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AFn1 button

Register your Fujifilm printing equipment now to receive product support, special offers, product updates, and much more! Serial Number. Fujifilm Ship-To Account. Fuji serial number work like this the S means subcontractor/or a plant manufacture the L means the month starting January as A, feb as B and so on the 1 stands for the year of the bike 81 2.

BExposure compensation dial

CShutter button

DShutter speed dial

EDial lock release

FHot shoe


HDiopter adjustment control (lockable)

ISensitivity dial

JDrive dial

KStrap eyelet

LConnector cover

MSync terminal

NFocus mode selector

OLens signal contacts

PLens release button

QFn2 button

RAF-assist illuminator
Self-timer lamp
Tally light

SSTILL/MOVIE mode dial

TFront command dial

UON/OFF switch

VHot shoe cover

WBody cap

XMicrophone jack (φ3.5 mm)

YRemote release connector (φ2.5 mm)

ZHDMI Micro connector (Type D)


aUSB connector (Type-C)


cb (delete) button

da (playback) button

eElectronic viewfinder (EVF)

fEye cup (lockable)

gVIEW MODE button

hAFON button

iRear command dial

jQ (quick menu) button

kIndicator lamp
Tally light

lAEL (exposure lock) button

mFocus stick (focus lever)

nMemory card slot cover latch

oMemory card slot cover (detachable)

License audit number. pSelector buttons

qMENU/OK button

rBattery-chamber cover latch

sBattery-chamber cover

tDISP (display)/BACK button

uTripod mount

vVertical battery grip connector cover

wVari-angle LCD monitor
Touch screen

xEye sensor

yMemory card slot 2

zMemory card slot 1

0Battery chamber

1Battery latch

The LCD Monitor

You can adjust the angle of the LCD monitor when framing shots, but be careful not to trap your fingers or other objects.

Do not apply excessive force to the hinge when rotating the LCD monitor, as this could damage the hinge.

Be careful that the corners of the monitor do not contact the camera body, as this could leave marks.

The LCD monitor also functions as a touch screen that can be used for:

The Selector

Press the selector up (e), right (h), down (f), or left (g) to highlight items. The up, right, down, and left buttons also double as function buttons Fn3 through Fn6 (aSELECTOR BUTTON SETTING、aThe Fn (Function) Buttons).

The Focus Stick (Focus Lever)

Tilt or press the focus stick to select the focus area. The focus stick can also be used to navigate the menus.

The Shutter Speed and Sensitivity Dials

Press the dial lock release to release the dial before rotating it to the desired setting. Press the release again to lock the dial in place.


STILL/MOVIE mode dial

Rotate the STILL/MOVIE mode dial to STILL to take photos and to MOVIE to record movies.

The Exposure Compensation Dial

Fuji Serial Number

Rotate the dial to choose an exposure compensation amount.

The Drive Dial

Rotate the dial to choose from the following the drive modes.

uPanorama (aPanoramas)
ADV.Advanced filter (aAdvanced Filters)
CHHigh-speed burst (aContinuous Shooting (Burst Mode))
CLLow-speed burst (aContinuous Shooting (Burst Mode))
SSingle frame (aTaking Photographs (Mode P))

The Command Dials

Rotate or press the command dials to:


  • Select menu tabs or page through menus
  • Adjust aperture 1, 2
  • Adjust exposure compensation 2, 5
  • Adjust sensitivity 2, 3
  • View other pictures during playback


  • Switch back and forth between aperture and sensitivity 2, 3, 6
  • Press and hold to choose the option selected for DBUTTON/DIAL SETTING > COMMAND DIAL SETTING in the D (setup) menu


  • Highlight menu items
  • Choose the desired combination of shutter speed and aperture (program shift)
  • Choose a shutter speed 2
  • Adjust settings in the quick menu
  • Choose the size of the focus frame
  • Zoom in or out in full frame playback
  • Zoom in or out in multi-frame playback


  • Perform the function assigned to the DIAL function button
  • Zoom in on the active focus point 4
  • Press and hold to choose the manual focus mode focus display 4
  • Zoom in on the active focus point during playback

1 Lens not equipped with aperture ring; lens equipped with aperture ring and aperture set to A (auto) and COMMAND selected for DBUTTON/DIAL SETTING > APERTURE RING SETTING (A); or ON selected for MOVIE OPTIMIZED CONTROLoL.


