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  • CaddieMaster Golf Handicap Software v.2.01dCaddieMasterPro is designed to improve your golf game by providing feedback on your performance incuding showing up to 400 rounds in a spread sheet, graphing your performance and printing scorecards and performance ..
  • Golf Score Recorder Software Suite v.2.0Data Pro is ideal for individual golfers who wish to track and improve their game. It can also be used by societies to track multiple golf handicaps & record multiple player scores (on a hole-by-hole basis). Society Manager is designed for societies ..
  • IsoGolf Pro v.2.1.2Isogolf is a golf swing analysis software to help you improve your game. All you need is a digital camera to film your swing and the Isogolf software as your guide in analyzing your performance. With Isogolf you can Play your video files at ..
  • Student Life v.3.0.8Simplify the chaos of college life with this cool student organizer. With Student Life, you can track and organize everything from your homework, tests, degree plan, loans, scholarships, and even your social life. It has the added feature of allowing ..
  • Birdie v.1.0Birdie 1.0 is a powerful and popular golfscoring application which includes everything you'd expect from a native iPhone application. Besides the ease of use and speed (compared to traditional 'handwritten' score cards, especially when it comes to ..
  • Handicap Manager for Windows 2008bHandicap management for clubs and stat tracking for individuals. Click on one of the following links for more information on our editions for use in the United States (U.S. Edition), Canada (Canadian Edition), the U.K. (U.K. Edition), Europe (EGA ..
  • Golf Budde v.5.4Golf Budde 5.4 is one of the most salutary programs that can allow multiple golfers to keep track of scores, dates played, courses played, money spent on games and equipment, statistics, and other notes as well as calculating handicaps after each ..
  • Handicap Manager Personal Edition 2002dHandicap Manager Personal Edition 2002d offers you an ability to monitor your handicap and/or track meaningful statistics. Share your handicap data with friends over the Internet. U.S., Canadian, Australian & UK compliant Personal editions ..
  • IntelliGolf Birdie edition v.7.6The IntelliGolf Birdie edition software comes complete with all of the 1) Palm OS-, 2) Windows PC-, and 3) Synchronization-compatible software you will need to improve your game, increase your winnings, and have more fun on the course. Automate golf ..

See below for feature highlights: We have full confidence on our handicap calculation. Download patch para the strokes. Calculate your handicap based on new 2020 handicap rules. Support 9-hole scores combination! Thousands of courses with rating/slope are available for download. Calculate handicap for a specific course and maximum stroke (net double bogey). Easy to use Golf Handicap Software. USGA handicap, RCGA, custom golf handicaps and more! Handicap System Legacy Edition (Requires a computer running Windows) The 'Windows only' Handicap System has been discontinued. Instead, use Chart My Golf to help you find the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game. Chart My Golf is a powerful graphical golf statistics app to help improve your handicap. Chart golf strokes, putts, fairways hit, greens in regulation, sand saves, up and downs, scrambles and many more. Providing the best golf league, golf handicap and golf tournament software since 1988. Discover why over 20,500 golf associations, clubs, courses, and leagues use CaddieMaster Golf Handicap Software 2.01d Free Download Secure CaddieMaster Golf Handicap Software Download Options. CaddieMaster Golf Handicap Software 2.01d (External server) Popular Downloads. Macromedia Flash 8 8.0 Macromedia Flash 8 Professional.

  • The Duffer's Log v.4.0Golf game analysis and game history software ..
  • Checkbook for Excel v.5.1dCheckbook for Excel is a custom personal & business finance application written for Microsoft Excel. It provides all the necessary features for managing your financial accounts without all the excess baggage and gratuitous advertising associated with ..
  • Tax Assistant for Excel v.4.2Tax Assistant for Excel is a custom application written for Microsoft Excel and requires Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007 or higher. It simplifies your Federal Income Tax preparation by providing Excel workbooks with IRS approved substitute forms ..
  • DomainConquest v.3.02DomainConquest 3.02 is a powerful Microsoft Excel-based tool that automates the process of finding unregistered domain names that meet your needs. Its interface is familiar and easy to use and its completely free! Specifically, DomainConquest v3.02 ..
  • Golf Handicap and Stats Recorder v.1.3GolfHandicap and Stats Recorder 1.3 offers you a powerful analyser for all your golf rounds. It has many statistics available. Unlimited course, players etc. Clear layout easy searches to drill down your stats in a ..
  • Golf Handicap Tracker v.1.0GolfHandicap Tracker (GHT) allows one or more golfers to keep track of their handicap. Originally written in 1991 at the request of my brother in-law Dave, it has been GPL'ed in the hopes of making it ber portable.
  • JC Video Personal Golf Software v.5.17For the consumer who demands more, JC Video Sports software is designed to deliver powerful analysis tools allowing you to Mark, Measure, and Monitor your progress. All you need is a digital camcorder and computer and you can capture and compare just ..
  • Golf Handicap v.3.5Program will monitor an unlimited number of USGA golf handicaps (slope-indes).All that is needed is an 18 hole score, course rating and course slope. Once data for a given course and tees is entered, the program 'remembers' data. Thus subsequent ..
  • Golf Stats Pro v.2.0Golf Stats Pro is the new statistical analysis software application from Erebus Software, for recording your golf scores, analysing your game and tracking your progress as a golfer.Golf Stats Pro provides you, the golfer, with plenty of useful ..
  • Golf Tracker v.3.1Golf Tracker helps organize your golf scores and golfing statistics. Golf Tracker compiles lots statistics for each round such as birdies, pars, bogies, greens in regulation, fairwarys, and more. Averages such as handicap are also totaled.
  • APT Golf v.2.20Improve your golf game and keep track of rounds you play. Calculates handicap using USGA rules. Also can keep additional statistics including putts, greens in regulation, and fairways hit. Can keep track of any number of golfers.
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