Fuel Pump Driver Module Location

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Fix code P1233 Fuel Pump Driver Module off-line – Ford

1999 to 2016 Super Duty - Fuel Pump Driver Module problems, 2008 f350 5.4 - During last week's snow storm, I had one of or trucks stall out and refuse to restart. It was stalling often through out the storm and then just gave out. To accomplish this, the PCM sends instructions to the fuel pump driver module, located under the passenger seat. The driver module then controls the fuel pump output by sending it a pulse-width-modulated voltage. Depending on the engine's needs, the pump will receive full battery voltage a certain percentage of the time. The wiring diagram supplied only applies to vehicle built before May 24, 1999. If it was built after that date, it does indeed have a Fuel Pump Driver module in addition to the relay, but that was only used for a couple months in that model year. You can tell which system you have by checking for a fuel. Wells website linkP1233 can be a very complicated diagnosis when you are unsure how the system functions or what the code is telling.

Fuel pump driver module problems

This codes sets if the fuel pump is not starting up properly. Two things can interfere with fuel pump startup—the fuel pump relay or the inertia switch. Start by checking the fuel pump fuse. Next, manually reset the intertia switch. If that doesn’t work, check for power at the fuel pump connector. If you’re not getting power, pull the fuel pump relay (or swap it with another relay with the same part number) or jumper the relay contacts to power the pump. If that still doesn’t work, check for power coming into the relay. If you have good power, re-jumper the relay contacts and check for power coming out of the fuse box and going to the fuel pump. If you’re still fighting a losing battle, check the wiring crimp connectors. Some techs report faulty factory crimps at the relay box.

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