastery lives in the daily system you execute for your craft, passion, or profession.

Ship-shape, ladies and lads!

“Be so good, people can’t ignore you.”

The compounding effects of marginal gains and daily improvements come months to years later. You don’t go to the gym today and get buff tomorrow. It’s not how life works. It’s not how self-mastery works. The fun is the journey, messing up and trying again and again and again until you get it right!

So, what does cooking and an athlete’s journey to find their athletic edge through self-mastery have in common?

Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass Review helps you learn from a master chef, which means you’ll be (legally) stealing what the master did to find his edge and become great…

Gordon Ramsay’s cooking has a spiritual, creative birthplace inside him. This is his edge. This is how he grew his craft to such high heights. His passion helped him grow an unbelievable amount of cooking creativity that is built on a superior foundation of culinary fundamentals.

I’ll say that again: Mr. Gordon Ramsay has an unbelievable amount of cooking creativity, skills, and talent because he built it over time on a superior foundation of practicing culinary fundamentals (in the kitchen).

He constantly asks questions and tries to answer them:

“How do I make this?”

“How did the chef make that?”

Gordon ramsay masterclass review

“What is the creme brulee doing to get the perfect glaze there?”

This is a crucial takeaway for anyone searching for greatness or mastery of their craft– learn the fundamentals and do them over and over and over (for years, not months).

Ramsay created, honed, and fine-tuned his culinary systems to eradicate inefficiencies in the kitchen to reach his goals of becoming a master chef. Gordon was relentless in acquiring knowledge in the culinary arts (I mean, like really, really ruthlessly relentless). His obsession and thirst for knowledge eventually turned to wisdom. His wisdom eventually turned to restaurants all over the world.

Gordon Ramsay's Masterclass

Gordon reminded me of the athletic edge the pro athletes I coach have. You have to be relentless in your pursuit of knowledge, practicing fundamentals, and optimizing your system.

At the end of the day, your mastery is driven from a value-based approach (improving the value or skills of your craft, job, or passion daily). In basketball terms, if I wanted to create more value as a basketball shooter, I would start with a daily system to improve my shooting. This would be tracking my shooting routine, designing daily practices that require shooting game-type shots, reinforcing the fundamentals of great shooters, tweaking workouts, getting coaching feedback, and doing what the best did to create basketball shooting mastery.

Okay, no more basketball talk!

Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass Notes & Review

I give this MaserClass a five out of five (yes, stars).

And I’ve taken a bunch of Masterclasses and wouldn’t say the same thing about all of them.


Well, because this dude is one huge, bright, passionate, brutally honest, and captivating teacher. And he isn’t only theoretical. He is a chef hat was made in the back of a kitchen. Gordon is a man of action. His restaurants in Chelsea cook for 100,000 people a year. No one fully understands what makes him tick, but you can see in real detail and real finesse, why he is so successful in this MasterClass.

Gordon says it straight (like you feel like you are in his culinary school). He grabs your attention, and he shares the basics of what he’s learned on his cooking journey. You’ll see a side of Gordon that no one has ever seen on TV as he shares his life story, how he spent the last 30 years, starting at the bottom and working his way up from the back kitchens of England to three Star Mechlin restaurants in France.

One of my favorite parts of the MasterClass is when, at the end of the intro, Gordon scolds you in a D1, Michigan State Tom Izzo, almost bourgeois culinary school sort-of-way,

“Watch me f—cking carefully and you will learn how to cook…”

If you enjoyed this article, please let me remind you my research and writing is compensated with affiliate commissions from MasterClass — used for buying celery root typically, or sponsoring free kid scholarships to my HB basketball camps.

If you like or hate my Gordon Ramsey’s MasterClass Review Notes, please leave a comment and tell me how radical or un-radical I am.