3 Sensitivity dial rotated to C or ON selected for MOVIE OPTIMIZED CONTROLoL.

4 Available only if FOCUS CHECK is assigned to a function button.

5 Exposure compensation dial rotated to C or ON selected for MOVIE OPTIMIZED CONTROLoL.

6 Can be used to switch back and forth between aperture, sensitivity, and exposure compensation when exposure compensation dial is rotated to C or ON selected for MOVIE OPTIMIZED CONTROLoL.

Focusing the Viewfinder

If the indicators displayed in the viewfinder are blurred, put your eye to the viewfinder and rotate the diopter adjustment control until the display is in sharp focus.

To focus the viewfinder:

BRotate the control to adjust viewfinder focus.

CReturn the control to its original position and lock it in place.

Lift the control before use. Failure to observe this precaution could cause product malfunction.

The Eye Cup

To remove the eye cup, hold the buttons on either side and slide eye cup up.

Memory card slot cover (Detachable)

The memory card slot cover can be removed by lowering the interior latch. Remove the cover for ease of access when a camera rig is attached or in other situations that make it difficult to open or close the cover.

The Serial Number Plate

Do not remove the serial number plate, which provides the serial number, and other important information.

The Indicator Lamp

Indicator lampCamera status
Glows greenFocus locked.
Blinks greenFocus or slow shutter speed warning. Pictures can be taken.
Blinks green and orange

Camera on: Recording pictures. Additional pictures can be taken.

Camera off: Uploading pictures to a smartphone or tablet. *

Glows orangeRecording pictures. No additional pictures can be taken at this time.
Blinks orangeFlash charging; flash will not fire when picture is taken.
Blinks redLens or memory error.

* Displayed only if pictures are selected for upload.

Fuji Serial Number Lookup

Warnings may also appear in the display.

The indicator lamp remains off while your eye is to the viewfinder.

The BMOVIE SETTING > TALLY LIGHT option can be used to choose the lamp (indicator or AF-assist) that lights during movie recording and whether the lamp blinks or remains steady.

All bikes1all have unique serial numbers.

Finding a bicycle serial number

Most bicycles have their serial number engraved beneath their bottom bracket, but sometimes serial numbers are found in other places. Here are some examples of where and what to look for:

  • The bottom bracket (where serial numbers are typically located) is circled.

  • A serial number on the underside of a bottom bracket.

  • Another serial number beneath the bottom bracket, aligned parallel to the frame.

  • Rad Power bikes have their serial number on the head tube. This is on the front of the bike.

  • Some Schwinn bicycles also have the unique identifying number (their serial number) on the head tube.

  • A serial number located on a rear dropout. Some BMX bikes and a few Schwinn bicycles place the serial on the rear dropout. On older Schwinns there are numbers stamped on both the drive side and non-drive side rear dropouts; the one on the non-drive side dropout is the serial number.

  • Some bikes have multiple serial numbers.2When adding a bike to the Index, it's best to enter all the groups of numbers and letters separated by spaces.

Hopefully you can find the serial number on the bicycle you're looking at - email [email protected] if you're having trouble.

Searching serials on Bike Index

Finding bicycles by serial number on Bike Index is a critical part of our functionality. When searching for a serial number, use our serial search bar - it's the second bar on our search form.

Bicycle Serial Number Chart

We've done a few things to make it more likely that you'll find the bike you're looking for.

  • Certain numbers and letters are difficult or impossible to distinguish between (e.g. 0 and O, S and 5). We treat all these numbers the same way - a search for 005LLL will match a bike with the serial OOS111.
  • We split bike serials up by spaces and store each separately. If you see multiple numbers on a bicycle - such as in the photo of the Look bike above - try searching for just one of the numbers at a time. Searching for eitherM4106I9CA1 or 200910427-2A will find the bike.
  • We do close serial matching - bikes with serial numbers that are close to the serial you entered are shown below the matching results under the heading 'Serial Numbers Close to..' - given a search of a serial number with a couple numbers/letters that are different or missing.
  • We do not currently do partial serial searches. If you search for 1234, you will only find bikes with serial numbers of 1234 and serials close to that - not a bike with serial number of 12345689.

Fuji Serial Number Location

  1. Okay, fine, so maybe there are a few bikes without serial numbers, but this is rare and typical only on hand made bikes or really old bicycles.↩
  2. In this picture 200910427-2A is a manufacturer number and not a serial number. However, to make bikes as easy as possible to find, feel free to enter all numbers you encounter.↩